6th Anniversary Bash Coming Soon

Barbara Vey -- February 4th, 2013

That’s right. March 4-9th we will be celebrating this year’s Anniversary Bash on Beyond Her Book.  For those of you faithful readers who have been with me since the beginning, you’ll remember how it started with just a one day “virtual” party that has grown into 6 days of nonstop fun, partying and giveaways.


Last year the party lasted 6 days with e-readers and hundreds of prizes donated by authors of every genre. There were over 28,500 comments on the blog and that was even with the system going down the last day.

Here’s how it works:

The days of the week are divided into genres (click on a link to see samples of last year)

Monday: Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy (to be held in a cemetery this year)

Tuesday: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Adventure  (to be held at The Bates Motel this year)

Wednesday: Publishers, Editors, Bloggers (to to held at the famous Algonquin Hotel this year)

Thursday: Inspirational, YA, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction (to be held on a beautiful Caribbean beach this year)

Friday: Contemporary, Historical, Erotica, E-books, Audio (to be held at Downton Abbey this year)

Saturday: Romance Blowout! (to be held in Monaco this year)


For the Authors, here’s how it works:

Your pick the day(s) you’d like to be involved. We need decorations, entertainment and refreshments…all virtual, of course. Bring your creativity because the blog commenters love getting into the spirit.

For the readers, here’s how it works:

Come ready to party!  There will be “virtual” food, drink, and real special guests.  Not only will there posted giveaways, but authors have been know to drop by and spontaneously give out prizes.  The party is for you and it goes 24/7!

Authors, you can get all the details on how to sign up for that party here.

What was your favorite place we visited over the years?  Which day is your favorite?  What would you like to win?

Bottom Line:  The traditional gifts for the 6th anniversary are candy and iron….candy, please.

16 thoughts on “6th Anniversary Bash Coming Soon

  1. Marilyn Baron

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I like your themes this year. Especially Downton Abbey. And Monaco. I will be there to help you celebrate.

  2. Renee C.

    Wow! 6 already?! This is so exciting, I always have a blast at your parties. Remember everyone no throwing open windows this year, we don’t want to break Barbara’s blog again. ;-)

    Renee C.

  3. Stacy

    Look forward to the festivities!!! Made a lot of new friends last year as well as was introduced to some amazing authors I’d never heard of (some of which also became friends)! This is an amazing thing you put together and it’s a wonderful time to share in! Thank you so much! Now I just have to pick out my outfits for the week. ;) Wonder if it’ll be cold in the cemetery in March. ;)

  4. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read Romance

    At the beginning of the year I always get excited because I know your party is coming! This will be my third year to attend.

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  6. Lauren Hunter

    Hi Barbara, I would like to start promoting this event now all over FB, on my Blog, and on Twitter. What link should I be using for that please? : )

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