Leaving On a Jet Plane…

Barbara Vey -- October 10th, 2013
My precious....

My precious….

Yes, the day has finally arrived.  As you read this I’m off to the airport to use my passport for the very first time.  I’m on an early morning flight to Chicago, but my flight to London doesn’t leave until about 7 p.m.  Long day at the airport, but I’ll be reading and talking to people about books.  My way of starting a trip.


I’ll be speaking at Oxford for the Authors Oxford Courses and then heading to London on Monday.  Tuesday I get to tour Mills & Boons and meet with their authors.  I’ll be heading up to Edinburgh for a day and yes again, I’ll be meeting an author.  They’re everywhere!!  I’m most excited about getting together with a reader who has become a friend on Facebook.  Love to hear what readers over there have to say.  Will it be the same as the US or do they have different compliments and complaints?

Be sure to stop by everyday to follow my adventures.  I’ve even got my own videographer, a Brit named Mark.  I feel so special.

What shouldn’t I miss in the UK?

Bottom Line:  “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

9 thoughts on “Leaving On a Jet Plane…

    1. Barbara Vey Post author

      I totally missed posting the winners. They were Beverly and Susan Kay. I’ll post them again tomorrow, but if the winners see this, please email me at bvey@ gmail.com Thanks for the reminder!

  1. Jacs

    ((((((Barbara)))))) Safe trip and have a wonderful time! What shouldn’t you miss? I’m going to think your various tour guides will take you to the usual tourist spots–Tower of London, Big Ben, St. Paul’s or Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle etc.

    I’m all about the food–fish and chips, a ‘proper’ afternoon tea with the best Devonshire cream for your scones, the first time you put a piece of chocolate in your mouth from the UK–Thortons is my fave but even Cadbury is smooth and wonderful. Go to pub for a hearty bite and a pint.
    Go see a live show. Ride the tube. Take Brit Rail and be in awe at how efficient their public transportation is (unless there’s a strike lol).
    One of the things that is amazing about you, Barbara is that you are game to try and do most anything. I have no doubt you’ll be the same way in the UK.
    Just enjoy and have the best time. I just wish I were going too! :-)


  2. Kat

    Oxford has many book-related highlights: Try the Eagle & Child pub for a pint – this is where Tolkien used to hang, or Christ Church College for the Harry Potter Great Hall experience. And of course Blackwell’s bookshop, which is just an amazing place to get lost in. Enjoy your stay, it is lovely here!

  3. Rachel Willmer

    Welcome to Scotland! If you need any local knowledge when you’re up here, let me know…

    My personal suggestion in Edinburgh would be my favourite pub in town, the Oxford Bar (made famous by Ian Rankin). But be warned, it’s nothing like the version I’ve seen on any TV show… Just a wee howff in a back street.

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