Name Chris Keeslar’s Baby

Barbara Vey -- March 26th, 2013
chris keeslar2

Barbara Vey and Chris Keeslar at the SoCal Conference


For those of you who didn’t know yet, Boroughs editor, Chris Keeslar and his wife, author Liz Maverick, are expecting their first baby, a girl, this September.  This swoon worthy editor has left many writers tongue-tied as they tried to pitch their books to him.  Now he’ll have a daughter to adore him.



I recently ran into Chris at the SoCal RWA Conference (Southern California) and heard the good news.  Chris and I go way back to when I first started at PW.  I was just 3 weeks into blogging and attended an RT Booklovers Convention in Texas.  I had no clue what I was doing and didn’t know an agent from an editor from a publishers.  Chris and Leah Hultenschmidt (both at Dorchester at the time) took pity on me and explained what the heck was going on.  They introduced me to people and spent the week making sure my confusion stayed at a minimum.

baby name,

When I would come to New York, we always got together and I’d see him at many book events.  He was like another son to me (age wise, he fit right in between Andrew and Keith).


So, I’m absolutely thrilled for their expected bundle of joy.  At the SoCal Conference, we had dinner with authors Susan and Harry Squires and I had the most marvelous idea for a blog…let’s help name Chris’s new baby.  Of course, I did ask Chris if it was ok to blog about him and being the good sport that he is he agreed and Boroughs Publishing is even throwing in a prize.


Please put on your thinking caps and help Chris and Liz come up with a baby name.  Be nice and clever.  Chris will pick a winner, but doesn’t promise that they will eventually use the name.  Picking a baby name is hard work and you want it to be perfect.

.Cassandra by Starlight

Just leave a baby name for a chance to win.  Boroughs Publishing Group is offering a 10 story subscription to their Lunchbox Romances and the first two books in the Starlight trilogy, Cassandra by Starlight and, just released, Together in Starlight by Susan Mac Nicol.

BTW, the winners of The Wisdom of Hair by Kim Boykin are Amy Moore and Nan Cook.  Please email me (  your street addresses and Kim will send the book to you.  Congratulations!!

Bottom Line:  I can still remember the horror of my husband telling me he hoped we would have twins so we could name them Yvonne and Yvette…boy, would that be hard to yell when you’re mad.


41 thoughts on “Name Chris Keeslar’s Baby

  1. Susan Mac Nicol

    Of course I have to put my pennies worth forward even though I’m not eligible to win. This is just for fun everyone! I’ll recommend the names of all the heroines in my books as a start – Cassandra, Alexandria, Kate, and Elaine. If the baby is a boy, then Bennett, Sage, Quinn or Anthony. And Chris, if it’s twins or triplets, a varied mix of the above to suit…Congratulations Chris and Liz on this wonderful news. I wish you both all the best.

  2. Rebecca L

    Beatrice is my favorite literary name and it has the benefit of being rarely used. Lots of fun variations and good nicknames too!

    Going down the rabbit hole of baby name research is such a wonderful diversion!

  3. Rachael

    I love Alexandra. It’s a long name with elegance, yet can be shortened for those fun and awkward years. No matter the name, Congratulation to Chris and Lisa on a healthy baby!

  4. Marilyn

    There’s always Victoria. She’s the heroine in the novella I’m writing for Boroughs’ What’s in a Name contest.

    Congrats to Chris and Liz! He was at our RWA meeting earlier this month and didn’t say a word. Sneaky devil.

  5. Terry Irene Blain

    My suggestion is Holly Elizabeth. Elizabeth for Liz, and Holly becasue it’s just unique enough that there won’t be three other Holly’s in her classes, but familiar enough that it won’t be misspelled or mis-pronounced. My other suggestion would be to give her Liz’s maiden name as a middle name (depending on what it might be) and then a first name that goes with it.

    Like Barbara says, make sure it’s easy to yell – XXX time for dinner of , yeah XXX when they win the game, scholarship, or whatever.

  6. Tina Ferraro

    Early in my writing career, I studied up on creating “the perfect” names for babies and characters. What was recommended was taking the predominant sound in the last name and repeating it as a secondary sound in the first, as well as varying the syllable counts in the two names. Clear as mud? Using that formula, and assuming the baby’s surname will be Keeslar, here’s two ideas: McKenzie Keeslar and Michaela Keeslar!

    And hello to Chris and Barbara, both of whom I exchanged brief hellos at the SoCal RWA conference.

  7. Lyn Austin

    Actually, I know that Liz and Chris will have plenty of ideas of their own and we are not going to make this decision for them, but as a writer I can’t ever turn down a chance to make something up. I love the name Storee for a girl. (pronounced story) get it. Now there’s a perfect name for a baby with beautiful and talented parents . (p.s. you other authors don’t even think about using this name in a book. I’ve already tagged it at Boroughs LOL)

  8. Tom Luce

    I didn’t even know Chris and Liz were married!! I’m clearly out of the loop, but what a delightful couple! Congratulations and I’ll simply be on the sidelines rooting for ten fingers, ten toes and 2 healthy lungs.

  9. Robena Grant

    Awesome news! You kept quiet at SoCal conference, Chris. I’m so thrilled for you and Liz. : )

    Cassiopeia Elizabeth. Cassie Elizabeth for short.

    Cassiopeia for the constellation in the northern sky + a vain queen in Greek mythology. Elizabeth for the British queens. ; ) Your daughter would never forgive you. I hated Robena until I reached fifty. Took me that long to grow into the name.

    BTW, Barbara. I downloaded your book on marketing and am absolutley loving it and talking it up everywhere. Such great advice, and works for real life too, not just the writerly life. ; )

  10. Jami Davenport

    Personally, I love Rachel, Sarah, and Christina Elizabeth. I got to congrat Chris at SoCal, but I’ll say it again anyway!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Barbara, it was great to hang out a bit with you at SoCal. Hope we run into each other even more. I’ve got to get your book on marketing..

  11. Beverly Ovalle

    Congratulations Chris and Liz! What wonderful news!
    What about Colleen? If I had had another girl it would have been Savina Isabella but that just doesn’t flow with Keesler!

  12. Kellyann Zuzulo

    What fabulous news!! Congratulations to Liz and Chris!!
    I really like the names Isabella and Tiah, which is why I used them for my two girls ; )

    I’m sure whatever names Liz and Chris pick will be perfect and they’ll be great parents!!

  13. Chris Keeslar

    Well, first off, I want to say how slightly bizarre it is to have my personal life up on display like this. LOL. That said, Barbara’s been a great friend for a long time–I don’t think she’s old enough to be my mom, sadly–and so it was worth it. I also want to thank all of you for taking the time to weigh in. Liz and I are flattered.

    There were a lot of great options. Obviously, I can’t promise I’m going with any of them–especially because Liz isn’t even home at the moment, and she probably wants a bit of input. That said, they’ll go on the list, and here are my favorites (ranked from third place to first, though I think there’s only a prize for first):

    Isabelle. I have always liked this name, and Izzy as a nickname.
    Minerva. Actually, our top contender at the moment is indeed a goddess, though Greek not Roman.
    and…my favorite is…

    Musette. I like the name a lot, not least of which because it reminds me of Musica, mistress of the Cosmic Harp (the chick from Robotech), which was a name I liked but that got shot down early. Ah well.

    So, thanks again, everyone!

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