Busy December

Barbara Vey -- November 26th, 2012

Usually this time of the year I kick back, throw up a wreath and settle in with a warm afghan, Bailey’s and coffee and some good books.  But this year, I’ve got places to go and people to see.

Friday I leave for the St. Louis area to visit my son and his family for our Christmas celebration.  Well, as luck would have it (lucky for me anyway) I’ll be at Rose’s Bookhouse event, Naughty and Nice II: 50 Shades of Naughty.  This second annual event is already sold out and features New York Times Bestselling authors, Sylvia Day, Beth Kery, Jaci Burton and Shayla Black among others.  I’m most excited about this event because my daughter-in-law will be going with me.  She’s never attended an author event, so I’m thrilled to introduce her to the wonders of all things books.

December 8th I’ll be in Richmond, Virginia giving my workshop, Building Reader Loyalty, to the Virginia Romance Writers.  This is an extra special event because it is also their Christmas party.  I’ve been to a number of these events and they always make me warm and fuzzy inside.  I’m looking forward to meeting all the writers and hearing their stories, plus I’m hoping to see a little of Virginia.

The weekend of December 14th I’ll be in New Orleans attending Heather Graham’s Writers for New Orleans conference.  I’ve been before (granted I was only there for one day because hurricane Gustuv made an appearence), but I’m looking forward to staying the whole time.  This is a must event for writers.  Heather does it for a great cause and it’s in an amazing location.  For some reason I just can’t get enough of New Orleans.  I always said it is like visiting a foreign country.  And I won’t be traveling alone.  Since Heather was the keynote speaker at my first Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon, she gave away a trip to her conference to one lucky reader.  I’ll be traveling with the one of the most avid readers (besides myself) that I ever met, Heidi.  It’s her first event of this kind and it will be fun to see it through her eyes.

Needless to say, I’ll be blogging about all the traveling, so let me know if you’ll be at any of these functions or if you have any questions you’d like me to ask any of the authors attending.  I’ll also be bringing my video camera.  Do you have anyone special you’d like me to interview?

Bottom Line:  Today is Cyber Monday…a much calmer version of Black Friday.  Y’all be careful out there online.


12 thoughts on “Busy December

  1. Bertrice Small

    If I had known you were up to travel, m’dear, I’d have invited you to my birthday
    party on Sunday December 9th when I celebrate three-quarters of a century!
    Even I’m surprised to have gotten so far in life. My favorite chocolate cake
    with raspberry frosting is being served. Ice cream too!

    1. Jeanne Adams AKA The Duchesse

      Hey Barbara, hey Bertrice! Happy birthday, Bertrice, a bit early! Yours is one day after mine. Grins. Barbara, I was going to come hear you talk in Virginia on the 8th, but my DH has other plans for me on this landmark birthday. Grins. I’m bloggin that day on Romance Bandits too, so…

      But most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERTRICE and thanks for all the WONDERFUL books!

  2. Bertrice Small

    P.S. Many good writers et al born in December. Dec.3rd is Morgan Llywelyn Dec.5th Kathryn Falk,
    publisher of RT Book Reviews and Virginia Henley. Dec.7th Rosemary Rogers and me, Bertrice Small on the 9th.

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