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Barbara Vey -- August 8th, 2013


Even with a busy summer, I need to feed my reading addiction.  So here’s some books I’ve been enjoying.

The Children of Merlin Series by Susan Squires.  After whipping through Do You Believe in Magic?, I found myself immediately searching for the next book, He’s a Magic Man.  Then I found out about a prequel, Your Magic Touch, l and rushed to devour that.  These book tell the modern day story of a family who carry the DNA of Merlin from Camelot.  The parents tell the children of their heritage, but each are skeptical of the tale, and come into their powers at different times and ways.  Every book is about a different member of the family, but the family dynamic is a central part of the story.  Your Magic Touch goes back in time to tell the story of how the parents met, became aware of their history and passed the story on to their children.

This is paranormal done in a different way.  I almost hate to call it a paranormal because I think people who don’t normally read paranormals would enjoy this series if they just gave it a chance.  It’s not heavy handed and the characters make mistakes and aren’t perfect.  Their struggle with accepting the myth of their family is very believable.  I was engaged from the very beginning and happily became entwined with the grown Tremaine children while immersing myself in their adventures.


A Thousand Lies by Sharon Sala.  A dark suspense that hits on very real terror, abuse.  Anson Poe is the handsomest man in the county, but his good looks hide a very black heart.  He’s mean to everyone, but especially his wife, who takes what is given to protect her family.  Son, Brendan, breaks free of the family and tries to live a normal life while still trying to protect his mother and sister.  Unfortunately, he shares his father’s looks and people judge him by his father’s crimes.  Things come to head and Brendan must face off against the evil man he hates most, his father.

This story reflexes all the mystery and long, hot summer days and nights in Louisiana.  I couldn’t help but be pulled into the story as it tells the tale from all angles and seeing into the mind of the evil Anson Poe is frightening.  It’s easy to say why didn’t the mother just leave, but believe me, in abusive situations it is very difficult.  When you live with fear everyday, it gets hard to imagine a life without it and most mothers will do anything to protect their children.  Riveting, terrifying and engrossing, Sharon Sala takes us to a dark place, but manages to make everything ok.


To satisfy my audio book addiction, I listened to Something About You by Julie James.  Poor Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde is just trying to get a good night’s sleep at a hotel when there is a murder committed in the next room and she becomes the only witness.  Since it involves a US Senator, FBI Agent Jack Pallas is sent in to protect Cameron.  The problem?  Jack blames her for mismanaging a big case of his involving the mob years ago.

The snappy dialogue, humorous situations, sexual tension and suspense make for a delicious, delightful and entertaining read.  I noticed an extra spring in my step while listening to this story while out walking.


Don’t Look Now by Michele Gagnon.  Noa Torsen and her ragtag, teenage gang fight to save other teenagers from the claws of the evil Project Persephone.  Noa has been part of their experiments and knows it needs to stop.  Her hacker buddy, Peter, helps her locate facilities from his home base, but knows he need to go up against the bad guys when he finds out they’ve been experimenting on his girlfriend, Amanda.

While I don’t read a lot of Young Adult, this series has me hooked.  This is the second book and I highly recommend it for those hard to please young readers.  I know they’ll be clamoring for the final book in the series like I am.  Teeth-clenching, non-stop action that has you cheering for these underestimated teens.

Bottom Line:  Too many books…not enough time.  A truer sentiment has never been spoken.

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