Real Live Happily Ever Afters

Barbara Vey -- April 4th, 2013

Some people may scoff at our love of romance, but it is so heartwarming to read of love conquering all and finding each other no matter how many years have passed.


I saw a couple of stories this week that have renewed my faith in the happily ever after.  The first involves teen lovers who’s parents didn’t approve.  This British couple caved under the pressure and went on to marry others and have children.  Eileen became a widow and upon hearing that Warner was now a widower, called him up.  After getting reacquainted, the two married over 60 years after they met.  (Yahoo Shine)

Eileen and Warner

Eileen and Warner, then and now. Photo:

Next up is Lois Kolenda, left, and Lewis Glashower, both 82.  They parted as teenagers because of religious differences.  She was Catholic and he was Christian reformed.  They found each other again after 62 years.  (MichiganLive)

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Then there is Anna Kozlov who last saw her husband, Boris, 3 days after they were married.  He left to rejoin his Red Army Unit and Anna was forced into exile in Siberia.  When Boris returned, she was gone.  After 60 years apart, they find each other when he visits his parent’s graves and finds Anna standing in front of the house where he last saw her.  (This gives me goosebumps.)  (The Telegraph)


Anna Kozlov and her husband Boris were reunited after 60 years apart.


Bottom Line:  Hearing about these stories make me realize that there could be more fact than fiction in some of those romance novels.

5 thoughts on “Real Live Happily Ever Afters

  1. Ramona

    LOVE these stories. Yep, probably why I love romance books as well. We have a couple in our church who married three days after they met. It hasn’t been easy, and they have some great stories of the journey, but they’ve been together 66 years.

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