Beverly Barton

Barbara Vey -- April 25th, 2011
Beverly Barton

Beverly Barton

I apologize for the lateness of this article.  The PW website was down last week when Beverly Barton passed away, but I didn’t want that event to come in the way of paying tribute to a woman I thought so highly of.

I first met Beverly Barton when I took the Author’s At Sea Cruise in 2006.  She was absolutely delightful and so southern that it tickled the heck out of the Yankee in me.  Beverly brought along her husband but I often found her in the company of Sharon Sala.

I was strictly a reader on the cruise and they were so gracious.  We would sit on deck and they would tell me the most marvelous stories.  I was in awe that two such famous authors would take the time to talk to a lowly reader like me (I’ve since learned how much most authors appreciate their readers).

Beverly Barton, Linda Winstead Jones, Linda Howard

Beverly Barton, Linda Winstead Jones, Linda Howard

After I started the blog, Beverly was a great supporter.  I looked forward to going to conferences and seeing her with her close buddies Linda Howard and Linda Winstead Jones.  It seemed I was always snapping their picture as they returned from a shopping trip.     Beverly, Linda and Linda were known as the Mavens and were often in the role of mentors to the authors of The Writing Playground.

I’ve been a big fan of Beverly’s for many years and I counted 75 books on her website.  Incredible.  There’s even a new one coming out tomorrow.  She was beautiful inside and out and loved by many.

The Maven with the Writing Playground

The Mavens with the Writing Playground

Friday I’ll be in Alabama for the Heart of Dixie Luncheon and when I contacted the group, Kimberly Lang said, “Heart of Dixie has a huge hole in it now.  She was a vibrant and vital part of us, and she’s helped so many find their way in this crazy business.  Beverly mentored everyone in one way or another (she nagged me until I finished my first book and submitted it), and we all loved her.  She had a big spirit and a big heart and we’re going to miss her greatly.”
Harlequin has put up an In Memoriam page for people to leave messages.

Bottom Line: What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. – Helen Keller

Today I am guest blogging at Danger: Women Writing (Lisa Renee Jones, Cynthia Eden, Caridad Pineiro, Donna Grant and Jennifer HaymoreDawn Halliday).  They’ve pulled out all the stops to welcome me and are offering autographed books and gifts to commenters.  Hope you have time to stop by.

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