5th Anniversary Bash: Publishers, Editors, Bloggers, Librarians

Barbara Vey -- March 7th, 2012
Hot springs in Iceland

Hot springs in Iceland


Day 3 of the Anniversary Bash takes us to Iceland.  Why you ask?  Well, why not?  We’ve never been and there’s some mighty cool stuff in Iceland.  It tops The National Geographic’s Traveler Magazine’s list of the world’s best destinations in 2012, and was voted as the Best in Travel 2012 by readers of the respected travel publication Lonely Planet.  There are even active volcanoes here.  Fire and ice.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

The ladies from Magical Musings are not coming to the party empty-handed. Michelle Diener from Australia is bringing Hugh Jackman and Tim Tams. Liz Kreger and Edie Ramer are supplying beer and cheese from Wisconsin – and there’s a rumor that Aaron Rodgers might put in an appearance. But keep an eye on Amy Atwell. Always thinking ahead, Amy is planning to pirate Hugh and Aaron away to one of the amazing hot springs Iceland is known for. Being from Florida, she’s bringing along the old standards: Jimmy Buffet, gator tail, oranges, key limes, frozen drinks like daiquiris and margaritas. She wanted to send cabana boys but heard Liz Kreger cornered the market. Instead, she’s sending her pool boy, Jorgé, and she’s seeing if Johnny Depp is available. Rumor has it he can be found near the Fountain of Youth. That’s just up the road…


If you spot Johnny, you can offer to share the ice cream sundaes with all the toppings that Marilyn Brant will be serving, along with yummy Nutella biscuits. Lori Brighton’s from Indiana but lives in Georgia now, so she’s serving roasted corn and peach pie. For the evening’s entertainment, Liz Kreger booked the band Nickleback and they’re ready to rock the party. As usual, Dale Mayer wants to outdo everyone (but can anyone outdo Hugh Jackman?). She loaded a small plane with ice wines and specialty Okanagan wines. In return, she wants one of the cabana boys Liz snagged at the 3rd Anniversary Bash. Dale’s also adding some smoked British Columbia salmon. She said Cameron Bright might show up for the younger set and Keanu Reeves promised he’d be available.


Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Cynthia Eden said they already started Mardi Gras madness in the south, so she’s bringing beads and moon pies. Karin Tabke is bringing Napa Valley wine and Gerry Butler. In his surf shorts… Though Maria Geraci lives in north Florida, she’s adding a nod to her Cuban heritage with  some hot salsa music from South Beach and some delicious ropa vieja from Versailles, Miami’s most famous Cuban restaurant located on Calle Ocho. And for the over forty crowd, she’s not forgetting that most delicious of all Cuban dishes, Andy Garcia! Last year, Misty Evans brought Sam and Dean Winchester, who were such a great hit that she’s bringing them again. Since she’s close to Chicago, she’s also bringing Chicago’s best deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s. Nothing is too good for Barbara’s bash!



Seekerville will have outdoor snow sports as well as inside-by-the-fireplace fun.  Romance at Random  wants to help keep everyone warm in the chilly country of Iceland.   Stephanie Barko brought her digital camera to photograph Icelanders, the fourth happiest folks in the world.  Stephanie believes they’re happier because of all the elves they claim to see there.



The Petit Fours and Hot Tamales bloggers are bringing white chocolate “iced” petit fours mini cakes, along with a platter of Hot Tamales and a fifth of vodka to keep everyone warm and celebrate Barbara’s 5th Anniversary Beyond Her Book Party on PW. We’ll party in the land of fire and ice on the Iceland hotspot, bathe in the hot springs and enjoy some spectacular volcanic activity while we gaze at the Northern Lights.  Just in case the lights, ice, and snow get too bright for you, ask any Petit Four blogger for some special sunglasses we brought to fend off the glare and keep you looking “cool.”

Cabana boy ready to massage

The Writing Playground  In honor of our cool new location in Iceland, the ladies of the Writing Playground have brought everything we need to keep toasty warm. First, Kira has a roaring blaze going in the rustic, stone fire pit. Danniele and Andrea have the stash of marshmallows and chocolate bars, so grab some and let’s get to making some s’mores! The breakfast of champions. Next, Kimberly and Miguel the bartender are working to mixing up some hot toddies and mulled cider. Last, but not least, the rest of the Playground cabana boys are ready and waiting to give every lovely lady a warming oil massage. See Marilyn to sign up – she’s the one with the clipboard. And yes, she accepts bribes.


Bottom Line:  After this week I think I’ll deserve a massage.

