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New Releases Tuesday!

Barbara Vey -- November 5th, 2013

You can tell we’re getting closer to Christmas by the bevy of new Christmas books this weeks.  I love it when authors weave the holiday season into their worlds.  I collect Christmas books and reread my favorites every year.  Looks like there are more to add to my collection.  Favorite title today:  Christmas Break Seattle Lumberjacks – Rookies

Don’t forget to read to the bottom for two amazing giveaways today from Harlequin and Random House Pengiun!

11-5-13Meader_All Fired Up11-5-13I'll be home for christmas_final 11-5-13jagged_final






Jagged by Kristen Ashley (Forever, E-Book)

All Fired Up by Kate Meader (Forever, E-Book)

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Jessica Scott (Forever Yours, E-Novella)

11-5-13Fabrick-186x30011-5-13redmerski.EdgeofAlways 11-5-13Callihan_Entwined_Ebook






Entwined by Kristen Callihan (Forever Yours, E-Novella)

The Edge of Always by J.A. Redmerski (Forever, E-Book)

Fabrick By Andrew Post (Medallion Press)











All I Want For Christmas Is You by Molly O’Keefe  (Loveswept)

Room At The Inn by Ruthie Knox ( Loveswept)

Course of Action by Lindsay McKenna, Merline Lovelace Harlequin

11-5Expecting11-5-13XmasWeddingQuilt 11-5-13CadenceCreek






A Cadence Creek Christmas by Donna Alward  Harlequin

Expecting a Bolton Baby by Sarah M. Anderson Harlequin

The Christmas Wedding Quilt by Emilie Richards, Janice Kay Johnson, Sarah Mayberry Harlequin

11-5-13TheKeepersifap 11-5Adventures






Adventures in Parenthood by Dawn Atkins Harlequin

The Keepers: Christmas in Salem by Heather Graham, Deborah LeBlanc, Kathleen Pickering, Beth Ciotta Harlequin

In For A Penny by Nancy Naigle & Kelsey Browning Crossroads Publishing


11-5Hischristmassweetheart11-5-13-9780451417879_large_Amanda_Weds_a_Good_Man 11-5Texas






Texas K-9 Unit Christmas by Shirlee McCoy and Terri Reed Harlequin

His Christmas Sweetheart by Cathy McDavid Harlequin

Amanda Weds A Good Man by Naomi King 




11-5-13ITL_thumbnail copy

11-5-13Christmas Break200







Christmas Break Seattle Lumberjacks – Rookies by Jami Davenport

Simple Gone South by Alicia Hunter Pace (Crimson Romance)

Is This Love? by Sue Moorcroft  (Choc Lit)

11-5-13MIRACLE ROAD cover







Miracle Road by Emily March  Ballantine

One Perfect Christmas by Stefanie Sloane    Loveswept

Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica Murphy   Bantam

The following title were sent without covers, but still are new releases this week.

The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch by Charlene Sands  Harlequin

Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken (Kensington Publishing)

Heist by Kiki Swinson; De’nesha Diamond (Dafina / Kensington Publishing)

Secret Santa by Fern MichaelsMarie BostwickLaura LevineCindy Myers (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

No Escape by Mary Burton (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

The House On Main Street: An Apple Valley Novel by Shirlee McCoy (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

Arizona Temptress by Bobbi Smith (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken (Kensington Publishing)

Heist by Kiki Swinson; De’nesha Diamond (Dafina / Kensington Publishing)

Secret Santa by Fern MichaelsMarie BostwickLaura LevineCindy Myers (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

No Escape by Mary Burton (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

The House On Main Street: An Apple Valley Novel by Shirlee McCoy (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

Arizona Temptress by Bobbi Smith (Zebra / Kensington Publishing)

