WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs and on the Way to BEA

Barbara Vey -- May 27th, 2009

Well, I got the best news today!  I’m going to BEA (BookExpo of America)!  Since I’ve never been, I’m thrilled and have no idea what to expect (because we all know the weird things that happen to me).  I’ll be there from Friday till Tuesday because I’ll have another opportunity to stop in at the Lady Jane’s Salon for some romance readings. 

Then I found out that I’m up for auction (again) on Brenda Novak’s Diabetes Auction.  Thanks to Margie Lawson, I’ll be flying in a four seater airplane with her husband, as pilot, all over DC and one of you can come along for the adventure…and of course, Drive By Video™ of all the action. Get the details here.  Only 4 days left to bid!

Until then, here’s the WW Ladies Blurbs of the week.

He Calls Her Doc By Mary Brady


Read by Edie


Maude DeVane was always second best, always proving herself, and she’s doing it again in her small Montana hometown, trying to get the townsfolk to accept her as their GP.  Some of them would prefer Guy Daley, an experienced E.R. physician who quit his job at a Chicago hospital to take over the executive development program at his late brother’s ranch. 


Maude has a history with Guy and it’s not a good one, though neither can forget the sizzling hot kiss they shared.  Maude feels she has to prove herself with Guy, too.  He has to forgive himself for not preventing his brother’s death.  Throw in his rebellious niece who feels lost and unwanted, and there’s a lot of healing needed for all three of them.


I totally enjoyed this book.  The characters were believable and likeable.  The rebellious niece was perfection, and I wanted to take care of her myself.  I was rooting for the hero and heroine.  Their struggles pulled at my emotions, and at one point I was cried, but it was a good cry.  I’m looking forward to Brady’s next book.

Iron Horse Rider by Adelle Laudan

Read by Tammy
After losing his wife, Kelly, in a motorcycle accident, Shane feels he’s just got to go somewhere, anywhere, so he gets on his bike and rides, trying to leave his memories and empty life behind him. Stopping in a camp belonging to the Micmac tribe, he is befriended by Chief Gray Owl, and his daughter, Tia. Tia is also widowed, and as Shane and Tia begin to share their griefs, they both begin to come to terms with their losses.
Iron Horse Rider was a great adventure, not only in the sense of being on a motorcycle, but as the author takes you through the emotions of love, loss, friendship, and more. It is obvious that Adelle Lauden has experienced the joy of riding "in the wind", and, as a rider myself, I understand how that can be a way of life. The story is moving and hopeful. 

Over My Dead Body by Michele Bardsley

Read by Heidi
Life in Broken Heart, Oklahoma is quite different than other tiny towns. It’s a small secluded town for the parakind. Simone Sweet fits right in being a oil-changing, car-fixing vampire. She leads a relatively normal existence, which is better than her past, and now Braddock Hayes has become a bigger part of her life. But the past is coming to haunt Simone again, since things aren’t always as they appear.   I fell into this story hook, line and sinker. I just couldn’t put it down. I was fascinated by all the different characters, although I kept asking myself if everyone might become some parakind character in the end. It has everything to bring a smile to your face: vampires, werewolves, pixies, dragons and more. I must thank Michele for including a glossary and history lesson at the end. Certainly made my reading more understandable and more fun!
Sepulchre by Kate Mosse

Read by Michelle
Two worlds, two times and an evil that transcends between them.  Meredith Martin is an American drawn to Rennes-les-Bains, France, in 2007, to uncover a past that began with Leonie Vernier in 1891.The fates of both Meredith and Leonie are seen in a mysterious deck of Tarot cards.  The cards are the key to unraveling the mysteriousness and superstition surrounding Rennes-les-Bains.
Kate Mosse uses such depth and history in her characters and the story that I felt I was in the hotel and gardens myself.  If you like historical fiction then Sepulchre is a must read.

