Sunday Matinee

Barbara Vey -- December 21st, 2008

Previews by Andrew Serge Bernier
Before I start the Sunday Matinee, I have to tell you that I am hoping to hit the movie theater today (weather permitting, because you know the weather controls us all in Wisconsin).  I’m thinking Austrailia because really, Hugh Jackman…enough said.  Or, maybe Yes Man because Jim Carrey cracks me up and I could use a couple of good belly laughs.  Have you seen these yet?  Which should I pick?  I know I’ll see previews there, but right now turn off your cell phone and no talking during the Sunday Matinee.  (And just like the theater, they aren’t labeled, so you can be enjoy each one without expectations.)  Here’s the book videos of the week.

You can send your videos for consideration on Sunday Matinee to

Bottom Line:
Did you know that today is Humbug Day? Do some people even need an excuse to be a humbug during the holidays? I say, get over it and enjoy!<br>

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matinee


    Hey Barbara, What fun to see my video up there! Thanks for including it. Crossfire was the 5th one COS made for me and I love working with them. Coincidentally, they’re finishing up the video for Shattered, High Risk #3, that’s out February 3rd. It was also fun watching the other people are videos. You chose a nice mix. As for the weather, after three decades in the AZ desert (people always say, “But it’s a dry heat”– I say “Yeah, so are pizza ovens and hell”), I LOVE having four seasons, but I miss the snow we used to get here and haven’t for the past 4 or 5 years. Though I don’t want any this weekend because the grandbabies are coming for Christmas, so we want the roads to stay clear from D.C. to here. We had three days of pouring rain and wind this past week and woke up this morning to a huge pine tree in the wooded area that’s tilting dangerously, so it’ll have to be removed right away to prevent it from taking out one of the dogwoods that’s close by. Sigh. I always feel so bad when the guys arrive to take a fallen one away. But I gotta admit, I do love those chippers!! I dearly want a chipper for my ownself, but my sweetie doesn’t believe I need one. Maybe he’s seen Fargo one too many times and worries I might get annoyed at him. LOL merry, merry!

  2. Edie Ramer

    Barbara, if you see only one movie this season, see Australia. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen. It will make you laugh and cry. Bring Kleenex. And I enjoyed seeing an older hero and heroine in the Talk of the Town trailer. That doesn’t happen enough in romances.

  3. Michael McGovern

    Does it make me less macho because I have a man-crush on Hugh Jackman? Yes, yes it does. But if you’re going to have a man-crush on anyone, I think he’s a good choice. He’s rich, handsome, actually talented (a movie star with talent? Huh??), and by all accounts just about the nicest guy on the planet. Oh, and he gets to make out with Nicole Kidman. Hmm… now that I think about it, there’s a fine line between a man-crush and just straight-up envy.

  4. Jacs

    Barbara there is no contest. Go see Australia. It has everything I love in a movie, great acting, great story, beautiful cinematography and then Hugh Jackman too to top it off? Loved it.

  5. Jacs

    Barbara there is no contest. Go see Australia. It has everything I love in a movie, great acting, great story, beautiful cinematography and then Hugh Jackman too to top it off? Loved it.

  6. Chele Belle Says

    GO AUSTRALIA!!! Saw it opening weekend. Hugh Jackman is the best reason for it. Kidman is okay however what she has did to her face with surgery and Botox can be distracting. That said it’s sweeping, grand, beautiful AND the image of Jackman in a tux is enough to make any woman swoon.


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