James Patterson Must Be Reading My Blog

Barbara Vey -- October 4th, 2013


I enjoy my social media.  There’s always something fun and interesting there and I’m blessed to have made the acquaintances of many people I probably woudn’t have otherwise. But imagine my surprise when James Patterson friended me the other day on Twitter.  Now, I’m not foolish enough to imagine that he waits with bated breath to read my blog every day and I’m aware of all the computer programs out there who promise to get you a kazillion followers by using robo techniques.

So, me being me, I called him out on it at Twitter.  I should mention that that particular James Patterson account has a blue checkmark which means it is an official, verified account.  So I tweeted this:

tweet jp

Thinking the matter done I moved on, but then I received this:

tweet jp answer

Now, while it does say that the Twitterer is human, it doesn’t say it is James Patterson, so to make things interesting here’s my response:

tweet me




The ball is now in his court.


The thing is, I don’t mind if famous people have others do their social media.  I just want them to come clean about it.  I’m more impressed when I see, “Anna here, Mary wanted me to tell you…”  I love the honesty.  There’s almost nothing worse than having someone try to put something over you and making you look like a fool.  I was saddened when I found out George Takei didn’t write his own Facebook stuff.  I’m a fan and some of it was hilarious.  But I kind of felt betrayed because I’m a basically trusting person who likes to believe in people.  None of this will change because of this Tweet thing.


So, tell me what you think?  Is it the real James Patterson?  Does it matter to you if someone else does their accounts and acknowledge it?  Does it change your opinion of the person? 


I should also mention that Author Erica Jong followed me, but when I tweeted her this, she didn’t respond:

Erica tweet

Bottom Line:  Do you think he’ll come to my luncheon?

BTW, I’m starting a new feature on my website, “Five Things You Didn’t Know About…”  Stop by and let me know what you think of this regular Friday feature.

5 thoughts on “James Patterson Must Be Reading My Blog

  1. Jusy

    Sad to hear that George Takei does not do his FB page. If the acct has your name and you have an asst manning and responding to your acct, it should be signed by the asst so we know who you’re really “talking” to. Does the owner really want the foibles done by the asst associated with the owner? If the asst has a twitch, does the owner want to be known to have that twitch *LOL*

    Barbara, your annual Reader Luncheons are a blast!

  2. Jacqueline Seewald

    Hi, Barbara,

    Speaking as a writer myself, we are publicity hounds. You certainly qualify as an important connection in that department. So why wouldn’t Patterson want to come to your luncheon? A lot of us women read his fiction. I myself read and write both romance and mystery.

    As to your new Friday author interview section, I very much enjoyed it. More interesting to quickly read five surprising things we didn’t necessarily know about a favorite author than a long interview. Very clever idea! And now back to figuring out how to get reviews for my new co-authored Five Star/Cengage mystery novel THE THIRD EYE: A PINE BARRENS MYSTERY.

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