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Barbara Vey -- April 13th, 2011

Yes, there’s more RT stuff to come, but I thought we’d break it up with a word from our WW Ladies. They’ve been busy reading the books I go to conferences for.  More on RT tomorrow.  Until then…




Love Bites by Tori Carrington

Read by joysann

In conjunction with a series of disappearances, bodies are turning up with the cause of death of exsanguination. While she’s not sure she believes it herself, PI Sophie Metropolis is drawn into investigating some scary and dangerous stuff when the strange man her neighbors think is a vampire hires her to prove he is not responsible for the murders. Sophie works on the perplexing mystery, while the confounding men in her love life keep her head and her heart in a spin.

In Love Bites, Sophie’s turmoils continue to intrigue and amuse while providing a fascinating puzzle to contemplate. I’ve enjoyed all of the Sophie books, finding her and the cast of quirky characters to be likable, and the mysteries to be perplexing. Fast, funny, provocative, mysterious, charming and sexy, these words describe both Sophie and the books in which she lives.




Deadly Intent by Kylie Brant

Read  by Heidi

Macy Reid is a tough forensic expert with past ghosts that haunt her everyday. She wants to find kidnapped 11-year-old Ellie Mulder before it’s too late. Kellan Burke is a man who can get under Macy’s skin, especially when they need to concentrate on the task at hand.

A book can bring the best emotions out of you for a romantic suspense. You become tense for a kidnapping, as well as the romance between the main characters. I love the fact this can curl my toes in more ways than one. Looking forward to continue the story in Deadly Dreams.



A Match Made in Court by Janice Kay Johnson

Read by Sheila

After a shocking crime leaves six-year-old Hanna homeless, Linnea Sorenson must fight Matt Laughlin for custody. Virtual strangers to each other, they share a love for their niece. A court order throws them together more than is comfortable. As if that’s not enough, they also have to fight other family members, and past demons, to protect Hanna. When desires flare, Linnea and Matt long not just for love but family.

I loved that the romance in A Match Made in Court centers on a child. Janice brought the couple together so delicately and wrote the book after seeing too many domestic violence stories in the news.  Their ache to give Hanna a home plucked my heartstrings. I often read Harlequins to escape brutal reality, but the strength and depth of the two characters drew me into this story.



Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson
Read by Kym

When Autumn Haven met pro hockey player Sam LeClaire, he bedded, wedded, and promptly ditched her in a Vegas hotel room. The brief union resulted in their son, Conner, whom she adores, but Rachel believes Sam incapable of being a true father. Can the playboy skater prove her wrong and, in the process, gain the heart of the woman he now realizes is the only one for him?

Confession: I used to actually write the release dates of Rachel Gibson’s books on my calendar, sometimes going to the extreme of haunting the aisles of Borders a day ahead of time in the hope they’d have the books out early. Read “Any Man of Mine,” you’ll understand my devotion. As with all of her books, it delivers an engrossing story with characters you’ll grow to care about.  And if, like mine, your Borders is no longer around, at least we have Gibson’s books to console us.



Hunter’s Fall by Shiloh Walker

Read by Heidi

Nessa had a near death experience that has changed her. Her memory has been effected and being a Hunter has taken on a whole new meaning. Just when she needs to go into battle, her most pressing Demons are within herself. Dominic thinks he is going crazy, dreaming of a woman who he has never met, and yet they are connected deeply. Dominic must find Nessa before more damage can be done, and connect their souls forever.

I found Nessa’s witch powers fascinating,  as well as her inner struggle with herself and the person she became. The power between Nessa and Dominic, and their pull for each other was haunting and beautiful.



Wild Desire by Lori Brighton

Read by Edie

Prim Scotswoman Beatrice Edmund has accompanied her cousin and his bride to India, where they’ll stay with the bride’s studious cousin. Her first night there, a drunken man invades her bedroom – while she’s bathing. He turns out to be the studious cousin. The action and danger continue as she helps Colin Fitch try to keep the villain from getting his hands on an artifact that gives the finder great powers.

This was a triple treat – a love story and an adventure with paranormal elements.  It’s Indiana Jones meets a proper Englishwoman who isn’t all that she seems. And neither is he.  I found the  evocative, and edge-of-the-seat story kept me reading into the night.



Downstroke by Desiree Holt (e-book)

Read by joysann

Country super-star Dallas Creed is making a come-back after a three year hiatus, but when a sniper takes shots at him, it appears someone doesn’t want him to succeed. Charley Roper, the owner of one of the best protection services in the business, is hired to be Dallas’s bodyguard and to find out who wants him dead. One big problem: Charley promised herself she’d never have anything to do with the gorgeous, charismatic Dallas Creed since he broke their engagement twenty years ago.

Downstroke was engaging from the start, and I couldn’t put it down. I found it very enjoyable as it is full of some of my favorite elements: mystery, suspense, sexy protagonists, erotic romance, and cowboys.



Skin Heat by Ava Gray

Read by Heidi

Geneva Harper comes from a old Southern Family where tradition and money are the most important things. Neva prefers to be a veterinarian and live on her own. She hires Zeke Noble, a man who disappeared from their small town, and is prone to gossip about his past. There is more to Zeke than meets the eye. He has a talents around animals. As a killer starts to claim victims, it looks like they have things to protect and save before everything is destroyed.

I found Zeke’s past secrets to be fascinating and his animalistic nature to be such a key role in this story. Neva has such a big heart, it’s no wonder her love for Zeke grows in such a unique way. The mystery was riveting.

Bottom Line: Yesterday was Drop Everything and Read Day…how did I miss this?  Oh, yeah, because I was reading.

47 thoughts on “WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

  1. Mz Betty

    I agree with Kym about Rachel Gibson — still do haunt places that have a release date, and somehow I missed this one, dangit! I’m truly hooked on the hockey love interests (I know nothing about hockey except exceptionally manly men with no teeth enjoy it tremendously!!).

    Alway look forward to these reviews. Maybe if I start my laundry on Wednesday instead of whenever we can’t get past the dirty stuff falling in the laundry room floor I too can read these great books and give my opinion…ahem.

  2. Kym Lucas

    Yay! The Torrington duo have another Sophie novel out! Good news for all of us. And, of course, I also missed the memo on “Drop Everything and Read Day.” Darn!

  3. Kym Lucas

    Whoops, just realized I said Torrington instead of Tori Carrington. Hey, Lori, just invented another pen name for you guys!

  4. froggie

    Any book written by Tori Carrington is a winner in my ‘book’ Looking forward to another Sofie story… she’s a kooky girl.

  5. Susan Livingston

    Congrats on the great review, Tori! Can’t wait to read Reckless Pleasures too! Being a military wife, it’ll hit the spot, I’m sure! :)


  6. Tori Carrington

    Wow! You all totally ROCK! Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you for the warm wishes. You sure know how to make a girl smile.


    P.S. Bowing to Barbara and Joyce Ann, the queens of all things awesome. ;D

  7. Tara

    Congrats Tori,Love all your books and can’t wait to read reckless pleasures…Great review on Love Bites can’t wait to read that one either…

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