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WW Ladies Book Club

Barbara Vey -- March 28th, 2013


Yesterday you all had the chance to name Chris Keelar’s baby.  There were some great suggestions, but here’s what Chris had to say:

Well, first off, I want to say how slightly bizarre it is to have my personal life up on display like this. LOL. That said, Barbara’s been a great friend for a long time–I don’t think she’s old enough to be my mom, sadly–and so it was worth it. I also want to thank all of you for taking the time to weigh in. Liz and I are flattered.

There were a lot of great options. Obviously, I can’t promise I’m going with any of them–especially because Liz isn’t even home at the moment, and she probably wants a bit of input. That said, they’ll go on the list, and here are my favorites (ranked from third place to first, though I think there’s only a prize for first):

Isabelle. I have always liked this name, and Izzy as a nickname.
Minerva. Actually, our top contender at the moment is indeed a goddess, though Greek not Roman.
and…my favorite is…

Musette. I like the name a lot, not least of which because it reminds me of Musica, mistress of the Cosmic Harp (the chick from Robotech), which was a name I liked but that got shot down early. Ah well.

So, thanks again, everyone!

So the winner is Kathleen Nordstrom.  Kathleen, send me your street address to bvey@publishersweekly.com and Boroughs Publishing will send you your prize.

Now here’s the WW Ladies reads this week.



Bite Me, Your Grace by Brooklyn AnnBite Me Your Grace

Read by joysann

Angelica Winthrop defies the conventions of the ton to find a spouse, dreaming of being a famous gothic novelist like Mary Shelley and Dr John Polidori. Polidori’s popular book The Vampyre has put the Lord Vampire of London, Ian Ashton, the Duke of Burnrath, in danger. When Angelica discovers his secret, he convinces her the only course to follow is for them to marry. But their deception of love comes to mean something more to each of them.

It was fun to read about the strong stubborn independent-thinking heroine, a woman before her time. Amusing and romantic, and, to some degree, historically sound, this debut book in Brooklyn Ann’s series just makes me anticipate the next one.




Did You Miss Me? by Karen Rose

Read by Joan

FBI agent Joseph Carter has for long months pined for Baltimore prosecutor Daphne Montgomery, rearranging his work in order to be close to her. He believes he has now missed his chance with her until he is pulled into her life when her son and his girlfriend are kidnapped.

I loved this book! It is a great combination of suspense and an ongoing love story. There are many interesting characters that could be friend or foe. Karen Rose kept me frantically turning the pages all the way to the end.




The Lady Most Willing by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Connie Brockway

Read by joysann

After an evening of inebriating festivities in his decrepit castle, an aging Scottish laird leads his retainers in a raid on a neighboring estate to kidnap four young eligible heiresses for his two nephews, titled gentlemen themselves, and surely at least two of the ladies will serve. The women, knowing they are in no danger, mostly want to get where it’s warm ahead of the blizzard. But romance seems contagious, and one union after another makes the adventure worthwhile.

The Lady Most Willing is a lighthearted romantic collaboration by these winning authors, each taking a different couple’s story. In places it’s enchanting, and in others, laugh-out-loud funny. As an easy read that warms and charms the heart, I am recommending it to friends.




The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi RyanThe Other Woman

Read by Heidi

Jane Ryland did the right thing, never revealing her source for her TV news report as an anchor, but at the cost of losing everything. Humiliated, she has become a newspaper reporter, running after every story, to prove herself a legitimate newswoman. Jane finds herself in the middle of a scandal, looking for a mistress of a Senator before a very important election. Detective Jack Brogan has his hands full, with three dead bodies of women who seem to be connected, but Jack knows there is something more. Jack and Jane soon realize their stories are somehow connected and look for the killer, before one of them becomes a victim themselves.

I have heard wonderful things about Hank Phillippi Ryan books, but have never had the opportunity read one, until now. What a book to start off with! My mind kept spinning with the mystery of who the killer was of the dead girls, who the mistress could have been, why was the Senate race so heated, and how will it end? Then, with all the plots, the super twists and turns, I found myself curling my toes through the whole book!! The ending didn’t disappoint either, which makes for a great read!! This will be a wonderful book to cuddle up with during Spring showers on a weekend afternoon.

Bottom Line:  Cabbage Patch dolls always creeped me out, but the picture at the top kind of fits.