Hey Mister, Can I See Your Apartment?

Barbara Vey -- October 27th, 2007

Finally made it to the Cafe du Monde at 9 a.m. and was stuffing my face with beignets at 9:01.  By 9:02, I was completely covered with powdered sugar and throughout my blood stream there was a party going on, "Hooray, sugar!!  Lots and lots of sugar!!  Must have more sugar!!"  At 9:10 the party was over, but I was already in hyperdrive.  (Word to the wise, eat there, but don’t use the restroom…just trust me on this)

Terri Love, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love Snell (pictured near Jackson Square) and I then went on a 2 hour walking tour of New Orleans.  Sherri used to live here and knew the area well.  She pointed out Tennessee Williams’ house and we visited an amazing cathedral (of course, I walked inside, wandered to the alter and all I could think of was The DaVinci Code, so I kept looking for clues…I know the answer is here somewhere).  We went into VooDoo shops and touristy shops.  My favorite item…a bag of coffee called " Get the F*** Up, extra strong coffee. "   I like it when the brand name explains exactly what the product is and can do.

Sherri and Dianna are collaborating on a book due out next year, Phantom in the Night and were scouting locations for the story.  I’ve never been involved in that process of the writing and it was fascinating to hear them talk about how characters would get from one place to the other.  Sherri remarked that the area had "great alleys for people to be dragged into."  (I’m always amazed how 2 people can look at the same thing and see totally different things, but it also answers the question why I will never be able to write a book, because all I saw was an alley)

I have read so many books with New Orleans as the locale that I was mesmerized by the buildings.  I really wanted to see what the insides looked like.  While strolling through one neighborhood, a man parking his car stopped to ask if we were looking for something.  We said no, but I asked if he lived there and when he answered yes, I asked if I could see what the inside looked like.  So here’s Keith Marszalek in the doorway of his book filled apartment.  (Our kind of guy)  Darn, I forgot to ask if he had any ghosts living there.  I hear there’s tons of them in New Orleans.

Next up is registration and a meet and greet with Sherrilyn.  Here she is with fan Lena Stevens who made her a gorgeous green netted hat that had a spectacular swan pin on the back.  Everyone got gift bags that included several books, a K-Con 2007 mug,  posters, candy and a Dark-Hunter tatoo (that I will be sporting tomorrow).

The faithful Kenyon followers all left with smiles on their faces and their bags bursting with goodies, scurrying off to change into their attire for the evening’s Vampire Ball.

Bottom Line:   I may have to go back for that coffee which would make a terrific gift for my brother.
Really Bottom Line:  Day 2 and still no sign of naked, unconscious man…2 more days to make it happen.

7 thoughts on “Hey Mister, Can I See Your Apartment?


    So Barbara, do you think you could find out if they sell that coffee online? Not only would it make a great gift but it would be great to have after staying up way too late reading a romance.

  2. Lynda/LighthouseLady

    Oh Barb you are having way too much fun! Some how I knew you’d enjoy Cafe du Monde (you mean the restroom still have not gotten any better?) Can’t wait to hear more about the reast of your visit and just how many bags of that coffee you did buy!

  3. Heather 315

    Hey there! It was great meeting you at the Anne Rice Vampire Ball this past weekend. You took a picture of my husband and my son and I. Since we were all in costume, I was wondering if you could let me have a copy of it? It might be the only one we will have! Thanks in advance, Heather

  4. Barbara Vey

    Heather, you are in today’s blog. Please send me your email address and I’ll get the picture to you. Lynda, I didn’t buy any coffee, but I may have to go back there or as Christine says, try online.

  5. violet s

    Barbara–loved the pic of you eating a beignet–memories of our great trips to New Orleans, but you went above & beyond to see inside an apartment! Thanks for that view–all the books we’ve all read set in New Orleans–it was great to picture the real thing! I’m also reading “The 13th Tale” by Diane Setterfield.

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