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Barbara Vey -- November 29th, 2013

bf giveaway

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Now I wonder how many of you are out there shopping for Black Friday.  I really don’t have anything I want that badly, but I do check out all of the sales.  I’m saving myself for small business Saturday and I’ve finally seen my first ad for a sale on books.  I did get some audio books on sale yesterday.  They are sold oldies, but goodies and I love listening to books I’ve already read.  It’s like revisiting old friends.

Well, here’s one place you don’t have to spend money today to get some great stuff.  It’s the Black Friday Giveaway.  Authors are giving away free books to anyone commenting about their favorite genre of books.  Do you love romance, fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi, contemporary, historical, western, paranormal or something else?  Please include whether you are a US reader or International reader.


Lori Austin – Autographed set of- Beauty and the Bounty Hunter An Outlaw in Wonderland

Tonya Kappes - A GHOSTLY UNDERTAKING signed print copy, Keeper Kase set, and bag full of author swag.

Cynthia D’Alba – 1. Digital copy of Texas Two Step AND Texas Two Step: The Prequel on one person. 2. Bag of swag (postcards, keychain, magnet, jar opener and bookmarks) to one person

Luann McLane –  a copy of Whisper’s Edge and Christmas on Main Street. (2 of each)

Dianna Love –  Signed copy of Kiss The Enemy, book 4 in the Slye Temp romantic suspense series plus a Keeper Kase® loaded with signed cover cards.

Donna MacMeans –  The Casanova Code (2 winners)

J.M. Madden –  2 print book of Embattled Hearts and 2 free download of Embattled Minds. (2 winners)

Siobhan MacKenzie - The entire ‘His Man…’ series to date — includes ‘His Man Friday’, ‘His Man Saturday’, and ‘His Man Sunday’ (3 winners)

Chloe Neill –  BITING COLD, HOUSE RULES, and BITING BAD UK editions plus swag. (3 winners)

Blythe Gifford –  The Witch Finder

Travis Richardson –  Paperback copy of Lost In Clover. (International, 2 winners)

Anna Sugden –  A Perfect Distraction – and Cadbury’s chocolate (2 prize packs, International)

Sheila Roberts –  A set of Sheila books: Better Than Chocolate, What She Wants & Merry Ex-mas (3 winners)

Caren Crane –  Kick Start (Cross Springs, Book 1) e-book (4 winners)

Susan Sey –  TASTE FOR TROUBLE (print or Kindle) KISS THE GIRL (print or Kindle) MONEY, HONEY (print only) MONEY SHOT (print only)

Tawny Weber-  Naughty Christmas Nights (3 winners)

Robyn Peterman –  e-copy Fashionably Dead e-copy How Hard Can It Be? (4 copies of each)

Jeanne Adams –  A Dark and Dangerous Gift package – Deadly Little Secrets, Dark and Deadly, coffee, chocolate and a Starbucks Mug (2 winners)

Sarah Morgan - signed copies of Sleigh Bells in the Snow (2 winners)

 Mark David Gerson – The MoonQuest: The Q’ntana Trilogy, Book I

Cora Cade –  E-book (any format) of Morning Light by Cora Cade (2 winners)

Abigail Keam – Death By A HoneyBee and By Drowning

Joanne Rock –  Advance copy of MY SECRET FANTASIES (Harlequin Blaze, January 2014), the sequel to MY DOUBLE LIFE (5 winners)

 J. K. Rock –  A fun YA contemporary romance, CAMP BOYFRIEND plus book swag including a Camp Boyfriend mini flashlight and friendship bracelet

Evonne Wareham –  Never Coming Home (International)

Tiffinie Helmer –  EDGE 1st book in Romance of the Edge Novel (5 print books US and 5 ebooks International)

Marguerite Kaye - Bundle of two print copies of: Rumors that Ruined a Lady Scandalous Regency Christmas (anthology, currently only available in the UK) box of hand made chocolates and a tea towel to go with each set. (International)

Kay Stockham –  5 audio books of THE CRASH BEFORE CHRISTMAS (5 audio books via audible codes – international must be able to use codes)

Shawntelle Madison –  3 copies of Bitten by Treachery and 3 copies of Bitten by Deceit (6 winners) International


Eileen Dreyer –  ONCE A RAKE (3 winners) International


Lynn Cahoon –  The Bull Rider’s Brother


Jennifer Jakes –  2 eBooks each of RAFE’S REDEMPTION and EDEN’S SIN (International)


Tracy Solheim –  Signed copies of my books Game On and Foolish Games.


Ava March –  ebook of All In with the Duke (Regency M/M erotic romance), epub format.


Vivi Anna –  One ebook copy of Unraveled box set.

International where ebooks can be gifted


Tawny Stokes –  Supernatural Six box set, ebook only

International where ebooks can be gifted


Jenn LeBlanc - The Rake And The Recluse : REDUX full illustrated ebook (4 Winners) gifted through Amazon, Kindle, or Smashwords wherever gifts can be received.


