4th Anniversary Bash: Contemporary, Historical, Erotica, E-Books, Audio

Barbara Vey -- March 11th, 2011
Party Castle

Party Castle

The mall was a blast, even with Justin Bieber there.  Just a couple of little skirmishes between Team Jacob and Team Edward, but other than that major eating and shopping going on.  The book stores were packed and there were so many happy, smiling people.  Today we venture to Europe to a wonderfully restored castle.  So many cool rooms to explore and the history of the place makes it perfect for the setting in any time period of a book.

Our cup runneth over today with eReader giveaways.  Our honorary guests who have kindly donated them are thrilled that they will be going to readers who really appreciate all they do.  Lori Foster with spring flowers to decorate for the party and lift everyone’s spirits,  The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood who are bringing Cocktails and Homemade Ruby Slipper Sugar Cookies, Rosemary Harris, Louisa Edwards has made delicious party snacks,  Ellora’s Cave and the team of C.H. Admirand, Tara Nina,  and Anne Elizabeth.  Thank you ladies very much for the bestest, most wanted item ever!

M. J. Rose is going to start everything off with Champagne.  Nothing like a glass of the bubbly. Looks like Leslie Carroll is on the same page with her tiara and enough Cristal champagne for all!  Gwen Roman has crepes to go with her champagne.  But Shari Anton plans to bring several bottles of wine – Seven Deadly Zins (yes, a real wine and rather good).  Kelly Jamieson is carrying in  several bottles of one of her favorite wines, Menage à Trois to share with everyone!  Ann Lethbridge is bringing the rataflia while Tara Scott is a red wine woman.

Birds of Paradise bouquet

Birds of Paradise bouquet


Lisa Hendrix is lugging in a bowl of the very best mead (honey wine) and jewel encrusted cups from which to drink it.  Lynne Raye Harris says, “I’ll bring margaritas served by shirtless, brooding Harlequin Presents billionaires.” (Hopefully without their pregnant Italian mistress’ half-sister.)  Kate Rothwell says, “I brought Birds of paradise bouquet because they are so odd yet pretty. Also this cocktail, drop a sugar cube into a champagne glass, add a few drops of bitters then pour in the champagne You have a Champagne Cocktail I’m not crazy about this drink, but it was all the rage back in the day. You could add a bit of pureed white peach to champagne if you’d rather. Then I’ve given you the traditional fruit and flowers.”

Here’s Elizabeth Amber with Satyrs bearing Roman wine circa the 1880s–enough to heat up any stone-cold castle.  While Kimberly Killion is bringing a “Hawt Scot,” Christina Brook likes hot dukes in boots & buckets of rack punch. Cathy Maxwell says it’s all about, “The Cabana Boys!!!”

Jacquie Rogers has come with five rugged cowhands in chaps to serve hors d’oeuvres to the fair maidens of the castle.  They might look a bit out of place but these men will be accomplished at tipping their Stetsons to the ladies and drawling, “Howdy, ma’am.” (And just as accomplished at roping rattlers and wrestling grizzlies.)  The castle wenches are fighting over the men, but each of the five resists–holding out for their true lady loves.  Hors d’oeuvres include son-of-a-gun stew, sourdough biscuits, and vinegar pie, made special in brand spankin’ new cast iron Dutch ovens.  And they’re also serving homemade beer straight-up from the keg, but have been known to slosh a bit when serving maidens with ample cleavage.

Jade Lee brought ball gowns in a costuming corner but she’ll be wearing pirate clothing for Kit Frazier her pirate hero.  T.C. Archer has “A year’s supply of boob cream for anyone who can guess what omega radiation is.”  (I’m sure it’s something to do with a book, but I’m afraid to ask.)

For entertainment, Blythe Gifford is offering falcons, in case the party wants to indulge in a hunt.  But C.H. Admirand is strolling in with The Garahan brothers–dark-haired, dark-eyed, handsome cowboys from Pleasure, Texas: they will be on hand to help pass around the Mega-Margaritas and long-necked bottles of beer courtesy of the Lucky Star Ladies’ Club. Michelle Styles has taken over the ballroom and brought a chamber orchestra with a bevy of gorgeous hunks to dance with. As they are from a number of time periods, the men are adept at wide variety of dances –from the dances that scandalized the roman Republic to a variety of polkas and waltzes from the Victorian era.  Great minds think alike, so Lynna Banning is bringing dancing guys.



