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Barbara Vey -- September 17th, 2013


Happy Announcement!  It’s official. I’m off to jolly old England next month to speak at the Oxford Author Courses.  Here’s what Elizabeth Edmondson said about the picture she sent me.  “Here’s a view of some of the dreaming spires, to whet your appetite. St Hilda’s, being a women’s college and therefore only nineteenth century isn’t as beautiful as this, but it’s a river college and pretty in its way.”  I am beyond ecstatic about this trip.  As many of you know, I just received my first passport a few weeks ago.  The other day I saw my plane ticket.  I’ve been watching the weather.  Does anyone have a raincoat I can borrow?

new releases

Wecome to New Releases Tuesday.  This will be a regular feature so feel free to send your new releases to maggiemaepw @ (no spaces).

As a special sweetner, Random House wants one of you lucky readers to receive a terrific prize package from them but you must come back tomorrow to see if you won.  You have one week to claim your prize.

Random House Historical Romance Print Prize Pack
WHEN YOU WISH UPON A DUKE by Isabella Bradford

Comment with “I love Historical Romance” to be entered in this week’s drawing!

Here’s the new releases that we received this week:


StevensonTheHinkyBearskinRug133x200_9-17-13The Hinky Bearskin Rug – Hinky Chicago #3 by Jennifer Stevensoncountryroads_250-9-17-13
September 17, 2013
Book View Café


Country Roads – Nancy Herkness
Sept. 17, 2013
Montlake Romance




Get Jack Back – Diane Capri
September 15, 2013
August Books (Self-published/Indie)



Don’t forget about the Romance Webcast today.  Hurry and register.  You can listen now or later!

Bottom Line:  What shouldn’t I miss on my England trip?

34 thoughts on “New Releases Tuesday

  1. Katya C.

    I love historical romances. Have a wonderful time in London (where I always thought I should have been born, as opposed to an Air Force Base in the Philippines. I was only nine months old when we left, so I really can’t judge, but we did have a pet monkey at one point). I think my early choice of career as the Queen of Spain was a sure sign that I was destined to like historical romances once I finally found them. My later desire to be a pig led me to Charlotte’s Web.

    Safe travels!

  2. Pamela Mason

    Sure I love historical romance…
    I also love England ! So….
    What shouldn’t you miss on your trip?
    Do everything you can: see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, shop at Harrod’s and have tea and dance at the Waldorf.
    Have tea at the Ritz too.
    Heck, have tea anywhere you possibly can!
    See Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and the Tower of London (don’t miss Jane’s grafitti on her prison wall) and walk over London Bridge. Go to the top of St.Andrew’s and check out the London skyline. Make sure you see Westminster Abbey and all the tombs there.
    Rent a car and head for the Cotswolds or the Lake Region … and look for Shakespeare’s theatre (The Rose, right?)
    Catch a show too! If you wait on ‘Will Call’ tickets you’ll get in cheap!
    Take a coat – it’ll be chilly.
    I am so happy for you and I wish I could come to be your tour guide. We loved England so much we went twice, but at the moment it’s out of our budget.
    Don’t sleep! Take pictures! Have a fantastic and wonderful time!
    And say hello to Prince Harry for us!

  3. Pam C

    Historical romances are what have recently drawn me into the romance genre. Am particularly fond of Amanda Quick and Grace Burrowes, and now want to try more. LOVED the webcast and will be sure to listen to the archive when available.
    I am a public librarian who chooses materials for my library.

  4. Suzi Love

    I love historical romance.
    I’m not sure if I’m eligible to win the books in Australia but I thought I’d mention anyhow that I really do love historical romance.
    I looked at the Oxford Author Courses and turned green with envy. Wish I could be there too.

    From Oxford, it’s not very far west to the wonderful Regency towns of Cheltenham and Bath. Both must see places if you love Georgian and Regency historical romances.

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