The Matters at Mansfield (Or, The Crawford Affair), by Carrie Bebris

Read by Anne

It is a truth gratefully acknowledged, that a reader in possession of a book by Carrie Bebris, must be expectant of a wonderful mystery. And so the reader is, in this fourth Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mystery, once more drawn into the world of Jane Austin’s characters, in which Darcy is honor bound to pursue his cousin, Alice, who has eloped to Gretna Green with Mr. Henry Crawford. Circumstances bring the entire family to convene near Mansfield Park, where Mr. Crawford has much to answer for to too many angry people. Elizabeth and Darcy are skillfully working toward avoiding scandal and averting disaster when Crawford is gruesomely murdered.

I shall confess here that I haven’t read Mansfield Park by Ms. Austin, so, obviously, one doesn’t have to be a fan of Jane Austin, or have read the books which the titles reference, to enjoy Ms. Bebris’s mysteries. They’re quite marvelous and satisfying all on their own.

Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy
  Read by Stacey   An intellectual New York bred grad student writing her thesis on the rules for dating NASCAR drivers.  A perfect southern specimen.  But when research turns to romance, will they crash and burn…or reach victory lane?   It’s books like this one that have turned this born and bred New Yorker into a ra
cing fan.  But it isn’t just Erin McCarthy’s way of bringing the sport of Stock Car racing to life that makes this book a winner.  It’s the dialogue.  I love watching heroes and heroines interact with each other, connecting on multiple levels as I get to watch.  I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series.

Secrets of Surrender by Madeline Hunter

Read by Emily

Roselyn Longwood is a ruined woman. After being tricked into becoming a nobleman’s mistress, she is put up for auction at a drunken orgy. Man of affairs, Kyle Bradwell wins Roselyn and sets off to win another battle. The battle of love. Being an average man, he sees his circumstances could make a turn for the better if he marries Roselyn. Even though all of society knows she’s ruined, she still has her families background to fall back on. The only problem is, that Roselyn has more secrets then Kyle thought, and he is keeping some from her too.

  I felt bad for Roselyn, her whole world changed in the blink of an eye and she had no way of stopping it. The story really showed the struggle that women had to go through in that era, but also their resilience. I love Madeline Hunter’s writing, the story is well written, the plot has great pacing and interesting characters. I know that I enjoyed it, and have no qualms about telling you to add it to your TBR pile.

Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard
Listened to by joysann

    After months of overseeing their inherited millions in trust funds, Bailey Wingate decides to take a vacation and get away from her late husband’s greedy, resentful adult children. When the small private plane malfunctions and the pilot heroically crash lands it in the mountains, Bailey and Captain Cam Justice must rely on each other and their ingenuity to survive the threats of freezing and starvation until they’re rescued. Even as they discover that the engine failure was no accident, they discover their mutual trust and attraction increasing by the hour.
  This was my first Linda Howard book, and I was pleased to find it so interesting. The intrigue, romance and survival story were all exciting, and I didn’t want to stop listening. The audio medium was also new to me: the little gum-pack sized self-contained digital device called a PlayAway was very handy; I just added earbuds. 

Bottom Line:  I’m going to have to start calling myself a part-time New Yorker with all the time I’m spending there lately.  I kinda like it.

17 thoughts on “WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs and on the Way to BEA

  1. Debbie Kaufman

    Enjoy BEA, Barbara. Sounds like fun. Say “hi” to Dianna Love and Mary Buckham while you’re there. They left yesterday. Ladies, a fascinating assortment of reviews today. Thanks.

  2. Jody Wallace

    I had never heard of Playaway — interesting! A little ironic that the main book advertised on their site when I looked was “Green Living”, when a Playaway is obviously less green than using your standard MP3 player *heh*

  3. Margie Lawson

    Hello Barbara! Thank you for inviting me to play yesterday. I had the best time! Gee — You have a lot of gullible friends. -;) Now you know, and they know, don’t TRY LYING to me! All smiles………….Margie

  4. Clea Simon

    I loved Sepulchre, too, Michelle, and just passed it along to my mom. I found the modern story wasn’t quite as much fun as the historical part (19th Century France) but maybe that’s just me. If you enjoyed it, I highly recommend the author’s other book, Labyrinth, too. Same idea – ancient and modern stories run parallel.

  5. Rebecca McDowell

    I’m chartreuse with envy! Hope you find some great YA ARC’s there for your teen group too. If you hear buzz about new books my students should know about for notrequiredreading.com, we’d love your advice.

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