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Anniversary Bash 6: Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy

Barbara Vey -- March 11th, 2013

6th anniversary

Happy Anniversary Everyone!!  It’s so cliche, but time has really been flying by.  I find it so hard to believe that it’s been 6 years since I wrote my first blog.  I was so young and naive.  Now I’m old and jaded…gosh, I hope not.  Still too many books to read and not nearly enough time.  I was fortunate enough to get a story published in Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul and co-authored a book for authors with Sheila Clover English, Book Marketing, Book Trailers and Author Etiquette in a Nutshell.  Things I never dreamed possible.

Last year I was honored to be given the prestigious Vivian Stephens Industry Award by the Romance Writers of America.  It was an amazing experience and I treasure the acknowledgement.  I also started my own website and many wonderful people came through and are offering up free books every day called 365 Days of Free Books.  You can sign up to be entered in the drawing here.  2012 almost saw the First Annual Barbara Vey Reader’s Appreciation Luncheon.  It was a dream come true for me and this year James Rollins is the keynote speaker and there will be 38 other authors also attending.  There’s still time to register here.

This year’s Anniversary Party has many generous people come through with Kindle Fires, e-readers, books, gift certificates and many other items throughout the week.  Be sure to stop by every day to get your name in often.


We’re starting off our party this year in a cemetery.  It does seem appropriate for the genre we celebrate today.  Personally, I’m really creeped out by cemeteries.  When I was in New Orleans, there was a tour offered of one, but I passed on it.  Yes, I expected ghosts or zombies or something and I didn’t want to take my chances.



Even with it being held in a cemetery, food is still a priority.  Marilyn Baron is serving your choice of heavenly angel food cake or Devil’s food cake by the light of the moon. Nothing fancy, just bare bones.  E. H. James is bringing Torches, and ‘finger’ food.   twinkle lights

Nancy J. Cohen says, “Mythologist Nira Larsen is bringing a bag of rune stones to cast your fortune. She learned to read the ancient lettering thanks to the Norse god, Mimir. She’s bringing water pistols, too, in case Hel’s dead walkers make an unwelcome appearance. The ghost warriors don’t like water too much, as one of her sisters in the prophecy discovered. And Nira wouldn’t go to a party without bringing a supply of chocolate chip cookies, her warrior mate’s favorite.”

magic mike

Ashlynn Monroe promised to bring Hot men!  This group can’t seem to get through a party without hot men.  Cameo asks, “What cemetery would be complete without skeletons? I have plenty in my closet, and they love to jangle their bones to the groovy tunes, avant garde poetry, and raspy vocal stylings of their long dead compadres, The Wicked Trochee Spondee karaoke band.  Sharon Hamilton is coming with the twinkle lights and aroma candles for ambience.  I personally love the twinkle lights, but it’s still hard for me to imagine a cemetery being festive.

Clarissa Johal is holding a basket of keys and passing them out to the guests. I hear knocking coming from the door she’s pointing to, I wonder who could be on the other side?  I really don’t want to know.

cake pops

M. V. Freeman said, “I’ll bring the Vodka, because a good Russian always enjoys this with friends–and candles, just for the atmosphere.”  While Bonnie Vanak thinks, “Champagne, of course!”  I’m not sure Elisabeth Staab understands this party is in a cemetery because she wants to bring Cake pops and silly hats.

I saw Seressia Glass come with shape-shifting jackals called the Sons of Anubis (they protect the living from the undead) and Nile River firewater.  And Heather Long has some Staked’ canapes for nibbling.  Ann Mayburn has been seen with Sci-Fi eye-candy.  Jessica Subject is passing out Alien glo-sticks to help everyone see in the graveyard. Plus, they create an eerie yet fun atmosphere.

Alien Glow Pops

Laurie London is going all, “I’ll bring plenty of specially designed scarves that party attendees can wrap around their necks. Your choice of black, red, or gray. All scarves are hand-beaded and interwoven with a special silver thread. Most humans don’t know if they’re a Sweetblood or not, so this will help prevent any vampires from taking advantage of you. Of course, the scarf can be easily removed if you DO want to be taken advantage of. I’ll also bring an ample supply of silver bullets in case any Darkbloods crash the party.”

Lisa Kessler, always thinking outside the box has headstones and rags for cleaning up the old existing ones… :)   Joya Fields says, “I’m bringing an EVP recorder, an EMF meter and my camera to catch signs of any undead. I’ll also pack a huge thermos of Hot-n-dirty-,mar-tea-Ni (with lots of cups so I can share).”


