Babs Picks Her 2007 Favs

Barbara Vey -- December 28th, 2007

It’s that time of year when everyone and their uncle is doing their best of lists.  Best movie of 2007, best television show, cutest couple (really, it’s on and so on.  This obviously is a very personal choice as different as we all are and should be.  While I’ve read and watched a lot and enjoyed much…there can be only one.  And with that said, here’s my favorites:

Best Book:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I went through 7 book years with the Hogswarts gang and would gladly do it again and again.  Plus there is the advantage of sharing it with my children and grandchildren.  That can’t be said of many books.

Best Movie:  Enchanted.  Hands down the one movie that made me feel so good I was humming for days until Andrew bought me the sound track.  I can’t wait for the movie on dvd and I would happily give this as a gift to any age.

Best new TV showPushing Daisies.  This delightful, quirky show, with the very unusual premise, is done in bright colors, has a mystery to solve every week, lovable characters and is narrated by the talented Jim Dale (who voices all the Harry Potter audio books).

Best old TV show:
  The Amazing Race.  A reality show that doesn’t lock people together just to watch them tear each other apart.  This smart, fast paced program makes people use their wits to travel from point A to point B while giving them unusual tasks to perform.  The highlight was when the grandfather/grandson team had to pole vault across a muddy stream and the grandpa fell in.  Undaunted, he stripped off the heavy muddy clothes, only to reveal black speedos.  The grandson:  "Whoa…grandpa."  Whoa indeed.

Best actor:
  Johnny Depp.  While I didn’t care for the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Johnny’s performance was stellar.  Only he could pull off making a goofy, dirty, slimy pirate seem sexy.

Best actress:   America Ferrera.  Ugly Betty proved that beauty comes from within.   Her postive, can-do attitude and glaring braces smile came through despite a challenging job at a fashion magazine, a deported father, a boyfriend who will be leaving in a few months because he got another woman pregnant, and a teenaged nephew who is extremely comfortable belting out a tune from Hairspray on the subway.  You gotta love it!!

Now that I’ve made my personal preference known, your turn to do the same.  There are no right or wrong answers, just your favs for 2007.

Bottom line:  Most bizarre quote of 2007 comes from Drew Peterson about his wife – "I bought her a Glock for Valentine’s (Day) — because nothing says I love you like a Glock.                                                                                                                                                      

12 thoughts on “Babs Picks Her 2007 Favs

  1. Teresa D''Amario

    Hmm, Chosing a favorite book of the year – that’s so difficult. I read so many. I guess Nalini Singh’s Carressed by Ice would be up there. I’m so looking forward to her next one. But then again, my favorite is always the one I’m reading, and right now I’m reading Rowena Cherry’s Insufficient M@ting Material. I love a book that teaches me something (I’m not much of a chess player) and also entertains. Cherry’s books are fun and exciting and intense all in one. As for tv shows, I have to say my favorite NEW tv show is Journeyman, and I’m so sorry to hear they are thinking of cancelling the show. In some ways it reminds me of the old Quantum Leap, but with a fresh spin. I hope they change their minds and keep it running.

  2. Rowena Cherry

    My favorite TV CHANNEL is Discovery, because I don’t know how I could choose between SURVIVORMAN –brilliant and really useful–, DIRTY JOBS (love the poo-humor!) and MYTHBUSTERS. The movie actor who most surprised me with his acting was Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie. I saw it in 2007, but don’t know if that’s when it came out. Pirates was fun!� My favorite female werewolf of 2007 is Teresa D’Amario’s SHE WOLF from Freya’s Bower. Favorite cat in fiction, The Cat Dudley in The Invasion of Falgannon Island, given that Linnea Sinclair’s furzel in Games of Command isn’t really a cat. Favorite cover model, CJ Hollenbach. Best old movie, Murder Ahoy with Margaret Rutherford.