Tara Nina is thinking of other entertainment when she comes in with the gang from the Devilish Delights adult toy store, Shelley-the official product tester-and her tenacious cousin, Emma Jean-the store’s owner and samples of their favorite sex toys. Thinking more historically, Katherine Ashe says, “I will bring to the party a brave and handsome warrior upon a valiant steed. He will be available to any damsel in dire need, preferably in a romantic and dimly lit corner somewhere on the fringe of the festivities.”  Alana Jolie Abbott has an armload of lances for those sexy jousters she hired as entertainment.

Meanwhile, Anne Elizabeth is handing out Tia Stanton’s mighty meteorite hamburgers with all the fixings compliments of VIVANT, the paranormal store that is alive.  Also, in attendance are Witt – King of the Brinn – and his muscular friend Augustine and the wise, dynamic Yorinnce.  These gentlemen will be using their magical powers to make the attendees hover and fly.  Power up!  But for something a little tamer, Keri Ford has brought Apple Tea with basket full of Apple Muffins (and for those looking for a little kick, she has a bit of vanilla vodka, apple juice, cinnamon and cream. We can mix up some Apple Pie cocktails right here!)  Phoebe Conn is back to basics with guacamole and chips.

Robyn Carr came with the Preacher from Jack’s Bar, so he can whip up his favorite recipes for the ladies. Kris Kennedy is offering a tour guide for medieval Ireland. And Jeannie Lin has potstickers (one of her favorite foods in the world).  Susan Meier said, “I’ll bring the dragon.”

Sabrina Jefferies came with the Hellions of Halstead Hall, the notorioius Sharpe clan. Lord Jarret will bring several decks of cards and run a tournament for lords and ladies alike (but watch Jarret! He has quite the reputation for gambling!) He will also bring libations from the family’s brewery.

Fresh Fiction says, “Although a night in a castle sounds romantic, if you’re by yourself or just with the ghosts of loves past, you’ll need a book to curl up with under the down duvet (hey, those castles are notoriously DRAFTY). So Fresh Fiction is bringing a bag of six books to get you through the night. And they smell better than the ointment your sweetheart is using to soothe his muscles after a rough day of “defending the castle.”

To make everything pretty Jennifer Lewis has arrived with armfuls of tropical flowers to decorate the castle, a fountain flowing with killer rum cocktails and some coconut munchies.  Fiona Lowe has sunshine, golden sand, beach towels and pavlova for a virtual beach in a corner of the castle.  “I’m bringing several baskets of figs some rose-water cakes, and several golden thrones for us to sit upon,” says Stephanie Dray.  For that romantic mood, Diane Gaston has candles, in a beautiful silver candleabara, because a castle can’t have too many candles.

Always practical, Debbie Macomber is bringing camera, color printer and scrapbooking materials so everyone can preserve memories of the day–and the friendships they make in the castle!

Bottom Line: I’d watch out for Debbie Macomber and her camera…never know what may end up on Facebook.

Here’s the rules.  Leave any comment and get an entry to win one of the fabulous prizes.  You can comment more than once for more chances.  Winners will be picked daily and posted on the blog March 14th.  Winners will have until March 20th to claim their prize or forfeit it.

Many thanks to the following for their generous offerings:

Lori Foster – e-Reader

Ruby Slippered Sisterhood - e-Reader

C.H. Admirand, Tara Nina & Anne Elizabeth – e-Reader

Louisa Edwards – e-Reader and book

Rosemary Harris – e-Reader

Ellora’s Cave – e-Reader

Debbie Macomber – 5 copies of Between Friends trade paperback

Karen Marie Moning – A Shadowfever MP3

Sabrina Jeffries – The three Hellions of Halstead Hall books published to date:  The Truth About Lord Stoneville, A Hellion in Her Bed and How to Woo a Reluctant Lady, a collectible and (very) limited edition deck of A Hellion in Her Bedplaying cards, a set of the Hellions bookmarks available to date, plus a lovely blue cameo necklace reminiscent of the one Minerva wore when Giles Masters rocked her world with a passion ate kiss on the occasion of her 19th birthday.

Victoria Alexander – Desires of a Perfect Lady, The Virgin’s Secret and Believe. And a Victoria Alexander coffee mug.

M.J. Rose – The Reaincarnatoinist, The Memorist, The Hypnotist

Lynn Raye Harris – A signed copy of my April Harlequin Presents, The Devil’s Heart

Nancy Naigle – Adorable travel mug and assorted Harney and Sons tea.

Robyn Carr – A Virgin River backpack, with three of Robyn’s sought-after Virgin River backlist so the lucky winner can be a book-carrying, romance-packing romance fan!

