My Mills & Boon Adventure

Barbara Vey -- October 16th, 2013


Nothing prepared me for the day I spent at Mills & Boon.  They sent a car for me and my videographer, Mark Tuban (aka Arthur More) at 9 a.m. and it looked liked an ordinary office, but what goes on inside is anything but ordinary.

I finally got to meet my Skype buddy, Joanne Grant, Executive Editor.  They have a terrific conference room that was filled with cakes and flapjacks (not pancakes, but more like granola bars).  We were offered tea and the staff started coming in to welcome me.  The room was lined with welcome signs for visiting authors and huge stand up book covers that you could stick your head in to take a picture.  I teased them that there was no sign for me.  They all started laughing and took me out to the main workroom where they had a huge sign made up for welcoming me along with a table filled with champagne and roses.  Boy, did I feel dumb…but happy.  I was told it was “Barbara Vey Day” around the office and they were celebrating.


The Authors: Sarah Morgan, Carole Mortimer , Barbara Vey, Fiona Harper, Kate Hardy


Several authors stopped by that I got to sit down and do Drive By Videos with including Kate Hardy, Fiona Harper, Sarah Morgan and Carole Mortimer.  After touring the editorial department, we were off to lunch at Rock and Rose whose motto is Food. Passion. Glamour.  And I have to tell you, this place has all three.  We sat at a long table that had chairs on one side and a huge pink couch on the other covered with tons of pillows.  There were amazing chandeliers and a big heart hanging from the ceiling made of flowers.  The check in table was a leopard print.  This place was decadent.










Champagne and roses toast

Back at the office I met with the marketing  team and like I said yesterday, the UK is a little behind the US in social media, so they have sweeping plans on changing that and getting their authors all hooked up with websites.  They also are working on a terrific branding change to lure young readers that looked promising.  It’s so interesting to me how book covers, culturally, need to be different.  It’s the same story, but the pictures will say different things around the world.  Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.


Before I knew it, it was the end of the workday and time to leave.  But not empty handed.  I was gifted with a Mills & Boon mug, a bag, a notebook and pen…all pink, of course.

I’m not the only one getting gifts.  Mills & Boon is celebrating Barbara Vey Day by giving away over 50 books and bags and this is open internationally.  Just leave a comment any and/or every day that I’m in the UK (starting last Friday through Monday, October 21st) and you will be entered.  That’s a lot of prizes for readers all over the world.  One comment equals one entry.   Winners will be posted on October 22nd. 

Bottom Line:  So I wonder if every October 15th will be celebrated as Barbara Vey Day.  :)

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