Finally a Bride by Renee Ryan Harlequin

Learning to Waltz by Kerryn Reid 

San Gabriel’s Secret – An Adam Thomas Mystery by David Ciambrone

That Pearly Drop Murphy’s Laws of Time Travel Book 1 by Jianne Carlo

The Duchess’ Necklace by Mariah Lynn

The Trashy Gourmet by David Ciambrone  


From Harlequin:  


















Improper Arrangements by Juliana Ross Wyoming Bold by Diana Palmer The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins One Night With the Laird by Nicola Cornick What the Bride Didn’t Know by Kelly Hunter (US and UK only)

11-5-13MIRACLE ROAD coverFrom Random House Penguin:

Don’t miss your chance to win a copy of MIRACLE ROAD by Emily March!  15 copies to be given away.

Just comment to win.  What’s your favorite Christmas book or movie?  Winners posted tomorrow.


Bottom Line:  Books make great stocking stuffers!

New Releases Tuesday!

Barbara Vey -- October 22nd, 2013

Everyone loves new books and we’ve got quite the list for today.  Take a look for some fab reads to add to your TBR pile.

10-22-13BadIdea-DamonSuede150px10-21-13Love Letters Volume 610-21-13TasteOfPassion final







Bad Idea by Damon Suede www.DamonSuede.com (Dreamspinner Press)

Love Letters Volumes 6: Cowboys Command by Ginny Glass, Maggie Wells, Christina Thacher, Emily Cale (Carina Press)

Taste of Passion by Renae Jones (Carina Press)

10-21-13Death Bringer final10-22-13Running Back10-22-13A Mavericj Under the Mistletoe








Death Bringer by Kate Pearce (Carina Press)

Running Back by Allison Parr (Carina Press)

A Maverick under the Mistletoe by Brenda Harlen (Harlequin)

10-22-13What The Bride Didn't Know10-22-13Highlander's Dangerous Temptation 10-22-13His Until Midnight






His Until Midnight by Nikki Logan (Harlequin)

What the Bride Didn’t Know by Kelly Hunter (Harlequin)

The Highlander’s Dangerous Temptation by Terri Brisbin (Harlequin)

10-22-13Driving Her Wild10-22-13The Consequences of That Night10-22-13Runaway Attraction






Runaway Attraction by Farrah Rochon (Harlequin)

Driving Her Wild by Meg Maguire  (Harlequin)

The Consequences of That Night by Jennie Lucas (Harlequin)

10-22-13Rebecca's Christmas Gift10-22-13Christmas at Cardwell Ranch10-22-13Million Dollar Christmas Proposal






Million Dollar Christmas Proposal by Lucy Monroe (Harlequin)

Rebecca’s Christmas Gift by Emma Miller (Harlequin)

Christmas at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels (Harlequin)

10-22-13sorensen_TemptationOfLilaAndEthan_TPSome Kind of Wonderful 10-22-13Up To The Challenge Cover 150






Up To The Challenge by Terri Osburn  (Montlake)

The Temptation of Lila and Ethan by Jessica Sorensen (Forever, E-Book)

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by Beth Ciotta e-novella (St. Martin’s Press)

Winter's HeatMidnight's Promisekiss the enemy





WINTER’S HEAT by Zoe Archer e-novella (St. Martin’s Press)
MIDNIGHT’S PROMISE: Part 3 by Donna Grant Full book: 10/29 e-serial (St. Martin’s Press)

Kiss the Enemy by Dianna Love (Silver Hawk Press)

Bottom Line:  I love Tuesdays.

WW Ladies Book Club

Barbara Vey -- August 6th, 2013


This past weekend I was asked to do a workshop for brand spanking new authors at The Business of Writing International Summit in Louisville, KY.  I shared duties with Sheila Clover English and we talked about author etiquette, a whole other blog subject.  Meet absolutely lovely people and am now enjoying the week in Kentucky.  Thanks for all the suggestion on what to do here.  Meanwhile, the WW Ladies have been enjoying a few books.




