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Barbara Vey -- November 18th, 2008

Storm Born by Richelle MeadYahoo now has a section with events in your city, so I was checking out the happenings in Milwaukee.  I don’t go out a lot and haven’t been to the downtown bars in many moons.  So I was shocked to see that Victor’s on Van Buren was listed as having Ladies Night and a dance contest.  You have to understand that Victor’s was "the place to be seen" when I was 21, but has become known over the years as menopause lounge (it’s where a lot of men go who are attending conferences).  Maybe I’ll stop in and see if I recognize any of my old buds.  And there is that dance contest.

JoysannStorm Born by Richelle Mead   Read by joysann   Is your garden haunted? Got a nuisancy poltergeist?   As adept at using a gun as she is a wand, Eugenie Markham is a shaman for hire, and she uses both magic and arcane methods to force evil Otherworld denizens out of her human world. Able to cross through the barrier, she is asked to rescue a girl that had been kidnapped by fairies. The task forces Eugenie to reconsider her views of the Otherworld, and she finds she influences the lives and the deaths of the sidhe more than she imagined.   Richelle Mead starts her new Dark Swan series with a wild blend of urban fantasy and fairy-tale magic. Beguiling, the story immediately drew me in, and I was happy to stay there. Though Richelle makes the fanciful seem pretty straightforward, I enjoyed the discombobulation of falling down the rabbit hole. 

EmilyScandalous by Night by Barbara PierceScandalous Night

Read by Emily


Twelve years ago Lord Everod’s reputation and life was ruined by one small 15 year old girl. But when he is on the verge of marrying another, Maura Keighly steps back into his life making this second chance seem impossible. Everod sets out to seduce and ruin her, but his plans backfire when he finds himself falling for Maura. To his dismay, his own friends are taking the girl under their wings, trying to protect her from his ‘unwanted’ advances. Through it all, Everod still has an ever building rage toward the young woman that could ultimately be both their downfall.


This is the fourth novel in Barbara’s Carlisle series. I had been looking forward to reading Everod’s story, and now that it is out I can bluntly say it didn’t disappoint. The characters aren’t two dimensional.  They jump off the page feeling completely real. They show their true personalities and like all people, you love one side, while hating the other.  I immensly enjoyed Barbara’s newest novel and fell in love with her remarkable characters.

JanMy Sisters by Ann RothMy Sisters by Ann Roth

Read by Jan

Three sisters, gone their separate ways and no longer close, are reunited at their childhood home upon the unexpected death of their estranged mother. Each had suffered abuse from her while growing up, not physical but verbal and indifference,  that had shaped them into the scarred young women of today. While cleaning out the house and preparing for a yard sale, they touched on  long-forgotten memories and forced them to face the painful experiences that had influenced their lives.   It’s all about relationships…I enjoyed seeing how each sister faced her shortcomings by looking into the past.

StaceyThe Rogue and the Rival by Maya RodaleThe Rogue and the Rival by Maya Rodale

Read by Stacey

A man wakes up to discover he’s in an Abbey and has been tended to by what he percieves as a vision of loveliness.  A young woman finds herself nursing an injured man back to health before she takes her vows.  Nuns, Abbesses, Negligent Chaperones and tattered reputations abound.   One of the things I’ve come to love are the books where multiple layers of meaning exist to defy the expectations of those who seem to think genre fiction is meaningless.  ‘The Rogue and the Rival’ is one of them.  Maya tells a story of fate and destiny-of whether we make our own or whether we are forced to make do with the reputations society bestows upon us.  The stage upon which this story is told is, of course, filled with almost photographic discriptions, amazing characterization and clever dialogue.  I just want to see what she does next.

Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard
Loretta Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard

Read by Loretta

Gabriel Jones and Jenna McMillan are brought together when they are hired to protect a "high risk client during his flight to Argentina.  Gabe remembers Jenna from a former assignation and Jenna comes to find a story for her magaine in the States.

Sparks fly in all directions – provided by guns, bombs, torture and romance with a capital "R."  This suspenseful and romantic story will keep your eyes glued to the page.  An unusual and unexpected ending is the frosting on this book!

DinaOnce Upon a Thanksgiving by Holly JacobsOnce Upon a Thanksgiving by Holly Jacobs

Read by Dina   Samantha Williams, is a divorced mom with 3 boys, a daughter and a very demanding cat.  So, as if trying to work and raise her family was not enough, she has now volunteered to do a Thanksgiving pagent at the kids school.  So there is no time to even think about a relationship anytime soon or so she thinks until she meets up with an old childhood friend Harry Remington, who turns out to be the new interim principle at the same school. Harry is enjoying spending time with Samantha’s family as friends, but he realizes how he misses what a real home can be.   Samantha and Harry were very affectionate toward one another and they let their passions open up and not think about the past. I loved it how Harry was not afraid to show his feelings toward a woman with kids and that he could not love only Samantha, but her children too. &
nbsp; I thought Holly did a wonderful job of making you feel part of the family, just with her words. 

