Comic Con: The Final Day

Barbara Vey -- July 27th, 2009

The final day of Comic Con should be filled with people so tired they can hardly stand up.  And it is, but they are all the exhibitors.  The fans seem to have as much energy as the first day.  The minute the doors open for  business, the place is swarming like an ant colony.  The big rush is to the Warners Bros. booth where they give out the biggest bags I’ve ever seen.  When I hold it on my shoulder, it is as long as I am tall.  It isn’t long before it is filled with swag (all the free stuff they give away) and by Sunday they want to give almost everything away because they don’t want to drag it home again. 

It’s not long before a lot of booths are offering up 1/2 price items and it’s so tempting to buy, buy, buy, but once you get home, what exactly do you do with the 2 foot sculpture of Wonder Woman?  Even the stand up cut outs are up for sale, so War of Warcraft figures and Star Wars figures are flying out the door.  Less to pack up and send home for the vendors.

It’s Kid’s Day, so rug rats rule and you have to be extra careful not to trip over any.  Personally, I feel sorry for the kids because they mostly only see knees and butts and that wouldn’t be a fun day for me, but most don’t seem to mind.  I managed to sneak into the New Moon booth for a quick picture on the throne even though the line wrapped around the area.  Wolverine was a big Kodak moment also, but I’m not sure if it was because of the character or the likeness of Hugh Jackman (I vote Hugh).

Carrot Top Joshua Jackson Lou Ferrigno

Still some celebrity sightings like Carrot Top, Joshua Jackson and Lou Ferrigno.  But most of the big guns seem to have left the building.  Lots of lines for the final giveaways for Twighlight items like character buttons and playing cards.  I did manage to snag a few Christmas presents that I’m excited about but can’t mention in case certain people decide to read the blog today.

One of the highlights for me again this year was Buffy, the Musical sing along at the very end of the day.  The room was packed with Buffyites who know all the words to the episode and emulating the Rocky Horror Picture Show cult status, wave parking tickets and shout out to the screen at appropriate times.  It’s a feeling a comraderie that can only be experienced if you are there.

But, in the end, it was a very successful Comic Con, judging by the weary, satisfied smiles of those who exited the convention center when the final call was announced.

Bottom Line: 
Don’t forget about the big Thrillerfest Drive By Video™premiering tomorrow.  It’s hilarious and you’ll have your chance to vote on the male author you’d like to see as a cover model.  There will be prizes.

9 thoughts on “Comic Con: The Final Day

  1. mary s

    Wow Barb–from news coverage (newspaper & TV) & even cartoon coverage (in the comic section of the Milw. Journal), comic con was a hit! You are lucky to have gone–tired but happy yourself? Thanks for keeping us informed!

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