My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding by Angie Fox

Read by Joan

Lizzie Brown was adopted and raised by a prestigious family in Atlanta, Georgia. When she goes looking for her biological family she discovers her grandma turns out to be not only a witch but belongs to a coven of over 25 Harley riding biker witches. Lizzie determines that her life as a properly raised southern, elementary school teacher is not her true calling, but that she is actually a demon slayer. When she meets and chooses to marry very handsome Dimitri, she is already worried about how her adoptive society mother will take finding out about her being a demon slayer, grandma being a witch, or that her fiancé and his family are shape-shifting Griffins.

This is the fifth book in the series and it is light and entertaining. I love the characters and the fact Lizzie can understand and carry on a conversation with her dog, Pirate. Since I was a small girl I have believed in magic, so throw in voices and ghosts and demonic symbols on the wedding grounds, and MBFDSW feeds happily right into my imagination.





His Clockwork Canary by Beth Ciotta

Read by joysann

Willie G., also known as the Clockwork Canary, and the most popular reporter of Britain’s scandal sheets, has promised readers a fantastic, sensationalist exclusive report on the search for an invention of historical importance by Simon Darcy, of that notorious and unfortunate scientific family. Unknown to everyone, including Simon, the disguised Willie G. is really Wilhelmina Goodenough, the secret lost love of Simon’s youth, and she really doesn’t want to be there. But she helps with Simon’s dangerous quest through catacombs and in the sky for a most ambitious prize which could change the world – again.

The Glorious Victorious Darcys series started with Her Sky Cowboy, and Beth Ciotta’s inventive steampunk alternate world is an amazing place to visit. I read these two books one right after the other, pausing only for the e-novella in between to round out the story. I’m loving the characters, all of them, and find I’m delighted with the world’s premise and the action and romance that kept me enthralled.




Death, Taxes and Hot Pink Leg Warmers by Diane Kellykelly

Read by Heidi

Tara Holloway is hot on two IRS cases: She has to be undercover at a strip club to bring down the owner and their illegal activities. And she has to go to trial to bring down the “Tennis Racketeers” who have cheated lots of people out of millions of dollars. But the biggest reason she’s hot is because she has to spend one month seeing if Nick is the one for her, or if her past boyfriend Brent is the one she was supposed to be with. All of this action and going with her boss for daily workouts in hot pink leg warmers equals a wild ride for Special Agent Tara!

Tara’s back and better than ever!! Between her two cases and her constant struggle not to jump Nick’s bones, makes for a great end of summer read for me!! I don’t know which I enjoy more, the action, the humor, or the thought of Tara falling in love with her hot pink leg warmers. All I do know is that I have a constant smile on my face when I read all about Tara’s latest adventure, and I can’t wait for the next one!!




Kissing Booth by Beth Reekleskissing

Read by Olivia, 13

Even though Elle hasn’t been asked out on many dates, she doesn’t think she is ugly or is as pretty as the other girls in her school. Elle has her best friend Lee and they would never date. When Lee and Elle run a kissing booth for their school’s carnival, Elle has to fill in. The thing is Elle never kissed a guy, especially not her best friend’s big brother.

I am going to tell you that this is one crazy, funny and classic love story in my view and I love that the author is only 17. If you need a novel to read in a long boring car ride, definitely read Kissing Booth.




Havana Lost by Libby Fischer Hellmannhavana
Read by Michelle

Havana Lost spans the time of three generations and the distance between Cuba and Chicago.  A young woman in Havana, Frankie Pacelli falls in love.  Her lover is part of the revolution fighting for Fidel Castro to gain power.  Frankie’s father Tony has arranged a different marriage.  Frankie runs off with her new lover Luis Perez, her choice starts an avelanche of pain and loss through the generations for Frankie and those she holds dear.

An intriguing novel in an exotic setting that thrilled my sense of adventure.

Bottom Line:  Today is National Root Beer Float Day and you can get free floats at A&W, so I’m off to locate one in Kentucky.