Bottom Line:  The 6th Anniversary gift is candy and iron.  I’m all for the candy…you just can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Here’s the rules.  Leave any comment and get an entry to win one of the fabulous prizes.  You can comment more than once for more chances.  Winners will be picked daily and posted on the blog March 18th.  Winners will have one week to claim their prize.

Many thanks to the following for their generous prizes:

Dianna Love – Monogrammed Belador tote full of (signed by Dianna) Blood Trinity, Alterant and Curse, plus the anthology Dead After Dark (first Belador novella)

Marilyn Baron – Three Weddings and a Funeral. Four humorous paranormal e-short stories—A Choir of Angels, Follow an Angel, The Stand-in Bridegroom and Dead Mix—about angels and devils, love and death, weddings and funerals, full of surprise twists and happy endings.

E. H. James - paranormal/horror short stories: 1 ecopy of Laura 1 ecopy of The Visitor’s Room 1 ecopy of The Fifth Floor 1 ecopy of The Red Door 1 ecopy of Realms of Darkness 1 ecopy of The Orah (release date Feb, 28/13)

Clarissa Johal – An ecopy of my supernatural novel BETWEEN in the format of your choice (ePub, PDF, PRC, Mobi).

Mary Buckham – INVISIBLE RECRUIT series: Novella INVISIBLE PRISON (e-format only) + Book INVISIBLE MAGIC (e or book format) to winner and 2 of her(his) friends!

Nancy J. Cohen – An ebook copy of Warrior Prince (The Drift Lords Series #1)

Ashlynn Monroe – A ebook copy of Given.

Cameo – $10.00 Amazon gift certificate

Barbara Vey – 3 paranormal audio books

Barbara Vey - Mix of 6 Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy books

Sharon Hamilton – Signed Jimmy Thomas poster of Mortal Bite. email version Honeymoon Bite and Mortal Bite. (one each only)

M.V. Freeman – (1) Kindle or NOOK copy of INCANDESCENT

Bonnie Vanak – The Covert Wolf

Laurie London – A signed set of the first 4 books in the Sweetblood series. (Winner can choose to receive e-book versions instead.)

Elisabeth Staab – Signed copies of vampire romance novels King of Darkness and Prince of Power

Seressia Glass – Signed copy of Shadow Blade

Heather Long - a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate

Joya Fields – HEREAFTER t-shirt and a $25 Amazon or BN gift card

Ann Mayburn – A Copy of my Print Book- The Breaker’s Concubine

Lisa Kessler – Signed paperback of Night Walker and free eBook copy of Night Demon

Jessica E. Subject – One set of ebook copies of Made For Her and Alien Lover



6th Anniversary Bash Coming Soon

Barbara Vey -- February 4th, 2013

That’s right. March 4-9th we will be celebrating this year’s Anniversary Bash on Beyond Her Book.  For those of you faithful readers who have been with me since the beginning, you’ll remember how it started with just a one day “virtual” party that has grown into 6 days of nonstop fun, partying and giveaways.


Last year the party lasted 6 days with e-readers and hundreds of prizes donated by authors of every genre. There were over 28,500 comments on the blog and that was even with the system going down the last day.

Here’s how it works:

The days of the week are divided into genres (click on a link to see samples of last year)

Monday: Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy (to be held in a cemetery this year)

Tuesday: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure  (to be held at The Bates Motel this year)

Wednesday: Publishers, Editors, Bloggers (to to held at the famous Algonquin Hotel this year)

Thursday: Inspirational, YA, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction (to be held on a beautiful Caribbean beach this year)

Friday: Contemporary, Historical, Erotica, E-books, Audio (to be held at Downton Abbey this year)

Saturday: Romance Blowout! (to be held in Monaco this year)


For the Authors, here’s how it works:

Your pick the day(s) you’d like to be involved. We need decorations, entertainment and refreshments…all virtual, of course. Bring your creativity because the blog commenters love getting into the spirit.

For the readers, here’s how it works:

Come ready to party!  There will be “virtual” food, drink, and real special guests.  Not only will there posted giveaways, but authors have been know to drop by and spontaneously give out prizes.  The party is for you and it goes 24/7!

Authors, you can get all the details on how to sign up for that party here.

What was your favorite place we visited over the years?  Which day is your favorite?  What would you like to win?

Bottom Line:  The traditional gifts for the 6th anniversary are candy and iron….candy, please.