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Moving Day

Barbara Vey -- March 18th, 2014

moving dayToday is kind of bittersweet.  It is my last day at Publishers Weekly and after today you can find me at BarbaraVey.com.  When I started here 7 years ago, I said I would only do it for 3 months.  At that time, I had never written anything longer than a grocery list and I had no idea what a blog was.  I can still remember asking PW to send me “How to” book about blogging, but at that time, there weren’t that many blogs around, so they told me to write whatever I wanted.

PW was just starting their online presence and I was invited along.  My thanks to Karen Holt for seeing something in me that I didn’t know was there and to Sara Nelson for her encouragement along the way.

All at once, my blog just took off.  There was a need to be filled and apparently, Beyond Her Book, was at the right place, at the right time.  I was invited to New York to speak with the other bloggers about how to write a successful blog.  It was an honor I’ll never forget.  I got to ride the subway for the first time, I never took so many taxis, walked so much, ate New York Pizza and was the total tourist geek.

top 10I got to travel all over the world and meet amazing people.  Not bad for a second career.

My top 10 Favorite things I’ve done at Beyond Her Book:

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