Right Brain, Left Brain, Whole Brain, No Brain?

Barbara Vey -- November 29th, 2007
Homer Simpson’s Brain

While browsing blogs, I came across Magical Musings and guest Margie Lawson, a psychologist and a writer who presents full day workshops to  writers internationally.  She has developed psychologically-anchored deep editing systems and techniques that help writers add psychological power to their writing.  Margie gave this quiz to see if you are right brained/left brained/whole brained.

Cognitive-Style Quiz
Choose the one sentence that is more true.

1. A It’s fun to take risks. 
    B I have fun without taking risks.
2. A I look for new ways to do old jobs.
    B When one way works well, I don’t change it.
3. A I begin many jobs that I never finish.
    B I finish a job before starting a new one.
4. A I’m not very imaginative in my work.
    B I use my imagination in everything I do.
5. A I can analyze what is going to happen next.
    B I can sense what is going to happen next.
6. A I try to find the one best way to solve a problem.
    B I try to find different answers to problems.
7. A My thinking is like pictures going through my head.
    B My thinking is like words going through my head.
8. A I agree with new ideas before other people do.
    B I question new ideas more than other people do.
9. A Other people don’t understand how I organize things.
    B Other people think I organize well.
10. A I have good self-discipline.
      B I usually act on my feelings.
11. A I plan time for doing my work.
      B I don’t think about the time when I work.
12. A With a hard decision, I choose what I know is right.
      B With a hard decision, I choose what I feel is right.
13. A I do easy things first and important things later.
      B I do the important things first and the easy things later. 
14. A Sometimes in a new situation, I have too many ideas.
      B Sometimes in a new situation, I don’t have any ideas.
15. A I have to have a lot of change and variety in my life.
      B I have to have an orderly and well-planned life.
16. A I know I’m right, because I have good reasons.
      B I know I’m right, even without good reasons.
17. A I spread my work evenly over the time I have.
      B I prefer to do my work at the last minute.
18. A I keep everything in a particular place.
      B Where I keep things depends on what I’m doing.
19. A I have to make my own plans.
      B I can follow anyone’s plans.
20. A I am a very flexible and unpredictable person.
      B I am a consistent and stable person.
21. A With a new task, I want to find my own way of doing it.
      B With a new task, I want to be told the best way to it. 
To Score: 
Give yourself one point for each time you answered "A" for questions: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21. 
Give yourself one point for each time you answered "B" for questions: 4 ,5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18.  
0-4 strong left brain
5-8 moderate left brain
9-13 middle brain
14-16 moderate right brain
17-21 strong right brain
Right brained people are creative, intuitive, and see patterns. They tune into nonverbal communication. They trust their hunches while left brained people are logical, linear-thinkers. They think rationally. They trust facts.

Bottom Line:  I got a 13, but I’m not sure if that’s whole brain or "hole" brain.
This just in from Margie: 
Post a comment and you may win a LECTURE PACKET from Margie Lawson.  The drawing will be at 9PM Mountain Time. The Winner will be announced in tomorrow’s blog.   

159 thoughts on “Right Brain, Left Brain, Whole Brain, No Brain?

  1. Gemma Halliday

    I feel like I failed the test. I only got a 7. And here I always thought I was right brained. (At least I always blamed my aversion to math on that.) I guess I just want to be right brained when I grow up. :) ~Gemma

  2. Margie Lawson

    HELLO TO MY FRIEND, KARIN TABKE — I’m a WHOLE BRAINER — like you are. We both do all we want to do. We both want to do it all. Right? :-) )) Great to see you. Good luck meeting all your deadlines! Happy Hustling! Hugs……….Margie

  3. Margie Lawson

    SUZANNE — WOOHOO! Another ROMANCE BANDIT! And you’ve met both BARBARA and moi. FUN! Whole brained — a writer and a nurse. You know how to access the parts of YOU that you need for your various roles. I look forward to seeing you again sometime! Thank you fro chiming in. ;-) ) Best……..Margie

  4. Margie Lawson

    HELLO EVERYONE! It’s 9PM Mountain Time. I’m including everyone in the drawing who has posted ABOVE this post. I’ll put all of those names on paper — and shuffle them in a HUGE BOWL — and DRAW TWO NAMES. I’ll e-mail the names to BARBARA and she’ll post the TWO WINNERS on her blog tomorrow morning. I’m appreciative of everyone who took the time to take the quiz and those of you who chose to share your responses. You all made this day so fun for me! THANK YOU! —————————————– I will keep responding to posts tonight. :-) ))——————————- A HUGE THANK YOU TO BARBARA VEY. SHE’S THE BIG BRAIN WHO INVITED ME TO BE HER GUEST TODAY. ————AND———-I’M IMPRESSED WITH PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY. THEY WERE SMART TO GIVE US ALL BARBARA VEY! WHAT A FASCINATING PERSON!————————— I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL AGAIN ON-LINE SOMETIME………….. BEST………..MARGIE

  5. Ginger Duran

    Hi Margie–I scored a 5 (moderate left brain). So glad Linda posted this on Margie’s Writers! I love taking these tests. Felt on many questions that I didn’t fit either A or B. Misfit??? :) )

  6. Margie Lawson

    Marisa — Yay! We have a MODERATE LEFT BRAIN here– with a 5. Thanks for letting us know the strong left brainers are here too! Thanks for dropping by. Be sure and check Barbara’s blog tomorrow to see who won. Best……….Margie

