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Barbara Vey -- September 26th, 2013


I just got my ticket for the Southern Magic Reader Luncheon.  This was one of the luncheons that made me want to start my own.  What makes it special is the southern charm that is served with the meal.  I’ll be a “Special Guest” along with award winning audio book narrator, Tavia Gilbert.  The wonderful Jeaniene Frost will be keynote and welcome speaker is Ella Grace/Christy Reece (a twofer).  It’s November 1st, so hurry and register.  But in the meantime, here’s what some authors enjoy reading.


r is for rocketmixing it upAndrew Peterson recommends R IS FOR ROCKET by Ray Bradbury.

Maggie Shayne loves MIXING UP A MEMORY by Jena O’Connor, because it’s about the five Haggerty sisters, who are inspired by my own five daughters, and because it’s my firstborn’s fiction debut. But I also love it because it’s a warm, charming, upbeat, family story, the first of the Sprinkle of Faith series.


-7-5Desiree Holt recommends the entire McCarthys of Gansett Island series by Marie Force. Love stories just the way you want them and so well written.

Kate Hewitt recommends The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. This is such a compelling and thought-provoking read, with very real and heart wrenching relationships. I read it practically in one sitting!


sign off-4Mary Buckham loves Patricia McLinn’s Sign Off. The debut of a new mystery series with finely developed characters, whip-sharp dialogue, and setting that makes you want to step into the page, put this on my keeper shelf.

Danielle Monsch highly recommends Flowers From The Storm by Laura Kinsale. This is not an easy read. It demands you engage both your mind and your emotions and will leave you wrecked and drained by the time the HEA occurs, but it is by far the most satisfying and rewarding romance, one that will stay with you over 20(!) years since the first time you read it, and one you will read multiple times as it finds a home on your keeper shelf.

Eye of the Needle.
Just a miracleLaurie Gifford Adams recommends Just a Miracle by Zita Christian. Zita does an excellent job of building a world where you care about the characters and what happens to them because they are real and their conflicts are accessible. Her command of the time period brings the story to life in an authentic way.

DV Berkom recommends Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett. Ken Follett’s book about a German spy in WWII and the woman who has to stop him began my journey in the thriller genre and I never looked back. It’s masterful storytelling and was one of the first books I’d read with a heroic (but realistic) female protagonist. Talk about hooking me instantly.


-2Maggie Mae Gallagher recommends Across A Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham. This is one of my all-time favorite books. Thanks to Ms. Canham I know what it feels like to stand aboard a privateer vessel and sail the Atlantic.

Katharine Ashe recommends THE CHOCOLATE KISS by Laura Florand, a deliciously magical contemporary romance set in Paris with wonderful characters and a sparkling, sexy story. It left my mouth watering and my heart completely satisfied.

Bottom Line:  I read Eye of the Needle when it first came out in 1978 and it’s still one of my favorites that I reread.

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  1. Zita Christian

    Thank you, Barbara, for including “Just a Miracle” in the list and thank you, Laurie, for recommending it. It’s so gratifying to see the story have a second life as an ebook, especially when the healing connections of mind, body, and spirit are finally being accepted.

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