Young Adults Rule at RT Teen Day

Barbara Vey -- May 8th, 2013
Liz Czukas

Liz Czukas

Since I didn’t get a chance to attend Teen Day at RT, YA author Liz Czukas has gracious offered to fill us in as Cub Reporter.  Liz is a freelance writer living outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Ask Again Later (HarperTeen, March 2014) is her first novel.  Visit her website, or follow her on Twitter @lizczukas.


This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City.  As a Young Adult writer, I love that RT has a track just for the YA Genre, with plenty of fantastic authors on hand.


"Survival Tips--Getting Your Characters out of Tough Situations" panel, with J.A. Souders, Cole Gibsen, Kelley Armstrong, Kimberly Derting, and Carrie Ryan, moderated by David Macinnis Gill.

“Survival Tips–Getting Your Characters out of Tough Situations” panel, with J.A. Souders, Cole Gibsen, Kelley Armstrong, Kimberly Derting, and Carrie Ryan, moderated by David Macinnis Gill.

The sessions ranged from marketing to romance, from survival tips to issue books with panelists including plenty of big names in the YA world along with some up-and-comers.  On Friday night, HarperCollins and Avon hosted the Red Slipper Party where tons of authors were on hand for a book signing event where attendees got heaps of books!



YA Alley (Picture by Morgan Dormus)

YA Alley (Picture by Morgan Dormus)

Saturday was the all-day Teen Day event, starting with the huge book signing featuring YA Alley where all the Young Adult authors were gathered for fans.  The lines for Veronica Roth got so huge, they started giving out bracelets!  Later, teen readers could see their favorite authors talk on some special panels just for them.  The night ended with the Teen Party where authors mingled with readers for chatting, book signing, and even dancing. Kiera Cass gathered fellow authors and fans for a video of her signature dance move.


The camaraderie is unmatched, the laughter is non-stop, and the books I got to bring home will keep me reading for months!  RT should be on your list if you love YA.

Bottom Line:  It made me smile to see the YA readers sitting on the floor in the hall with their noses pressed inside their new purchases…they just couldn’t wait to get home to start their adventures.


8 thoughts on “Young Adults Rule at RT Teen Day

  1. Stephanie Scott

    What a cool experience! I hope I can go next year (preferably as a published author but I realize how slow going that process is!) I like that they have 1 day passes for teen day so younger readers can get out there too.

  2. Jody Allen

    I enjoyed talking with a teen reader that day at RT. She was bright well read and you could see that she would be the type of reader who branch out in to more maninstream romance and fiction. The kids that day were all well behaved and really interested in not only reading process but also the writing. I was impressed by the kids I talked with. It was a good day for both young readers and the authors as well, And Congrats on your Fairy Godmother Award Barbara, well deserved.

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