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Barbara Vey -- August 30th, 2013

Harley Davidson

Things are hopping this weekend in Milwaukee.  It’s Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary and that means we have bikers from around the world visiting our city.  There are Australians who flew into Los Angeles to pick up bikes, Austrians started riding in Texas and Germans started their rides in Las Vegas.  While there are events all over the city, the lakefront (home of the Harley Museum), is the loudest.  Between bikes, bands and people who just want to be part of the festivities, you really need ear plugs.  We welcome the bikers with open arms and people actually stood on freeway over passes with signs and waved as the visitors arrived.  I might have to put a book down today and check it out.  Meanwhile, here’s what the WW Ladies have been reading.

biopicDown Range by Lindsay McKennaDown Range

Read by Barbara

Captain Morgan Boland is a top Navy sniper and so is Navy SEAL Jake Ramsey.  When a dangerous Taliban regional leader needs to be stopped their names are chosen.  Since these two have a lot of history, the danger isn’t just in the mission to Afghanistan.

I love the idea of women in the military and the fact that an actual Navy SEAL has recommended the book says a lot about the research and authenticity of the story.  I even enlisted in the Army after high school, but my mom wouldn’t allow it (you had to have your parent’s permission at that time).  This book is adventurous and riveting, plus a romance to die for just made this summer a lot hotter.




Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire

Read by joysann

Though Verity Price came to New York to establish herself in competitive ballroom dancing, she’s never stopped following her family’s traditional occupation as cryptozoologists, keeping the monsters of the world safe and undiscovered. But the Covenant of St George is coming, and if they begin a purge of the supernaturals of the city, they’ll paint the town red. But there is one thing the Covenant folks want more than dead monsters, and it’s Verity.

Seanan McGuire has got a fun urban fantasy series going here with this second InCrypted novel. Verity and her family and friends are likeable and interesting, the supes are creative and entertaining, and the plot exciting and suspenseful enough that I couldn’t stop turning pages. With its little spot of romance and sprinklings of family mystery, I’m delighted to discover related short stories on Seanan’s webpage.


Dark LycanNatalieDark Lycan by Christine Feehan

Read by Natalie

The Lycans and the Carpathians have little to do with each other.  The fear of a mixed race (half Lycan/half Carpathian) drives the Lycans to kill anyone who is both.  Rogue packs and vampires force Fen to feed from a Lycan hunter that he befriends. He doesn’t realize that he will mix his blood with the Lycan and go from hunter to hunted.  His lifemate is a Dragonseeker and Carpathian, very old and powerful.  Together they try to figure out who is killing whole packs while also trying to keep Fen’s secret from the Lycans.

Dark Lycan is not only part of the famous Carpathian series, but is book one of a new trilogy within the series. I love the direction of this series that feels evolved and fresh and there’s a lot of important information that fans (like me) will want to have but others can still enjoy it if they haven’t read any Carpathian books. I was surprised at the epic fantasy feel while still very much a romance.  Two big thumbs up on a fresh take on one of my favorite classics.


MaryVicious by V.E. SchwabVicious

Read by Mary

EO’s (ExtraOrdinarys) have special powers. But, this is less about good versus evil and more about what’s bad and what’s worse because not everyone who gets a superpower what’s to use it for good.  Victor and Eli are best friends, roommates and brilliant. They are in a school for the gifted. They know about EO’s, though EO’s are unconfirmed by the government. Victor and Eli devise a way to make themselves EO’s through near-death experience and it works. While each has his own power, an accident causes Eli’s love to die while she helps Victor. Eli is consumed with the need for revenge.

Just like real life, there’s a little of good and evil in each of them and this
is easily the best book I’ve read so far this year.  I still can’t stop thinking about it.  I felt compelled to keep reading page after page as the author cleverly foreshadows and drops hints that made me squirm to know what happens next.  Extremely compelling and utterly captivating.


susanGideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl by David BarnettGideon

Read by Susan

Gideon lives in a small village but dreams adventures like the ones he reads in the “penny dreadful”.  When his father goes missing he looks to author/adventurer Captain Lucian Trigger to help. On his way there he runs into Bram Stoker who believes a vampire may be at work here, then he stops at Einstein’s where he finds a remarkable mechanical girl who can think and talk and who escapes with Gideon.  Their adventures take them to London where Lucian is not what he appears.

This is a steampunk mystery and romance with some paranormal.  Betrayal, espionage and mystery lead Gideon on the adventure he’s always wished for. But be careful what you wish for.  This was my first steampunk novel and I loved the alternate history, the gadgets, and the mechanical girl, who did not start out mechanical.  This was a thrilling and great adventure that I was glad I had a ticket to.

NatalieThe Incrementalists by Steven Burstthe Incrementalists and Skyler White

Read by Natalie

People, who are immortal in a way,put their memories and consciousness into other bodies if they die.  They have an organization that helps them stick to their goal which is to make the world better, a little at a time.  But, one person’s idea of how the world could be better can clash with another.  And if they make the wrong call it can have a devastating effect on humanity.

This reminded me of the movie Inception as far as its complexity and intricate storyline. I was able to follow what was going on well enough even though I was given bits and pieces until it all came together as one picture.  It’s challenging, but since I enjoy puzzles it was my cup of tea.  Thought provoking and intriguing!


Bottom Line:  Ok, my motorcycle riding days may be over, but like other things in life, I can enjoy looking at them.

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