Your Turn Friday is Back

Barbara Vey -- January 18th, 2008

Boy, I miss one Friday and did I hear about it.  :)   So, here’s my reads of the week and back into the groove again, I invite you to let everyone know what you’ve been reading lately.

The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy is out to tickle your funny bone.  Marty Andrews’ dream is to conquer the world of Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics (think Mary-Kay on steroids).  She’s into her color wheel and  is on her way to becoming a top sales rep. One night while walking her little pooch, Marty is accidently bitten by a stray dog.  Enter super hot Keegan Flaherty, who tries to explain to Marty that he’s the werewolf who bit her.  While she refuses to believe him, she can’t help but notice her body hair growing like crazy (actually, crazy is having to shave your legs more than once a millenium) and her darkening blonde hair.

I could totally identify with Marty’s job situation since, in my long employment history, I once sold beauty cosmetics and did color analysis (no, it wasn’t with Mary-Kay).  This was really a joke job since I never wore a lot of make-up and I don’t have an eye for color.  But I was exceptional at reading people, so sales came easy for me and I actually won several awards.  Even though I bonded with Marty and I have been bitten by a dog (he bit me in my mouth, yuck!), I haven’t managed to get bitten by a werewolf…yet.  Of course, if there’s one like Keegan Flaherty, I wouldn’t think it was yucky.  

The only thing that could make this sexy, fun read any better would maybe be lipstick samples…in my color, of course.

Next up was Heart of  Fire by Kat Martin.  Coralee Whitmore writes a column for a ladies gazette about London society, but when her sister commits suicide, Cora feels the need to find the truth.  Guessing that the Earl of Tremaine might have been involved with her sister, she takes a new identity to gain entrance to his house.  But someone there doesn’t want her finding any answers.

Kat never fails to deliver.  Her enchanting historicals draw you into the story while her characters charm and delight.   Even though this is the second book in her trilogy that started with Heart of Honor, it is easily a stand alone.  But I, for one, will be going back to read the first.

Ok, now something embarrassing to admit.  Saturday I went over to my mom’s to watch the Green Bay Packers win (Go Pack!!) and stayed overnight.  I just finished Heart of Fire and didn’t have another book with me, but luckily I’d just come from the post office, so I had a brand, spanking new galley that someone sent me.  Well, I read it all that day.  It was a terrific read and I’d never read this author before so I was excited to discover yet another to add to my growing list. The problem is that I left the book for Mom to read.  As I’m writing this late into the night, I find that I’m completely blank as to the author and title.  Too late to call her.  Yes, dear friends, I’m having a "senior moment."

I know I’m not alone in this, but dang, it’s frustrating.  So my apologies, but "the book" will be featured next week.  So, not only can you tell me what you’ve been reading lately, you can also share a senior moment.  Please don’t let me think I’m alone in this. ::sob::

Any problems posting, please email me and I’ll be glad to put your comments in.

Bottom Line:  “ In the practical use of our intellect, forgetting is as important as remembering." ~ William James  Thank goodness…I was doing something important by forgetting and using my intellect at the same time.  Whew!  

26 thoughts on “Your Turn Friday is Back

  1. Jennifer LaBrecque

    I…um…have lots of senior moments…often in mid-sentence. :) I just finished The Vampire’s Kiss by Raven Hart. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Savannah Vampire Chronicles. The third book is as riveting as the first two.


    We nag because we love :) My big read has been Jennifer Donnelly’s “The Winter Rose,” a sequel to “The Tea Rose.” Set in England (and Africa) in the early 1900s, it’s about a woman doctor and her personal/romantic and professional trials. An old-fashioned saga, lots of details, interesting characters (and the potential for another sequel). Both books remind me of the “A Woman of Substance” series. It’s an undertaking as the book is over 600 pages but it’s already making the rounds of my ‘pass-it-along’ friends. And for senior moments–if I don’t write something down the minute I think about it, it’s gone–which generally means I’m always forgetting to buy that one essential ingredient on my latest trip to the grocery store.

  3. Amanda

    Great, 2 more to add to my list. I’m reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter Companion. It’s terrific for catching up with all the characters. Now I want to go back and read all the books again. And Go Pack!!

  4. Peggy

    I love Dakota Cassidy’s werewolfs (and were-whatevers as well as her vampires) and am anxiously waiting for The Accidental Werewolf. Is that a cool name or what? *grin*

  5. Ann Jacobs

    Dakota’s humor plus erotic paranormal romances are must-reads for me! My favorite so far is her werecats novella in All Wrapped Up, but I have the Accidental Werewolf in my to-be-read stack!

  6. Lucy

    I agree with you, Barbara, The Accidental Werewolf is a hoot! I just finished it last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If readers like MJD’s Betsy Taylor books (but a LOT spicier ) you’re gonna love this!

  7. Kate Douglas

    I absolutely love this book, but then I love anything Dakota writes. I know her and I’ve heard her talk, so when I read Dakota’s stories, I “hear” them in her voice, which is absolutely hysterical–and so are her books. I tend to write really dark and angsty stuff, and Dakota’s stories are the “feel good” kind. When I read ACCIDENTAL WEREWOLF, I spent the entire time grinning. Definitely the kind of story to make you smile, even if you don’t have a clue what a color wheel is!

  8. Kim

    Barbara–So glad you picked The Accidental Werewolf! Its a great, great story. Definitely the perfect book to snuggle up with. Can’t wait to see what Dakota has up her sleeve next.

  9. Shari Anton

    Go Pack!! :) Oh, yeah, books … almost forgot! Just read Lori Devoti’s Guardian’s Keep. Fabulous paranormal. On the iPod — Ariana Franklin’s Mistress of the Art of Death. Go Pack!! :)

  10. Deborah Macgillivray

    My book this week was Nina Bang’s One Bite Stand. I simply adore Nina’s writing. Likely one of the most underrated authors out there. She is savvy, s e x y, and FUNNY. The other book I read and was just released with week is Dawn Thompson’s The Ravening. This is the third in the Blood Moon books. Romantic Times gave it a 4 1/2 star review, TOP Pick and K.I.S.S. Award to the hero. I think they liked it. I know I DID!! I highly recommend both books to paranormal lovers.

  11. Teresa D'Amario

    I just finished Lara Adrian’s Midnight Awakening. I know, I’m slow. Now let me start by saying I enjoyed Lara’s first two books. They were good, and exciting. Dark, but not too dark, but I kept thinking “I know she can do better.” Don’t ask me how I knew, but I did. Well she blew my socks off with Midnight Awakening. At first I was worried. I’m not into the “kick a** harder than the guy” heroine, so the opening scene had me going “Oh here we go again….” (No offense to those who like it, it’s just a personal preference of mine.) So anyway, I read the book while on a plane. I LOVED it. In fact, I finished it in 4 hrs despite boarding, unboarding and boarding to interrupt me, and was wishing the book was longer so I had something to do the last 30 minutes on the last flight. My hat is off to Lara Adrian, who not only managed to make me love her hero, but her heroine as well! Outstanding!

  12. Margaret

    I’ve been a big fan of Kat Martin’s for years and am looking forward to this new one. I’m reading Bittersweet Rain by Sandra Brown. It’s a older book, but I’ve always enjoyed her books.


    Keep up the fantastic work , I read few content on this internet site and I think that your site is rattling interesting and holds bands of excellent information.

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