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Barbara Vey -- August 12th, 2009

It’s State Fair week here and I’m sorry I’m going to miss it.  Not so much the farm animals (I always was a city girl), but the world famous cream puffs the fair is known for.  It makes my mouth water to think about them and with the hot weather we’ve been having, it doesn’t even pay to have someone bring me one home.  It would be a puddle of mush.  Oh well, maybe next year.

First To Kill by Andrew Peterson

Listened to by Ms. Faye

A deep-cover FBI agent has disappeared bringing former Marine sniper and covert CIA operative Nathan McBride is out of retirement and into the fire.  The hero is bad-to-the-bone, but with a well defined sense of honor and integrity.

I felt the book was well researched, action packed and well paced.  I really cared about the characters and found this to be a surprisingly well written debut.  Equal parts great story and well read…everything a good audio book should be.  If you love thrillers with military and FBI agents, guns shooting, things blowing up and a well thought out plot this is a book I can recommend to you.

The Archangel Project by C. S. Graham

Read by Loretta

An Iraq veteran, Tobie Guiness, is given a "psycho" discharge from the navy, although she is far from crazy.  Her only crime is her "remote viewing" ability.  She is hired by Henry Youngblood, a psychology professor, as his assistant in a research program. She meets JAX, a CIA agent deployed to delve further into the special projects she was working on.  Their exploits are more than suspenseful!

Fear, pain, intrigue and panic – all bundled into The Archangel Project will rivet you to these pages.  I found myself staying awake far into the night to finish this book.

Nobody Does It Better  by Jennifer LaBrecque

Read by Denise   School teacher Holly Smith seeks to find her mother in Venice.  Instead she finds Gage Carswell an undercover agent who is tracking a notorious double agent.  Little does Holly know that she is supposedly that agent.   Very mouth watering and contains some moments that dreams are made of.  I couldn’t put down the book even in bed (husband didn’t get much sleep with the light on).  

Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan

Read by Ms. Faye

A new twist the the Carpathian lore gives us a female, Carpathian warrior like no other. Razvan, who has been a villain in previous novels looks to end his life in order to escape being possessed by an evil mage. But, before he could finish himself off he is found by an unusual woman. Ivory is a legend. A vampire slayer with special powers, but the power of most interest for Razvan is the power of a Lifemate. A great villain, a legendary vampire slayer and they are Lifemates.

A lot of beloved characters from past books make it into this one. But, even if you’ve not read any of the other books this one covers enough to stand alone.  Feehan fans are going to be in for such a treat! I read this in one day and it is definitely on my "keeper" shelf!

Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock

Read by joysann

When Jo-Jo the Court Jester arrives in St Augustine FL to ask Cesca’s help brushing up his old vaudeville act for modern audiences, it seems he brought with him an unknown killer. Or perhaps he’s in a conspiracy to eliminate the independent and free-thinking vampire princess. With her sexy vampire-slayer boyfriend Saber at her side, and her old friend Triton magically and elusively influencing her from just out of sight, Cesca hunts for the assassin before his attempts are successful.

It was a lot of fun to get caught up again in Cesca’s exciting adventures. Cesca longs to be an ordinary, everyday, commonplace working girl, and I’m amused by how she tries to exist outside-the-[para]norm box. Though the plot thickens in Nancy Haddock’s second book, her day-walking, sea-surfing, historical tour-guide vampire’s narrative still shines with light and humor, mystery and romance.


Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

Read by Joan

Stephanie Plum, bail bond tracer extraorinaire, travels the New Jersey Turnpike to Atlantic City searching for her missing Grandma Mazur and a BIG bag of money.  An exceptionally colorful cast of characters accompany Stepanie in a caper that includes a handsome hunk of a man, a horse whisperer, voluptuous Lula and a gangster with a really bad case of hives.

This delightful lighthearted story had me laughing from start to finish.  These books are always imaginative and entertaining which keeps me coming back for more.

Storm of Shadows by Christina Dodd

Read by Mary

The newly banded together Chosen need an ancient prophecy to help guide them in the fight against the Others, and bookish librarian and researcher Rosamund Hall is Chosen Aaron Eagle’s choice to help them find it. As they track the prophecy from Casablanca to Paris, they find the Others have laid traps of their own, using everything from text messages to trained assassins to keep the prophecy hidden.

Christina Dodd brings it all to the table in her new Chosen Ones series. Sizzling romance, amazing action scenes, and an interesting premise of seven ordinary people marked from birth as Chosen to keep the seven evil Others from gaining control of the world. Storm of Shadows is the second in the series, and thank goodness there are seven members of the Chosen so this series will just keep getting better and better.

Deader Still by Anton Strout

Read by joysann

Simon Canderous’ job with the Department of Extraordinary Affairs includes keeping any hint of the existence of the paranormal from the public as he investigates the horrific deaths of dozens of party goers on a dinner cruise ship, all caused by exsanguination. When a beautiful associate from his less-than-stellar past blackmails Simon into stealing a valuable painting from the Museum of Modern Art, Simon scrambles to save his reputation, save his growing relationship with Jane, and save the inhabitants of the Big Apple from what appears to be rampaging vampires.

The department Simon works for brings to mind the HP Ministry of Magic, though it might not be quite so fanciful…  yes, it is. The bizarre situations in which he finds himself, the eccentric characters he encounters, and the crazy lengths he must go to escape peril and prevent mayhem are funny, inventive, and electrifying. I’ll be watching for Simon’s further adventures.

Bottom Line:  Ok, still can’t get that giant cream puff out of my mind.  I still have a couple of days left to try to get there.

10 thoughts on “WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs


    Oh Barbara, you are just evil putting a photo of that luscious cream puff on today’s blog. I know there are lots of bakery/foodie mysteries out there–any called “Cream Puff Murders”? I might be tempted if they looked like that!

  2. Edie Ramer

    Great blurbs! I probably won’t go to the state fair this year, either. We always check out the animals. We like the music, too. I always skip the cream puffs, though. That’s not a big deal for me.

  3. Leah

    Oh, and you can’t miss the cheese curds. WI State Fair – yum! Thanks for such diversity in the blurbs. It’s fun to see all the different kinds of things out there.


    Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “Live with men as if God saw you converse with God as if men heard you.” by Seneca.

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