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RWA Conference in Atlanta

Barbara Vey -- July 22nd, 2013
Close encounter of the best kind. Reader, Lynda, meeting 2 of her favorite authors Jill Shalvis and Kristin Higgins

Close encounter of the best kind. Reader, Lynda, meeting 2 of her favorite authors Jill Shalvis and Kristan Higgins

The RWA Conference in Atlanta was extremely successful according to those attending (and I totally agree).  From veterans to newbies, there was something for everyone.  I love watching the first timers when they come face to face with authors they’ve been reading and enjoying for years.  It’s something like shock, admiration, and that ultimate, “I can’t believe this is happening” moment.  One new author was sitting next to a New York Times bestselling author and chatting with her for quite a while before she realized who she was talking to.  Once the lightbulb came on, she was horrified that she didn’t recognize her immediately and then embarrassed, but ultimately the NYT author put her at ease and they all had a good laugh over it.  Really, how it anyone expected to know what every author looks like?  Thank goodness for name badges.


Many special interest groups of RWA get together during the conference and the Beau Monde group sent me a write up of their event.  According to Kristen Koster, “This past Wednesday, the Beau Monde chapter of the Romance Writers of America gathered for their annual mini conference in Atlanta. Eileen Dreyer opened the day with an entertaining speech. Morning workshops included such topics as A Hero’s Military History: Beyond Trafalgar and Waterloo, The Grand Tour, Doctor’s & Quacks in the Regency, and a panel on Historical Accuracy.

Katherine Ashe gave an inspiration lunchtime keynote before attendees enjoyed more workshops on The Regency Underworld and a tour through the thieves rookeries of London, a presentation on a young ladies repertoire in music, the Cultural Melting pot of Georgian England and a hands on workshop to learn how to play whist.

It was a full day indeed with high tea served in the afternoon, but that evening the ladies gathered for a soiree that included period dress, traditional English dances.”

Anne Barton, Valerie Bowman, Erin Knightly, Ashlyn Macnamara, and Sara Ramsey

Joysann reported on a well attended workshop. Living the Dream: How to Survive Your First Book Deal. These authors debuted in the last year or so, and they discovered how much more to authoring there is than writing a book. They made note of several things, and gave advice about others. One observation: That second book you’re writing now that the first is on its way? Plan on it taking several months longer to complete than the first did, what with edits on the first, working publicity on social media, blogs, and book signings, and the many things you didn’t have to contend with while writing the first. Sounds like a fair warning.

Even the elevators became part of the conference

I know I’m letting you know about things out of order, but there will be more coming throughout this week.  I definitely wanted to get in the names (and faces) of the Rita and Golden Heart winners today because they were shining stars at the RWA.





Bottom Line:  Congratulations to all the nominees, you are all worthy.