Tessa Dare – signed copy of Twice Tempted by a Rogue on Friday March 11th -

Fresh Fiction – six randomly chosen historical romance books mailed to one winner US / Canada

Michelle Styles – a copy of my latest release — Breaking the Governess’s Rules

Ann Lethbridge – Undone  short stories in the anthology Scandalous Regency Nights

Susan Meier – A copy of my new book THE BABY PROJECT

Lisa Hendrix – a signed copy of IMMORTAL CHAMPION, plus an official Immortal Brotherhood mug.

Christina Brooke – $20 Amazon.com gift certificate

Kimberly Killion – My two recent releases from Ellora’s Cave: EDUCATING APHRODITE & TAMING A HIGHLAND DEVIL + 2 images off

Jade Lee – a copy of Wicked Surrender and Wicked Seduction

Cathy Maxwell – A copy of HIS CHRISTMAS PLEASURE

Shari Anton – paperback copy of AT HER SERVICE and the ebook of EMILY’S CAPTAIN, both Historicals,

Elizabeth Amber – signed Dane, The Lords of Satyr & Bastian cover flat (May 2011 release)

T.C. Archer – A digital copy of Sasha’s Calling, an erotic space opera from Loose Id.

Minnette Meador – Ecopies of The Centurion & The Queen & The Edge of Honor

Kelly Jamieson – signed copy of my contemporary romance Friends With Benefits

Tarah Scott – Digital copy of the erotic fantasy/paranormal Born Into Fire

Christina Phillips – A copy of one of my ancient historical romances - FORBIDDEN or CAPTIVE (winner’s choice)

Jacquie Rogers – 1 autographed copy of Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues and 1 Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues cap

Blythe Gifford – copy of HIS BORDER BRIDE

Sue Grimshaw – would love to donate virtual Seattle’s Best Mocha’s complimentary from Borders & giveaway a chance to Blog on Borders True Romance Blog -www.bordersblog.com/trueromance!

C.H. Admirand – 5 copies of TYLER March 1st contemporary western romance release from Sourcebooks

Tara Nina – 5 copies of either Devilish Delights or Double Dilemma and providing the link to her latest release Tasting Devilish Delights available March 14th as a Free Read from EC.

Anne Elizabeth – 5 copies of graphic novel PULSE OF POWER by Anne Elizabeth, 1st book in the PULSE series.

Desiree Holt – 5 winners – choice of ebook from my backlist which currently numbers 98!

Kris Kennedy - a copy of the book, The Irish Warrior

Keri Ford – The first two contemporary erotic ebook novellas of my Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas Series- Through The Wall & On The Fence


Michelle Willingham – I’d be happy to give a signed print copy of my anthology Delectably Undone (Harlequin Historical) and also an electronic copy of my short story “A Wish to Build a Dream On” (originally published in the Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance)

Katherine Ashe – Swept Away By a Kiss (2010)

Leslie Carroll – a signed copy of my new nonfiction release ROYAL PAINS: A ROGUES’ GALLERY OF BRATS, BRUTES, AND BAD SEEDS (NAL Trade)

Lynna Banning – Latest novel, Lady Lavender (February 2011), mass market paperback; Two additional western novels

Jennifer Lewis – a copy of my April release The Prince’s Pregnant Bride. It’s the first my my three book Royal Rebels series out this year.

Fiona Lowe – A copy of Single Dad’s Triple Trouble

Virna DePaul – e-copies of Copping To It and Cop Appeal, erotic novellas by Ava Meyers

Gwen Roman – 2 copies of ebook Trail of the Tudor Blue

J.S. Laurenz – To Conquer the Heart of a King

Stephanie Dray – a copy of Lily of the Nile: A Novel of Cleopatra’s Daughter

Brenna Lyons – A copy in PDF of each 2011 release I have, delivered by email to the winner on release day (note that this will be at least 8 ebook releases, and some releases are erotic).  1 copy of June 2011 Harlequin American Romance, The Officer’s Girl

Leigh Duncan - Autographed, 1 copy of April 2010 Harlequin American Romance, The Officer’s Girl and 1 copy of June 2011 Harlequin American Romance, The Daddy Catch (as soon as it’s available)

Jeannie Lin – Autographed Print or eBook (w/ autographed cover flat) of Butterfly Swords (winners choice) + eBook of The Taming of Mei Lin

Jillian Burns – I can donate one of my recent Harlequin Blaze books

Alana Joli Abbot – An e-book copy of Into the Reach

Mariah Stewart – a copy of each of the first three books in the Chesapeake Diaries – Coming Home, Home Again, and Almost Home, and a Mariah Stewart coffee mug.

Kate Rothwell – my latest book, a Summer Devon story called Powder of Love, a m/f historical romance set in New York City

Total E-Bound -  One e-book of the winner’s choice from one of these links  contemporary or Historical

BTW…you can find me at Twitter and Facebook

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