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Barbara Vey -- April 11th, 2011
Now this is the way I like to start a conference, hugged by Jason Isaacs. Oh, yeah, Sheila English wiggled her way in the picture.

Now this is the way I like to start a conference, hugged by Jason Isaacs. Oh, yeah, Sheila English wiggled her way in the picture.

Finally back on line.  I goofed on my flight home, so I’m now at a Days Inn next to LAX.  Good news is free wi-fi so I can finally post a blog.  Let me try to catch you up on what’s been going on since I arrived at the RT Booklovers Convention in Los Angeles.

Wednesday was the official start and people and their luggage filled with costumes started arriving.  Newbies are offered the RT Virgin session that explains the way things work.  There are three different tracks you can follow, reader, writer and bookseller/librarian.  Workshops and panels are offered for all three and then there are the social events sponsored by authors and publishers.  Veteran RTers and authors Jade Lee and Anne Elizabeth had a full house for RT Advantage, or as some people like to call it:  The Jade and Anne Elizabeth show!  As usual, Anne Elizabeth gave good advice on how to best negotiate the wild and wacky world of RT while Jade provided the comic relief and handed out cool stuff!

Megan Frampton & Liz Edelstein

Megan Frampton & Liz Edelstein

I started the day with breakfast with Liz Edelstein and Megan Frampton of Macmillian Publishing.  They offered a t-shirt and bookbag in the official book bag of goodies.  Then they wandered around the conference and anyone they spied wearing the shirt or carrying the bag got a special gift of a water bottle, books and other goodies to promote their new reader friendly online group Heroes and Heartbreakers.

While we we chatting, Megan noticed Joanna Bourne and since I’m still talking about how much I enjoyed The Spymaster’s Lady, I immediately went to her table and asked her to join us.  She admitted that she was pleasantly surprised by how well her book was received.  Another author meet I can check off my list.

Victoria Alexander & Kristen Painter

Victoria Alexander & Kristen Painter

I had to go to the goodie room to see all the amazing baskets put together by the authors.  They are free giveaways that you just need to fill out an entry form for.  Ok, I admit that I did put my name in for a few, but when they offer great books, chocolate and wine, they got me.

I tried to make it some of the sessions, but I’ve got to tell you that you can’t go two feet without walking into another author.  I stopped to chat with Cathy Maxwell, Sabrina Jeffries, Heather Graham, Victoria Alexander to name a few.  Then it was time to meet Vida Enstrand of Kensington Publishing in the Lounge.  We talked about authors, books and promotions coming up that I’ll be soon announcing on the blog.

Wilmer and me on the set

Wilmer and me on the set

But here’s a special event that I hadn’t planned for.  Sheila English was doing an interview with Howard Gordon (executive producer of “24” and “The X-Files) about his new book, Gideon’s War and needed a videographer.  I grabbed my trusty camera and microphone and we headed off about three blocks where we discovered they were shooting a pilot for a new NBC show.   Sheila did her interview and Howard graciously allowed me to do a Drive By Video with him also.  Then Howard invited us to watch the filming.  I’ve never been on a movie or tv set before, so I was total fan girl.  The main actors were Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and also appeared in The Patriot with Mel Gibson) and Wilmer Valderrama of That 70’s Show.  We got to put headsets on and listen to scene unfold.  It’s going to be a cop show that has twists like Inception and Sliding Doors.  I really hope it gets picked up because I’ll be an instant fan.  After the scene was over, Jason came over to meet us and agreed to a Drive By Video with me.  I was mesmerized by his piercing blue eyes and to die for accent.  He was extremely tolerant of my babbling and completely charming.  Someone has to use him as their inspiration in their next book.  Because of the time, I only got my picture taken with the delightful Wilmer, but he was delightful and I can see why he has such a fanatical following.

Linnea Sinclair (center) & cast of her movie

Linnea Sinclair (center) & cast of her movie

Intergalactic Bar and Grille was overflowing with wine, tiaras and hunks!  The cast of Linnea Sinclair’s movie Down Home Alien Blues was there and added to the hunkiness and the fun.  As usual it included hilarious trivia questions, antics by hostesses, and good participation by their victims…er, customers!  Hostesses included Linnea Sinclair, Jade Lee, Nathalie Gray, Karen Miller, Cricket Starr, Marcella Burnard and Janet Miller.  Oh, and there was a duck toss too!