Brenda Novak – Autographed paperback copy of Take Me Home for Christmas (2 winners)


Jeannie Lin –  Autographed copy of The Lotus Palace


Diane Capri-  Get Back Jack (ebook only)

International where ebooks can be gifted


Dana Marton –  DEATHTRAP via Amazon (International)


Angie Fox –  Signed copy of My Big Fat Demon Slayer Wedding (print)


Monica Murphy-  Print copy of One Week Girlfriend (International)

Vicky Dreiling –  1 complete set of author’s books RTC cards $25 Amazon card


Patricia Thayer-  one copy of THE COWBOY SHE COULDN’T FORGET one copy of PROPOSAL AT THE LAZY S RANCH (International)


Barbara Bettis –  A copy of my debut medieval romance, SILVERHAWK. (ebook for international winner.)


Donna Grant –  signed copy of: Midnight’s Temptation Midnight’s Promise (2 winners International)


Kieran Kramer –  SAY YES TO THE DUKE (3 winners)


Tracy Garrett –  Trade-size paperback of the Christmas Anthology “Wishing For a Cowboy.” (2 winners)


Toni Blake-  Autographed copies of Toni’s holiday book, HOLLY LANE and her classic, THE RED DIARY.


Lily Everett -  A Sanctuary Island beach tote, with a signed copy of SANCTUARY ISLAND!


Nicky Penttila –  A trade paperback edition of my historical romance, A Note of Scandal, with suitable accompaniments.


Lexi Post –  1 Venetian mask made in Italy ebook copy of MASQUE


Suzanne Enoch –  Two copies of RULES OF AN ENGAGEMENT signed by the author.


Julia London-  A signed copy of THE SEDUCTION OF LADY X.


Karen Hawkins-  Signed copy of HOW TO ENTICE AN ENCHANTRESS.


Barbara O’Neal-  Signed copy of THE GARDEN OF HAPPY ENDINGS.


Collette Cameron-  Highlander’s Hope (ebook) 1 copy The Viscount’s Vow (ebook, International)


Lark O’Neal –  An e-book copy of RANDOM, the debut new adult novel from Lark O’Neal. (2 winners)


Cheryl Bolen –  Marriage of Inconvenience 2 print copies, Falling for Frederick 1 print copy (3 winners, International) With His Lady’s Assistance 1 ebook (International)


Ella Quinn - The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh, 1 (International)


Ava Miles –  Nora Roberts Land, 1 ebook (International)


Lucy Monroe -  Delicious by Lori Foster, Lucy Monroe & Sarah Title (5 winners, International)


Jane Porter –  Signed copies of the Brennan Sisters Trilogy: The Good Woman, The Good Daughter and The Good Wife (3 winners, International)


Rektok Ross –  Prodigal, one ebook copy (International)


Nancy Naigle - IN FOR A PENNY by Kelsey Browning & Nancy Naigle (eBook) 2 copies OUT OF FOCUS by Nancy Naigle (eBook) 2 copies (4 winners, International)

Winners will be announced on Monday’s blog.

Bottom Line:  I’m spending Black Friday with a warm beverage and a hot book.

128 thoughts on “Black Friday Giveaway

  1. Anita H.

    I love reading romance books, pretty much everything I’m reading now is either a historical romance, a contemporary romance or a paranormal romance. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway, this is much better than shopping! :-) I’m from Canada (International).

  2. Karen j

    What an awesome giveaway!! I love contemporary romance most! But I do enjoy a good romantic suspense, western or an erotic romance at times. Depends on my mood. :)
    Im a US reader.

  3. Diane Sallans

    Wow – that is quite a list! 98% of my reads are Romance (gotta have that HEA) -but hey can be Historical (love the Medieval in particular), Contemporary or Paranormal.
    I’d love any print book – don’t have an eReader
    I’m in the US – sallans d at yahoo dot com

  4. Karla Heller

    I love romances and also mysteries, historicals, memoirs/autobiographies, adventures, thrillers, paranormals … I simply love a good book and sincerely admire those who are able to put pen to paper in such a creative way. To borrow on an old cliche, “so many books, so little time”!

  5. dawn wright

    I really love Sharon Sala’s romance books. She’s a friend since the first grade. We’ve come a long way and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also like mystery books and history books.

  6. Ada

    I’m a picky reader and I only like to read certain types of romances– contemporary, historical and paranormals. I tend to stick to these types of books and occasionally venture into other types of romances. I’m an International reader. Thanks for the chance to win in this great giveaway!!

  7. Rebecca

    I love so many different genres that it’s hard to say which is my favourite. I read mostly Romance novels but I also love Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Thriller and Horror :) I’m International.

  8. Jennifer Bermudez

    I love to read just about everything! I am a junior high teacher so I read TONS of YA/MG books. I also love mysteries and fantasies. I love stories with magic in them. I love contemporary novels that transport you to somewhere other than where you are. This is a book-lovers DREAM giveaway!

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