Romance Authors Sarah Morgan and Kate Hardy

Barbara Vey -- October 23rd, 2013

While visiting Mills & Boon in London last week, I did video interviews with several authors.  Today we have Sarah Morgan and Kate Hardy.  I love listening to the accents.  Enjoy!!




You have until tomorrow to post a comment to be entered into the big Mills & Boon giveaway of over 50 items.  Winners posted on Friday.  This is an international contest.

Bottom Line:  On my travels I have discovered that Romance is truly a universal language.

23 thoughts on “Romance Authors Sarah Morgan and Kate Hardy

  1. Maria


    Thank you for such wonderful interviews! British accents was like music for my ears, though the real pleasure is to see the authors of great stories.

    1. Sarah Morgan

      They are on sale! Harlequin has reduced the price of my last 7 Harlequin Presents (ebook form) to $1.99. I don’t know how long the offer will last but I’m guessing until the end of the week :)

  2. Pat Jeanne Davis

    These interviews were wonderful, Barbara. So excited for you that you were able to realize your dream of going to England and Scotland and meet readers and authors and to visit Mills & Boon headquarters as well.

  3. DebH

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… I ADORE Kate Hardy – her books are must buys for me!!!! Thank you so much for the interview. I really enjoyed getting to hear her voice and learn more about her. I love ballroom dancing too, unfortunately, I cannot convince my husband that it is fun. Ah well…

    I really need to visit here more often. Thanks for posting all the wonderful stuff from your trip to the UK. I’m still so excited about your Kate Hardy interview.

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