Be a Valentine’s Day Giver

Barbara Vey -- January 17th, 2013

When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day meant getting and receiving Valentine Cards from all my classmates.  It was candy and treats and giving and sharing.  As I got older, it became who liked who and cards, candy and flowers.  As an adult, it became cards and more extravagant gifts and dinner and going out.  But now it’s just another day.  Being single on Valentine’s Day (or Sweetest Day) is no picnic.  Yesterday, author Sharon Sala, on her Facebook page, put it all into perspective for me.


All the push to buy Valentine cards/candy/flowers began before New Years. Shelves were being stripped the week after Christmas and Valentine products began to show up. Now it’s in your face wherever you go and it got me thinking about the people who are alone. People who might wish someone would remember them with love, but who, for reasons of their birth or the present situation in their life, have no one in this capacity. People like me, who have lost the love of their life.


All of this ‘love in your face’ advertising can certainly be a downer for people in that situation, exacerbating depression, increasing the loneliness they are already living with, increasing both anger and anxiety. So, I had this idea. If you know someone like that, let this year be the year you become ‘their valentine’. Buy the packets of children’s valentines in bulk and hand them out at your workplace, on the bus you ride to work, on the subway, in the taxi, at the parking garage where you park your car. Take them to a nursing home or a VA hospital. They are full of the loneliest people on the planet. Ask ahead of time if you want to hand out candy with it. Sometimes that is a safety issue for people who have trouble swallowing. Give a card to someone who performs daily/weekly services for you, like barbers/waitresses/a doorman at your apartment. AND, even more importantly, if YOU are the person who will be alone, by participating in this giving, this simple act of kindness will come back to you a hundred fold. The smiles of joy, the surprise of delight will fill you in a way that no amount of candy and flowers could surpass.

Don’t be the loner. Be the giver. I am going to do this and I’ll share with you all what happened to me on this day afterward. It’s a plan, man… get with it. ♥ See… I’ve already shared a heart and it was two strokes on a keyboard. Love is in the air, so share.

This is a wonderful idea and I hope some of you will take it to heart because loneliness is a terrible thing and those of us who deal in the ideal illusion of romance should be champions of making people feel good.

What do you think?  Good idea?  Would you participate or is it someone else’s job?

Bottom Line:  “If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.” ~  Maya Angelou

9 thoughts on “Be a Valentine’s Day Giver

  1. Missy Taylor

    I’m single and Valentine’s day isn’t a big deal for me. It doesn’t upset me or make me lonely. That’s because I’m happy single. :) But I love this idea, especially the nursing home. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Debbie

    Being kind to others is something we should do every day….not just around Valentine’s Day. I love this idea and wish we could carry this same attitude throughout the year. Be nice to people with no strings attached. Try your best to get a smile out of somebody not smiling! Be a light in the life of friends and strangers alike! I’ll be joining Sharon in this and I’ll bet it will be fun!

  3. Linda Bond

    I also am a widow and have been able to go out for dinner or a play with another widow and just make it a fun evening with friends. My single son calls it “singleness awareness day.”

  4. Carey Baldwin

    What a lovely idea: “You be the valentine.” I’m looking forward to hearing how the day went, and yes, I think I’d like to do something similar. If Valentine’s Day is about love, then it shouldn’t matter who got the biggest bouquet :-)

  5. Celeste Abell

    I’m 49 and single after getting divorced last summer. I’m also in vet school (3rd year) and have made some of the loveliest friends I never imagined finding… I feel blessed! I’m going to follow your lead and give each of my closest chums something to remember the day and see how it goes. Valentine’s day isn’t just for sweethearts, but the hearts who give us strength as we go through life. This year, these are the people I’m going to spoil!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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  7. Mireya Jaksch

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