  7. Barbara Vey

    Wow Margie. What can I say to that? I’m actually blushing. Thanks so much for making this such an exciting day here and breaking all kinds of comment records…over 100!! I’ll announce the winners tomorrow on the blog and I’ll add a link to Margie so you can send her your snail mail address. Thanks to all who took the time to post and a special thanks to the 2 brave men who commented. We love having you here. :)

  8. Margie Lawson

    Hello Donna! How many ROMANCE BANDITS are there? :-) ) GREAT to see you here. LOVE that a CPA-turned-writer is a 15. I’m betting you’re more fulfilled as a writer than you were as a CPA. EASY BET! Thanks for being here! Best………..Margie

  9. Margie Lawson

    HEY LIZ K! Glad you got your brain answers here. Since I haven’t met you, YET, I’m not sure what your 10 explains. AND — I bet your friends know. :-) )) Thanks for dropping by BARBARA’s BLOG! I look forward to seeing you on-line again. Best………Margie

  10. Margie Lawson

    Jennifer – YOU ARE SOOOO FUN! Thanks for making me laugh. Sounds like you feel that your 14 is you. :-) )) Thank you for taking the time to take the quiz — and share your response. Best………..Margie

  11. Margie Lawson

    HELLO CARLA! I had the best time presenting at ACFW! What a fantastic group of writers! I’ll be presenting there in September too. Hope to see you in Minneapolis! Glad you stopped by and shared your whole brain. :-) )) Hugs………..Margie

  12. Margie Lawson

    Sheila — Hello! I wonder how your family would rate you. It might be interesting to see how close their perceptions are to yours. And rate them too. :-) )) Thank you for taking the quiz and for sharing your results! Best………….Margie

  13. Margie Lawson

    HELLO MARY O’GARA — So fun to see you here. SOUNDS like you hit your creativity mark. AH — You’re so right! I’m teaching several on-line classes in 2008. EDITS System too! Thanks for stopping by! Best………..Margie

  14. Margie Lawson

    Hello Top Scorer Mel — You had to know you were a strong right brain thinker before you took this assessment. Right? I’m trusting that you push yourself to PRACTICE SOME WHOLE BRAIN THINKING some of the time. :-) )) I’m so pleased that you posted. I’m betting there were a lot of people who had scores at both extremes, who didn’t chose to share. I’m glad you did. Thanks! Best………..Margie http://www.MargieLawson.com

  15. Margie Lawson

    Hey Anna Sugden — I know you’re a Romance Bandit too! Another STRONG RIGHT BRAIN THINKER. I’m betting – creativity off the charts! And — maybe some distraction/follow through kinds of annoyances. Or – maybe I’m off the mark. Maybe you compensate, big time. ;-) )) Anna — Thanks for posting your RIGHT BRAIN. Thanks for stopping by Barbara’s blog! Best………..Margie

  16. Margie Lawson

    Hello mermangel — WOOHOO! You’re a proud 17. Excellent! I loved the way you presented yourself: I am pleased to state that I scored a 17 which substantiates my position as a proud right brainer, poet and artist. I have no difficulty thinking in a linear or logical manner however I think I overwhelmingly trust my intuition and creativity above all else. Great quiz! THANK YOU! You shared a great self-assessment! Thanks for stopping by Barbara’s blog! Best……….Margie

  17. Margie Lawson

    Bev — I’m so glad another READER posted! And – as you may have read in my response earlier, this quiz is surprisingly reliable and valid. :-) )) I bet your true score is plus or minus 1 — so 13 to 15. You swing to the creative right. Thanks for posting! Best………..Margie

  18. Margie Lawson

    Hello Gemma! I bet your 7 serves you exceptionally well. You can be as creative as you like, and still think through decisions that drive your career. Thanks for taking the quiz and for posting your response! All the scores are good. It just depends on how you choose to use them. You must use your 7 well. ;-) )) Best…………Margie http://www.MargieLawson.com

  19. Teresa D'Amario

    I know I’m really late on this, but I just HAVE to respond. I’m a 16 (Does that mean sweet 16?). Ok, that’s just enough left brain to keep me out of trouble, right? Only MODERATELY right brained? Of course I’ll take the right side any day – creativity over facts! You betcha! Funny though, when I have “Business” people talking to me at work, I’m “Just the facts, jack”. Very to the point, very logical. Take me outta work and watch out! My dreams – especially lately. Scary! Ok, I’m kinda cheating, am supposed to be writing on a manuscript tonite, but ended up wandering around your blog instead. Guess I’ll go write a bit now. See if I can get the creativity to start brainstorming!

  20. Jeremiah

    I got a 19. Heh, I’m reeeeally right-brained. It only makes sense. I’m left-handed, I’m a musician, an artist, and a linguist (my approach to linguistics is impossible to explain… I see language as a bunch of related images). Cool quiz :)

  21. AliceSacco

    i had get 14, but i think i’m a whole brained because i had answered both A and B in 7, 10, 12, 14, 21. I’m just sure that i think both in words and pictures, and i love psicology, astronomy, drawings and fairy things equally. i’m a right handed with cross dominance.

  22. AliceSacco

    i had get 14, but i think i’m a whole brained because i had answered both A and B in 7, 10, 12, 14, 21. I’m just sure that i think both in words and pictures, and i love psicology, astronomy, drawings and fairy things equally. i’m a right handed with cross dominance.

  23. Speckford

    I………honestly got 21………. I already knew I was Right-brained though, lol I’m Right-brained, but also right-handed with some use with left hand for everything, I’m actually getting pretty close to becoming omni-dexterous ^_^

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