New to Me: Lynn Veihl

Barbara Vey -- April 20th, 2010


While I like to think I read everything and know a ton of authors by their books, in reality, I know there’s so many I haven’t had the chance to read.  I’m always given suggestions, which I appreciate, but it’s just finding the time to fit them in with all my other readings.  Luckily, I made time to read Lynn Viehl.


I know that she’s been around a while and thanks to a friend who was amazed that I hadn’t read her paranormal series yet, I now can say I’m a fan.  I had just finished an older book of hers when a brand spanking new ARC appeared in my mailbox.  I tore into it and finished it that same day.  I had to know what happened next in her world.


Dreamveil:  A Novel of the Kindred is the story of Rowen Dietrich, a young woman who has had more than her share of hard luck.  With a special ability that made living in her foster home unbearable, Rowen takes to the street for years before being found by a kind, elderly woman.  When her motorcycle is in an accident, Rowen finds herself accepting the help of French chef Jean-Marc Dansant .  It doesn’t help that someone from her past is looking for her and not in a good way.


Lynn Veihl launches you into a world that keeps you guessing all the way through.  It’s gritty and unpleasant one moment and mouth watering the next as she meticulously describes the food and it’s preparation.  One scene in particular sticks out when the chef has Rowen close her eyes and taste the different food items and how they interact together…sensually.  Yum.  Dreamveil is an engrossing and seductive read.


This past weekend I was told I need to read Lavyrle Spencer, so that’s my next “new” author to try.


Have you ever discovered an author who’s been around a while, but you’ve just started reading?  Any you’d like to suggest that others may have missed?


Bottom Line:  Always keep an open mind to try “new” authors and genres…you might be pleasantly surprised.

8 thoughts on “New to Me: Lynn Veihl

  1. Sapphire Phelan

    I’ve known of Lynn Viehl and thought her books were cool to read. Hard to say, as I am always checking in bookstores or through my publishers, etc.. for more and more authors. I try to read my fellow authors from Phaze Books and Under the Moon, to get to know their books. After all, I am published there and should know the other authors’ works–right?

  2. Missy Taylor

    My newly discovered author is Jeaniene Frost. Love her! My tbr list of authors to check out that have been suggested are huge! But my aunt loaned me her Stephanie Plum series so she’ll be next. But first I gotta finish my Kim Harrison and Maya Banks’ latest books before I can start new authors. :)

  3. Christine

    I believe Lavyrle Spencer has retired from writing but she wrote great novels about families. My favorite is “Family Blessings” if you need someplace to start. There are always mystery authors who I find out about after they’re written several books so I always seem to be catching up! [My latest is Melinda Wells.]

  4. Jusy

    OMG you read Lynn Viehl’s lates DREAMVEIL. I love Lynn’s work. I need to try her alter ego books under SL Viehl.

    I’m always open to trying new authors. Authors I’ve discovered in the past several months have been Maya Banks, Nalini Singh, Shannon K Butcher, Richelle Mead for YA. I still have a bunch more sitting in my TBR on people’s recommendation like Jeaniene Frost, Richelle Mead for adults, Yasmine Galenon, Larissa Ione, Rachel Vincent. And then there are authors I’ve not read in quite sometime.

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