Joysann’s Interview on CBS Sunday Morning – Afterword

Barbara Vey -- March 25th, 2013


As I, joysann, blogged on Friday, yesterday CBS Sunday Morning had a great little story on Ellora’s Cave Publishing, and did absolutely wonderfully with the interview with author Desiree Holt. With only a quick shot behind the scenes, a brief exchange with EC CEO Patty Marks, and very brief glances at the gorgeous cover models (waaay not enough!), it was still a fun few minutes.

This particular CBS Sunday Morning show was about unusual businesses and their successes, intended to be a brief lighthearted look. It was not supposed to be an in-depth story about the publishing industry, or the moral implications of erotica, or the value of women’s fiction in all its genres. And Bill Geist made it a fun story for a little informative entertainment. I think any positive exposure to romance fiction is good for the industry.

This has been an interesting two weeks of anxious anticipation waiting for this segment to broadcast. I’m delighted with the segment, for Ellora’s Cave and for Desiree. And though my little interview wasn’t used, I am glad I got to be part of it, even behind the scenes… equal parts disappointed that I didn’t appear in the segment and grateful that I didn’t have a chance to make a fool of myself. I imagine I’ll have an opportunity for that another time.

 Bottom Line:  It still was an experience to remember.

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