JoysannLiving with the Dead by Kelley ArmstrongLiving with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong

Read by Joysann

When Robyn Peltier finds herself relentlessly pursued by a despicable homicidal stalker, she turns to her supernatural friends Hope and Karl for help. At the same time, homicide detective John "Finn" Findlay looks to his own supernatural talents to find the killer. Since Finn’s suspect is Robyn, the predators and prey revolve in increasingly tighter circles.  
  This engrossing Women of the Otherworld series book is a complex, multi-point of view story that allowed me no escape (in a good way).  Kelley Armstrong just keeps getting better and better.

EmilyInnocence Unveiled by Blythe GiffordInnocence Unveiled by Blythe Gifford

Read by Emily
When a mysterious and secretive trader, Renard, comes to her door, Katrine de Gravere barters lodging in her home for his much needed wool.  Who knew when she allowed this stranger into her home, she would be taking the greatest risk of all?  Katrine needed the wool to keep her looms full, and her business intact.  Her father had been arrested under false pretenses, and he needed her to keep the family business alive.  Renard, hopes no one finds out why he is in this little town. When he makes Katrine the promise to bring her wool; who knew that he’d be drawn into her life and ultimately her love?

The reasons why Renard is sneaking around this little town seem so obvious, but the outcome isn’t what you expect.  I was enthralled by the mystery and delightful characters.

Bottom Line:  Dancing shoes…check, ID (they do look at it at the door)…check, dust off little black book…check, Advil…check.  All ready for Victor’s.  Oh, and bought new tube of Ben Gay.

Would you ever return to old stomping grounds?
After 30 years? Not on your life!
Sure, I’m nosy and have to know what’s going on.
Not tonight…it’s Dancing with the Stars.
Maybe, if I could get some friends to come along.
Definitely, I’m wild and crazy.
Other…Please post comments on Beyond Her Book blog.

40 thoughts on “WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

  1. Holly Jacobs

    First, Thanks so much for taking the time to read Once Upon a Thanksgiving, Dina! They say writers write what they know. As the mother of four, I do ‘know’ PTAs! The trilogy was/is near and dear to my heart! And Barbara, I still live where I grew up, so I go back every day. I drive by the corner where the ice cream store I used to work at was. I go out by my old high school… We live in the house my dh grew up in, even! LOL Holly

  2. cindy gerard

    Thanks so much for featuring Show No Mercy on the blog today. Love that the reviewer (thank you Loretta) appreciated the complexities of the book! And I do like to go back to the old stomping grounds from time to time … it’s sad, though to see how things change. good thing I’ve got my memories :o )

  3. Natale Stenzel

    Holly Jacobs’ books always touch the heart, and very often the funny bone as well. I’m looking forward to opening this one up over T’giving myself*g*. Great selection of books this week! As for the rest … would I revisit old stomping grounds? Mmmmmmaybe. Depends on the grounds and how well I stomped them at the time*g*.

  4. Shari Anton

    Already have Cindy Gerard’s book in my TBR pile, need to pick up Blythe Gifford’s and maybe a couple of others. Thank you, ladies, for the marvelous blurbs! And I’ve never been in Victor’s, and I’m just not curious enough to go have a peek :) .

  5. Marilyn

    I never had stomping grounds. I led such a dull life. Still do actually. My answer in the poll was “Not tonight. It’s Dancing with the Stars.” I’ll have to check out the Yahoo thing. My sister and I are going to Atlanta next month to celebrate my successful completion of NaNoWriMo. How’s that for motivation to get ‘r done? Anyway, the Christmas show at the Fox we thought was scheduled for the days we’ll be there is actually 10 days earlier. I’d pulled last year’s info by mistake. So I need to find out what’s going on in Hotlanta for those days. Great reviews, ladies! You amaze me with your insight.

  6. Jacquie Rogers

    Wow, two of my favorite authors featured in one day: Ann Roth and Barbara Pierce! I haven’t read either of these new books but I will. The other books look terrific, too. This blog is murderous to my book budget, you know! * * * As for hanging out, I have a class reunion next summer and we plan to hang out at the Frosty Palace, eat burgers and drink cherry coke while sitting in muscle cars. Now all we have to do is find some muscle cars. It seems as we all have sedans and SUVs these days, and not one of them will top 130 mph. Sheesh.

  7. Alana Abbott

    I didn’t really have old stomping grounds that felt hip and cool–mostly just restaurants where I was a regular, or, say, my college. :) But I’d definitely go out with friends to a place where I’d spent happy times! As for the WW books–yay Storm Born! The book ended up being much different than I expected upon picking it up (and having read Richelle Mead’s succubus series); it’s a little grittier, and I think she’s done an excellent job with it. I’m excited to read more.

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