I’m Fine with Guys Wearing Kilts

Barbara Vey -- February 15th, 2013
High School Student William Carruba (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Christian Gooden)

High School Student William Carruba (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Christian Gooden)


It’s no secret that I cannot resist a book with a kilt on the cover.  There’s just something about it that oozes alpha male lazer rays my way.  My lifelong dream is to go to Scotland and bask in all that kilt glory.  There is a rich heritage there and image of the plaids representing clans fascinates me.




That is why I read, in horror, the story about the high school student who wasn’t allowed to wear his family kilt to prom.  The school officials deemed it “not normal. “It’s not what we call normal wear,” his school superintendent said at special meeting addressing the great kilt conundrum. “We must adhere to our [dress] policy, to do otherwise would be reckless on our part.” Well, maybe we don’t see people walking around here in kilts all the time, but for this young man’s heritage, it is very normal.  Would burkas be allowed or is that “not normal” either?  How about yamakas?


Gerard Butler rocking his kilt

Gerard Butler rocking his kilt


I don’t see anything obscene about this.  If anything, I see this as a wonderful tribute to this man’s roots.  Even his girlfriend is for it since she is a huge Gerard Butler (Scotsman) fan.  The student tried to explain, “One of my great-grandfathers came to this country in the 1700s for freedom,”  Saying I can’t wear my kilt … is a pronouncement that I cannot honor my family.”  But the school officials stuck by the lame excuse, “attending the prom is a privilege, not a right.”


You can read the whole article here


Bottom Line:  Dear School Officials, you have bigger fish to fry.


20 thoughts on “I’m Fine with Guys Wearing Kilts

  1. Ellie Miller

    Given my own Scottish heritage, I can only agree whole-heartedly with your sentiments anent kilt-wearing men AND share your anger and disgust that this fine young man is being denied an opportunity to share his TOTALLY appropriate family garb and heritage with his fellow classmates in a formal environment . By me, a Scotsman in full kilted, evening regalia can and does beat ANY tuxedoed-male by a country mile. May I offer one very small quibble? Just as things related to Scotland are Scottish or Scot (scotch comes in bottles), so technically it’s my understanding that the clan patterns you and I both admire are called tartans, not plaids. The plaid or (I think it’s spelled) plaidie refers to the long, shawl-like wrap worn by both men and women and woven in an appropriate tartan. I know(!) time to renew my membership in nit-pickers anonymous…LOL.

  2. Kitti

    MORE KILTS! Honoring history is TERRIFIC! Plaid is GREAT! Utilikilts are AWESOME!

    People get so peculiar about clothes. My mom got kicked out of a grocery store in the 1960s for wearing bermuda shorts – store policy said women couldn’t wear short pants. Hard to believe, eh? I bet there will be girls wearing handkercheifs at this Prom and no one bats an eye.

    Once upon a time, we all wore nothing more than air.

  3. Christine

    Maybe this school board was afraid of what this young man wouldn’t wear under his kilt if he were really keeping to tradition :-0. I wonder what the dress policy is for the girls–do they measure skirt length? And what is (or isn’t) showing on top? (They did when I went to Catholic school.)

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  7. pincess-prom-dress

    If women can wear pants why man couldn’t wear Kilts , even though Kilts are similar to dress but they are still Kilts , and it’s part of old tradition you just can’t let it die slowly , i am totally support you , i don’t have any other opinion about man wear Kilts

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