A Real Live Website…Finally

Barbara Vey -- December 28th, 2012
Image by Andrew Bernier

Image by Andrew Bernier

It’s nearing the end of the year and we’re all thinking about 2013.  What does it hold for us?  What new adventures are ahead and how can we make it better than 2012.
Thanks to the (kind) pressuring of my dear friends, I am happy to announce that I will finally have my own website.  What does that mean?  Well, things won’t change for me here at PW.  I’ll still write my blog, do my videos and report on the conferences I attend.
The website will just be an extension where readers and writers can gather 24/7 to talk about any and everything.  Kind of like the Anniversary Bash I have here every March (btw, I’m already getting that together and once again it looks bigger and better than ever!)
Starting on January 1st, you’ll find book news updated all day long, notes and commentary from readers like Joysann and Heidi along with what the WW Ladies are now reading.  The Quaantum Book Club which will eligible to receive personalized books for all their members, a community area with author and reader resources, video interviews, and more.
To help kick it off, there will 365 Days of Free Books.  Every day a different author will offer a book to a reader.  There will be New York Times Bestselling authors, debut authors and everyone in-between offering a variety of genres.  And what would a new website be without an e-reader giveaway.
So, start the new year right and stop by the Barbara Vey website on January 1st.  I will post the website address on my PW blog that day.
Bottom Line:  I hope to see you at the Open House where I’ll be serving virtual food and drinks and believe me, no buddy makes better virtual food than me.


From Dianna Love:  NYT bestseller Dianna Love is giving a holiday gift to her readers – a FREE e-book copy of her new romantic thriller – LAST CHANCE TO RUN – “only” on December 28th & December 29thYou can get it here.

10 thoughts on “A Real Live Website…Finally

  1. Jeanne Adams AKA The Duchesse

    Hey Barbara!!!

    So great about your new website! Love it! And Dianna, so excited that you’re kicking things off. :> Looking forward to a great 2013 with you, Beyond her Book and all the friends here. (I’m particularly looking forward to the Anniversary Bash…that’s ALWAYS so much fun!) Grins.

  2. heathercm2001

    I am ectastic! I can’t wait for your site to launch! It sounds like it is going to be an amazing resource for book lovers like myself! I’m going to make sure I tell everyone I know about it! We’ve been considering doing a small book club kind of thing, but haven’t done it yet. Perhaps now is the time to do it…

    Last Chance to Run was great by the way! Loved it!

  3. Barbara Vey Post author

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Just another thing that I never imagined myself doing. Here’s to the retirement I thought I started a couple of years ago. :)

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