Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event

Barbara Vey -- January 6th, 2013

Books come in all shapes, forms and genres.  We all have our preferences, but I’ve always believed there is a reader somewhere for every book.  KT Grant is here today to tell us about an annual event on her blog that includes many readers.

Hello all! Katiebabs here and Barbara has kindly let take over a spot at Beyond Her Book to announce the 2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event on my blog, Babbling about Books, and More!


Last year I did this event for the first time as my way to promote Lesbian literature and the authors who write this genre and the publishers who publish it.  My goal with this event is to show that Lesbian Literature does have a big audience, and those who write it and publish it are successful at it. As an author of Lesbian romance writing as KT Grant, I’m proof that Lesbian Literature does sell well. Out of all the genres I write, and I also write straight romance as well as M/M (Gay) romance, my lesbian titles sell amazingly. I feel Lesbian literature is on the rise and has a big fan base. Getting the word out is the most important thing. That’s why I host the Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event  and hope to do so for years to come.

Please join me from 1/6/13 to 1/19/13 where I’ll have an excellent line up of authors from multiple Lambda Literary Award winner and publisher, Radclyffe, Paisley Smith and Debra Hyde, the 2011 Lambda Literary Award Winner in Lesbian Erotica. Also publishers seeking more Lesbian fiction from Storm, Moon Press, Bold Strokes Books and Lady Day Publishing will be stopping by.  There will be many more guests who love the Lesbian genre. Expect books giveaways, wonderful discussion and dialogue about a genre that deserves to be noticed and respected.


Hope to see you there!


Bottom Line:  “Book lovers never go to bed alone”.  ~ Author Unknown

5 thoughts on “Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event

  1. Laura Van Wormer

    This is very cool and how terrific of Barbara to lend a hand promoting the event.

    I am always SO reluctant to build a wall round any kind of fiction because while it may help guide a reader to what they are in the mood for I fear that it often distances more potential readers than it attracts! You are probably too young to remember when Rita Mae Brown’s “Rubyfruit Jungle” was published, but as a lesbian novel it taught the industry a lesson, that a good novel is a good novel and the industry shouldn’t make sweeping assumptions of what readers might in the mood for!

    When my first novel was published in 1988, “Riverside Drive,” the lengthy sex scene between two women got an awful lot of mileage (and it still does) but it happily never sidelined the book as only for lesbian reading. (In fact, it was a main selection of the Literary Guild.) What I am trying to say is that for the sake of all women writers I would take care in being more elastic about branding–yes, to market directly to those readers you know are a built in audience, but be prepared to promote bigger novels as just that, novels that are mainstream fiction but have lesbian romance in it.

    What does Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown and so many other novelists have in common? They were branded “just” Harlequin romance writers early in their careers–but they finally broke out as the mainstream writers they are. (Subsequently Harlequin developed a mainstream fiction house, MIRA Books, so as not to lose an more writers.) So in connection with these writers of lesbian romance, we need to make sure they have room to break out into mainstream fiction if and when the level of their writing warrants it, and it maybe the publishers of their work should plan accordingly!

  2. Cervenka

    I was a bit disappointed to go to this “Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event” and find a bunch of posts by non-lesbian writers, including one person who mentioned that “Kink. Non-hetero” was “outside of my comfort zone.”

    Why the specific mention of “non-hetero” kink in a forum that’s supposed to be about LESBIAN fiction, which by definition is “non-hetero”? Surely it should be obvious that this is inappropriate?

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