Crispy Critters

Barbara Vey -- March 27th, 2007

I just finished Karen Rose's Count to Ten.  It's a thriller about an arsonist who's bent on revenge. 

Chicago Fire Department Lieutenent Reed Solliday is paired up with homicide detective Mia Mitchell when a body is discovered murdered in a house fire.  Of course, they both have histories that prevent them from having meaningful relationships (not that this ever stops anyone from getting together) .  He is a widower with a rebellious teenage daughter and she could never please her police officer father.

The arsonist is very creepy and likes to torture his victims before setting them on fire (ewwww).  The body count is higher than the 10 in the title (I know, it means something else). 

I like to mix up my reads, so, even though this book did give me the ebie, jebies, I liked the characters and suspense.  Mostly I picked up this book because I have read all of Karen Rose's books and got a chance to meet her last year when she tried to teach me sign language (I found my coordination problems are not limited to my two left feet).  She's a former high school chemistry teacher who's quit to write full time.  Imagine that, she'd rather spend her time with arsonists than high school students.

Bottom line:  Avoid snacking while reading this book (voice of experience)

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