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Barbara Vey -- May 24th, 2013

I had to laugh when I read that a woman was deciding if she should take down her Christmas wreath today.  I’ve had days like that.  But it is time because it’s the time of year to be thinking about beach reads.  This makes me laugh too because I never read at the beach, but I do enjoy sitting outside and reading.  Welcome to our newest reader, Lesley.  If you would be interested in being a reader, please email me at bvey@publishersweekly.com.  Now, here’s what’s been on the WW reader’s bookshelves.




Jane, the Woman Who Loved Tarzan by Robin Maxwell

Listened to by joysann

Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, Jane Porter defies convention by studying paleoanthropology and accompanies her father to Africa to look for the “missing link” in human evolution. There she is separated from her party and finds herself rescued by an exceptionally handsome and virile wild man with few communication skills but greatly skilled in living in the jungle isolation. As she learns to survive from him, Jane also comes to love the man who names himself Tarzan.

Everybody knows the story of Tarzan written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Now, a century later, Robin Maxwell writes the story from Jane’s perspective, authorized by the author’s estate. The well-written story is thrilling and romantic, and allows Jane to become a whole character, rather than just a feminine foil for the hero that was Tarzan. Having read many of the books in the original series, I loved this story, and listening to it was a real pleasure.




Not Just the Greek’s Wife by Lucy MonroeNJTGW_big

Read by Heidi

Chloe and Ariston were married due to an arrangement between the two families. Three years later, Chloe and Ariston split up due to a misunderstanding of their “contract”. Now Ariston wants Chloe back, but she has made her own life without him. Chloe’s family company is in jeopardy and she must decide whether she should sacrifice her independence and face the only man she has ever truly loved.

I found the struggle within Chloe’s own self, a fascinating secondary plot within the main story of the book. You can feel the love she has always had for Ariston, but what price was she willing to pay for herself and those around her. Ariston is an arrogant billionaire, but you come to care for him and his desire for Chloe. I was also surprised at the end of the book, it wasn’t at all what I had expected.




Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb61HRjhsSu6L._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_

Listened to by Joe

Years ago, the magnificent dragon queen Tintaglia forged a bargain with the inhabitants of the treacherous Rain Wilds. In exchange for her protection against enemy invaders, the humans promised to protect an unhatched brood of dragons. But when the dragons emerged as weak and misshapen hatchlings unable to fend for themselves, dragonkind seemed doomed to extinction. When even Tintaglia deserted the crippled young dragons, the Rain Wilders abandoned the burden of caring for the destructive and ravenous creatures. They were banished to a dangerous and grueling journey in search of their ancient dragon homeland, the lost city of Kelsingra, accompanied by a band of young and inexperienced human keepers, also deemed damaged and disposable.

I went into this expecting the strong characters that I found in the earlier books. The story still drew me in and kept me interested. I liken it to lamenting an old school friendship that isn’t quite the same, but you don’t stop asking them to hang out with you. In the end, a softer ending and the change in characters didn’t keep me from enjoying the book as a whole.





A Little Night Mischief by Emily Greenwoodlittle-night-mischief

Read by Kym
Felicity Wilcox won’t let James Collington take her home. It doesn’t matter that he won it fair and square in a card game — a gentleman would recognize the fact that she and her father are Tethering’s true owners. But James has his own plans for the house; he needs to sell to pay off debts incurred by his less-responsible brother, debts that have forced James to put his own home in hock. And Tethering’s delightful mistress won’t change his mind. Or will she?

“Mischief” was an entertaining read — written in the same light manner as all the best Regencies — so I was delighted to come across an advanced copy of the book. Greenwood’s story is imbued with the same touch of mischief implied by the title, simply a delightful story.




Colonist’s Wife by Kylie Scott

Read by joysann

Escaping gangsters for testifying in a murder trial in 2088, Louise travels from Earth to a mining colony on a moon of Jupiter, peopled mostly by men. Louise is already contracted as a wife to one of the miners, only to find he died before she got there. In his stead stands her newly assigned husband, Adam, and she resolves to make the most her new life with the apparently dissolute, distasteful man. But things are not as they appear.

Kylie Scott does a pretty fair job of making an old story new and interesting. The characters are likeable and I wanted their romance to succeed, despite their mutual reluctance and hardheadedness. The novella-length story is intriguing and erotic, and a fast, easy read.


LesleyA Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLeanrogue

Read by Lesley

Life can change in the blink of an eye. This is a lesson that Michael, the young Maquess if Bourne, learned all too well ten years ago when with the flip of a card he lost everything to his most trusted advisor. Now Bourne is co-owner of The Angel, London’s darkest gambling hell, and he has finally figured out a way to regain his lost land as well as gain revenge against the person who took it from him in the first place. However, when a part of his plot forces Bourne into marriage with his former childhood friend, Lady Penelope Marbury, he gets more than he gambled for. Penelope married Bourne to save her sisters but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to take advantage of her husband’s position as the owner of the Angel to break free of social strictures and finally learn to LIVE.

This book caught and captured my attention from the beginning. I am a sucker for historical romances but this book offered a view that I was not expecting, but absolutely loved. Sarah MacLean is a true artist and can paint a scene with words just as well, if not better than a painter can on canvas. I found it absolutely captivating!

Bottom Line:  Today is International Tiara Day, a day when everyone can wear a tiara and feel like royalty…now, where did I put my tiara?

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