  3. Deborah Macgillivray

    I think the third pirate movie was utterly brilliant. I respect how they handled so many characters, had so many threads going on and pulled it all off. It’s different from the first two, but that is amazing feat. My fav books – Sara Renike’s Dark Thirst (very unsual hero). Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands (love she took the risk and had older characters for her vamps). Insufficent Mating Material for something that will make you laugh out loud and give you a lesson in survial, too. Coleen Thompson’s The Salt Maiden. Just gets better and better. Barbara Pierce’s books (any of them!) Dawn Thompson’s books (ALL of them) – Lord of the Deep, Blood Moon, The Brotherhood, The Marsh Hawk, The Privateer (sheesh, just makes me tired listing them). Amazing talent who writes perfect Regencies, Fantasy and horror.

  4. Shari Anton

    Favorite book? Impossible feat :) . Favorite new Christmas Cookie – Cranberry Nut Swirls Favorite new toy — iBook external drive Favorite coffee — Panera’s Hazelnut (especially when enjoyed with an Orange Scone!) Favorite new blogger – Barbara Vey :) Happy New Year everyone! Shari

  5. Clea Simon

    I’m so with you on Johnny Depp. Even though the third Pirates was sort of a shambles, it still came alive when he was on the screen! Fav book? Maybe “Mistress of the Art of Death.” Mystery and romance in 12th C England, with a very cool new heroine – there’s a second in the series due soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Clea

  6. Christy

    How does one choose a favorite book? I will say that I’ve not read a bad book all year, in fact all that I’ve read are definitely ones that I will reread. What more can you ask for??? I guess I’ll go out on a limb and say that my favorite series this year was Gaelen Foley’s The Knight Miscalleny and the Spice trilogy that somewhat continues the Knight family stories. Absolutely awesome books, all of them!!! And I’ll go out on another limb and say that Paula Quinn’s Laird of the Mist was my favorite book this year…well, maybe it was Lisa Kleypas’ Mine Till Midnight, or maybe it was Samantha James’ The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, or maybe it was Julia Quinn’s The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever or maybe it was Simply Love by Mary Balogh….oh, geez, they’re all my favorites!!!! What a wonderful reading year this has been and here’s to an even better 2008!!! Happy New Year, Barb!!!!

  7. Jenny Saint

    I agree, Deathly Hallows was definitely my favorite book. Favorite old TV show: Tie between Dancing with the Stars and Brothers and Sisters. One family favorite and one show for just me!! Favorite new TV show: Private Practice. Great cast and intelligent writing. Favorite eye candy: David Beckham. Yum-my! Favorite Starbucks drink: Non-fat, No Whip Peppermint Mocha. Cutest couple? Duh – Me and James!! Favorite Auntie with her very own blog……

  8. joysannoh

    Hey Barb, for a Bests List, I can’t pick; I’m too wishy-washy. But allow me this opportunity to thank you for the fun year I’ve had sharing books and thoughts and friends with you. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but I’ve never had as much fun as I do now. I wish you and all your readers joy and fulfillment in the New Year. Joyce Ann

  9. Edie Ramer

    I agree with your first three picks. It was awesome the way JK Rowling wrapped together all those plot threads. She’s a genius! My favorite non-fiction book is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

  10. Amie Stuart

    Fave book–how to choose just one? Ok I have to say Vicki Pettersson was my big find this year. For Fave YA I have to say Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vamps. Fave Movie? Stardust for being a delightful romance that made even my jaded heart sigh Fave TV Show…I have to go with Pushing Daisys too for being so original. Another fave was Journeyman–now cancelled *lesigh* Happy New Year!

  11. Liz Kreger

    Man, that’s a toughie. Agree with you on the favorite book. Loved “Deathly Hallows”. Also thoroughly enjoyed Laurell K. Hamilton’s “Lick of Frost”. Favorite TV program. Since I only make it a point of watching one, I’d have to pick “Heroes”. Best movie? I’m with you on “Enchanted”. It was a fun movie that can span a big audience.

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