Here’s the rules.  Leave any comment and get an entry to win one of the fabulous prizes.  You can comment more than once for more chances.  Winners will be picked daily and posted on the blog March 12th.  Winners will have one week to claim their prize.

Many thanks to the following for their generous prizes:

Seekerville: Kindle FIRE and from their authors:

Tina Radcliffe: two copies, print or Kindle, Oklahoma Reunion.

Sandra Leesmith: Price of Victory and children’s books by Sandra, writing as Sandy Wardman: God’s Spirit Within Me, God’s Spirit Calls Me,  Hector Wants to Play, Percival the Naughty Prairie Dog (1 of each)

Debby Giusti:  Nowhere to Hide, Scared to Death, Protecting Her Child, Christmas Peril, Countdown to Death

Myra Johnson: A Horseman’s Heart (1 print copy), One Impossible Christmas (print or e-book, winner’s choice)

Julie Lessman:  A Heart Revealed (1 copy) and a top Christian Booksellers Association book from my personal library, winner’s choice.

Mary Connealy:  In Too Deep (1 copy)

Ruth Logan Herne:  Waiting Out the Storm (2 copies), Made to Order Family (2 copies)

Glynna Kaye: Dreaming of Home (2 copies)

Janet Dean:  An Inconvenient Match (1 copy)

Audra Harders: Rocky Mountain Hero (1 e-book)

Missy Tippens:  A House Full of Hope

Pam Hillman: Stealing Jake (e-book)

Magical Musings     Kindle and a feature on Magical Musings

The Petit Fours and Hot Tamales  A NOOK Simple Touch TM and a $25.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate

Readers Entertainment – Nook Touch

The Romance Bandits have brought one of their famous Bandit Booty Chests full of goodies to give away!  Here’s what’s in the chest–and all will go to ONE winner!
Redeeming the Rogue – Donna MacMeans
Deadly Little Secrets & bag Starbucks dark roast – Jeanne Adams
Signed copy Do You Take This Cop – Beth Andrews
Romance Bandits mug – Anna Sugden
One Book in the Grave & Bibliophile goodies – Kate Carlisle
Romance Bandits tee-shirt – Joan Kayse
The Cowboy’s Secret Son – Trish Milburn
Captive of Sin – Anna Campbell
1 set Los Hombres trading cards and a signed copy, The Surrender of Lacy Morgan
- Suzanne Ferrell.
Free download Frail Blood – Jo Robertson
Romance Bandits journal – Caren Crane
3 small notepads and Godiva chocolate bar – Nancy Northcott
The Undercover Operatives Trilogy (Sex, Lies & Mistletoe; Sex, Lies & Midnight, Sex, Lies & Valentines) – Tawny Weber
Money, Honey -Susan Sey
Romance Bandits Mouse Pad–Cassondra Murray

Carol Morgan    Signed copy of Of Tapestry, Time and Tears (historical fiction)

Edie Ramer  an ecopy of Entangled, a Paranormal Anthology & Dragon Blues

Forever Yours  5 digital copies of EMBER (provided by publisher via netgalley)

Kerri Nelson    1 month Free Promotion & Book Boost Blog or 1 e-book copy of any featured book on the Book Boost Blog–winner’s choice

Melinda Evaul  2 copies of “Grow Old With Me” (may choose paperback or ebook format) Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Natasha (Wicked Lil Pixie)   Handmade bookmarks

Peggy Blann Phifer   To See the Sun, debut romantic suspense, two (2) Gift Cards for the eBook version, winners’ choice of Amazon or B&N

Romance at Random  10 romance books for 10 different readers

The Writing Playground   A gift basket of goodies to keep you warm, including some passionate books by Kimberly Lang, Kira Sinclair and Andrea Laurence.  You’ll also get a fleece blanket, a glove and scarf set, a mug and hot chocolate mix to fill it, Red Hots candies and strawberry jalapeno jelly.

Ruth Axtell Moren 2 copies of Hometown Cinderella, Love Inspired Historical

Katy Lee An ebook of REAL VIRTUE (release date April 4th)

Killer Characters – A year of books (all traditional or cozy mysteries)  from our authors, to be delivered to the winner as they are issued, which spreads out the reward.  The participating authors are:

March: Sheila Connolly, Dorothy St. James
April: Joanna Campbell Slan
May: Erika Chase
June: Kari Lee Townsend
July: Janet Bolin
Aug: Peg Cochran
September: Casey Daniels, Jenna Bennett
Oct: Duffy Brown
Nov: Lucy Burdette
Dec: Gayle Trent
January (2013): Jennie Bentley
Feb (2013): Amanda Flower


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