Bloggers from Carina Dinner

Bloggers from Carina Dinner

Before I knew it, it was time to head off to the Carina Publishing dinner that they offer to bloggers.  Angela James and Malle led us to a wonderful steak place that smelled wonderful.  But the best part was having 10 of us together to fuss over our favorite books.  I got some great suggestions of books I missed and I promised the group I’d try.  As much as I read, I’m always amazed at how much I’m not reading.  So, as soon as I finish them I’ll be writing about them in the New to Me blog.

Bollywood, Ellora's Cave style

Bollywood, Ellora's Cave style

Ellora’s Cave held an amazing Bollywood Party.  They hired a dancing troupe to entertain the audience.  To keep the fun going everyone was offered dance lessons which kept the dance floor packed.  There were gifts and other goodies that had many proclaiming this the “best party ever!”

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, my troubles continued with inconsistent internet connections, no hot water for showers, stuck elevators and spotty cell phone connections.  The computer wouldn’t recognize my video camera, so I couldn’t download anything.  I have it with a tech person now trying to save my Drive By’s.  Keep your fingers crossed. I couldn’t even Tweet and that is unacceptable!

There’ll be more on the conference all week.

Bottom Line: My motto today is smile, smile, smile and the heck with the rest of it…do your worst.

29 thoughts on “RT Finally

  1. joysann

    What a terrific report! I can imagine being there, tagging along, as you talk to all these wonderful authors – and actors. While the inconveniences are regrettable (missed your Twittering), it looks like you had a wonderful time. I’ll be watching for more…

  2. Christine T.

    Barbara: If you ever get the chance, watch the 3 Showtime seasons of “Brotherhood” that starred Jason Isaacs and Jason Clarke (who’s now on ‘Chicago Code’) as brothers. You won’t believe the transformation with Isaacs playing an Irish-American, working-class gangster type from Rhode Island! You might have babbled but if I even saw the man I think I would have hyperventilated and not been able to say anything!

  3. DeeLynn

    Sounds like you had a terrific time. I don’t think I have the stamina to keep up with you, but if I could do half of what you did, I’d be in ” reader heaven “!!!

    Looking forward to more of your reports from LA.

  4. Isis Nocturne

    Sounds like you had a great time, minus the crappy internet and tech issues… Can’t wait to hear/see more from your RT experience!

  5. Leanne

    Hey Barbara, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Sounds like a difficult yet amazing time. I so wish I could have gone :) I look forward to hearing more about your trip and all the wonderful people you met.

  6. Melissa

    Jason Isaacs…yummy! For some reason, in my head, I keep mixing him up with Hugo Weaving, even though they are so very different.
    Can’t wait to read further adventures from RT.

  7. Janet Tronstad

    Barbara — thanks for the recap. I was at the convention on Friday (only) and it was a whirlwind. RT really knows how to throw a good party — er, work convention. I was quite taken with all of the costumes everywhere.

  8. Kym Amaral

    Sounds like a really great time ! I really hope they will be able to save your drive bys…Thanks for sharing your experience with us..I am looking forward to reading more about RT !

    I enjoyed the photos :)

  9. Christina Skye

    You are a dynamo, Barbara.
    Great to see you, as always.

    More reports and convention pictures, please!

    BTW, thanks for sitting for a scarf video too.

  10. Chelsea Rafferty

    Wow Barbara! That was a lot of info Blog :D love love love it! I’m sitting here going More, More please?! hehe! :) And I just have to let any Publishers who read this blog.. pick me to come work for you LOL! Seriously, would love a job working for authors or publishers :D I’m not picky! ;) Problem is I think most of the big publishers are in N.Y. and not Florida lol ;) Oh well, a girl can dream right?

    And *squeals* on meeting Jason Isaacs. You said you got a video with him? PLEASE tell me you’re going to post that later? LOL XD

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  13. Sheila

    “Oh, yeah, Sheila English wiggled her way in the picture.” Uh…yeah, right. ROFL!!!! We had such a fabulous time and everyone there was so wonderful. It was funny that Wilmer came up to you asking if you’d take a picture with him too!! That cracked me up. I have no idea who they thought we were, they just saw Howard treating us like we were somebody and they believed it! Gotta love Howard!!! LOL Next time I’m seeing Ray Bradbury. Wonder who might do the video for me? *looks at Barbara sheepishly*


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