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Barbara Vey -- December 27th, 2007

Because the holidays are on Tuesdays this year, our WW meetings are canceled, so no WW ladies this week.  But we still have friends who are willing to weigh in with blurbs from the books they’ve been reading.  And let me take this opportunity to thank all who have gone above and beyond by helping me to read the piles of books that, as we speak, are tumbling over.  Loretta, Jan, Judy, Rhonda, Jenny, Anne, Lynda, Deb, Samantha, Gail and Joyce.  My heartfelt thanks for putting the word out on terrific books and the authors who write them.  Here’s to blowing the lid off of 2008!

Thunder Moon by Lori Handeland

Reviewed by Joyce

Grace McDaniel is a young woman who has ignored the spiritual side of her Cherokee heritage to become the Sheriff of Lake Bluff, Georgia.  After a particularly bad thunderstorm, folks appear to be dying of natural causes at an alarming rate.   She becomes suspicious of the new doctor in town, Ian Walker, and investigates him as well as the superstitions and folklore of the region.  The magic that surrounds them is not only the supernatural kind, and she can’t seem to distance her mind from her heart.

Whoo-wee!  Narrated with ease and humor, this suspenseful story might be one of the best in the series, though since they’re all so good, that is difficult to decide.  The heroine seemed to be someone I’d like to know – or be in my next life. I read Thunder Moon in a day, and had a very hard time putting it down to do small things like –oh– go to my place of employment.

Since discovering the Nightcreature novels, my motorcycle rides through the forests of northern Wisconsin have changed;  I keep looking for werewolf crossing signs…

Southern Seduction by Alexandria Scott

Reviewed by Anne

Brooke Hammond was a courtesan in England until her final "gentleman friend" leaves her Moss Grove plantation in America.  This is her chance to begin her live anew.  Travis Montgomery thinks he owns the plantation until he finds out his English father has put conditions on the ownership.  Furious, Travis realizes he must figure out a way to work things out with Brooke to fulfill the terms of the will or risk losing everything.

This book manages to intertwine the aristocracy of England with the simplier ways of American culture.  Throw in an angry Mother and her Creole family, a delightful niece, along with the colorful plantation staff and you have a read that’s fast paced and fun.  (Note:  While there were several editing errors that were extremely frustrating to a reader, Barbara has assured me that this is not the fault of the author.  Good to know.)

Athena Force – Line of Sight by Rachel Caine

Reviewed by Joyce 

Two teenage girls are kidnapped off the street near their boarding school, Athena Academy.  A call for help is placed to former student, FBI Special Agent Katie Rush, who specializes in finding missing persons.  When a handsome, charming man shows up claiming to have a psychic ability that will help her find the girls, she views him, and her feelings for him, with misgivings.  Katie must make critical choices, always aware of the urgency and danger of the situation.

Fast and suspenseful, this book kept me on the edge, and left me wanting more.  Which is a good thing as I discovered that this book is one of a continuity by Silhouette Books entitled Athena Force.  Going back to 2004, a multitude of authors have written about the extra-special women of the Athena Academy, their individual abilities and problems, and the need to keep under the public radar.  I am working on finding other books in this series and hope that they measure up to this work by Rachel Caine.

Marjorie M. Liu’s approach to writing (picture from her blog).

Bottom Line:  2007 was the year of the blog…2008 will be the year of the book…write on people, write on. 

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  1. mary s

    Thanks Barb for your blog–was wondering if you were still OK or snow-bound or whatever? I still have 6 of your books from the trunk–I’ll have Gerry write a synopsis of them since he is leisurely retired & reading them all!


    Utterly pent written content, appreciate it for selective information. “The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.” by Corra Harris.

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