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Name Chris Keeslar’s Baby

Barbara Vey -- March 26th, 2013
chris keeslar2

Barbara Vey and Chris Keeslar at the SoCal Conference


For those of you who didn’t know yet, Boroughs editor, Chris Keeslar and his wife, author Liz Maverick, are expecting their first baby, a girl, this September.  This swoon worthy editor has left many writers tongue-tied as they tried to pitch their books to him.  Now he’ll have a daughter to adore him.



I recently ran into Chris at the SoCal RWA Conference (Southern California) and heard the good news.  Chris and I go way back to when I first started at PW.  I was just 3 weeks into blogging and attended an RT Booklovers Convention in Texas.  I had no clue what I was doing and didn’t know an agent from an editor from a publishers.  Chris and Leah Hultenschmidt (both at Dorchester at the time) took pity on me and explained what the heck was going on.  They introduced me to people and spent the week making sure my confusion stayed at a minimum.

baby name,

When I would come to New York, we always got together and I’d see him at many book events.  He was like another son to me (age wise, he fit right in between Andrew and Keith).


So, I’m absolutely thrilled for their expected bundle of joy.  At the SoCal Conference, we had dinner with authors Susan and Harry Squires and I had the most marvelous idea for a blog…let’s help name Chris’s new baby.  Of course, I did ask Chris if it was ok to blog about him and being the good sport that he is he agreed and Boroughs Publishing is even throwing in a prize.


Please put on your thinking caps and help Chris and Liz come up with a baby name.  Be nice and clever.  Chris will pick a winner, but doesn’t promise that they will eventually use the name.  Picking a baby name is hard work and you want it to be perfect.

.Cassandra by Starlight

Just leave a baby name for a chance to win.  Boroughs Publishing Group is offering a 10 story subscription to their Lunchbox Romances and the first two books in the Starlight trilogy, Cassandra by Starlight and, just released, Together in Starlight by Susan Mac Nicol.

BTW, the winners of The Wisdom of Hair by Kim Boykin are Amy Moore and Nan Cook.  Please email me (bvey@publishersweekly.com)  your street addresses and Kim will send the book to you.  Congratulations!!

Bottom Line:  I can still remember the horror of my husband telling me he hoped we would have twins so we could name them Yvonne and Yvette…boy, would that be hard to yell when you’re mad.