Getting Ready for Summer Book Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- May 31st, 2008

The other day I blogged about the USA Today article not mentioning romance books on their summer read lists.  Well,  they need to think of romance in broader terms, like when it’s added to mystery, suspense, paranormal and historicial, among others.  Here’s a few that belong on your beach blanket.

Another edition of the Saturday WW Ladies Book Blurbs. 

The Silver Spoon by Stacey Klemstein

Read by Joyce
She doesn’t know why, but in the two years since the Observers arrived on earth, Texas waitress Zara Mitchell has dreaded the day when she meets one.  The nightmares she suffers seem to her to foretell personal disasters to come.  When the first alien she sees in person comes into her diner, the place is demolished in an explosion that she survives only because of his protection.  And that’s only the beginning of Zara’s troubles.
I’ve always enjoyed alien invasion stories, and I haven’t found one I’ve liked in quite awhile, but here’s one.  With The Silver Spoon, the "what if" question is raised again in an imaginative manner, giving the story a fresh and provocative approach.  My curiosity is piqued, and I’ll be getting the second book, Eye of the Beholder, to satisfy it.     

Gentlemen Behaving Badly by Michelle Marcos

Read by Emily

Mina Halliday found a job in an infamous brothel, offering her writing talents to the madame. Her writing was sensual and brought men in droves to meet “Lollie” the seductive woman writing these letters. But she had ulterior motives. She had to catch the gentleman that falsely accused her father, and sent him to jail. In the process, she meets Chief Constable Salter Lambrick. He is investigating a murder, and the deceased was found with one of Mina’s letters in his pocket. After assuring himself that Mina is not the killer, the two work together to uncover the real murderer. In the process, Salter finds himself drawn to Mina, but she doesn’t think that Salter really likes her. He sees her as a means to an end. If she helps him, then the case will be solved quicker. But Salter really has fallen for this mouse of a woman, but can he convince her before it’s too late? 

Michelle Marcos is a new author making a big splash. Gentlemen Behaving Badly is one to put on your “to be read” list. It has mystery, intrigue, passion, and murder. What more do you need? I loved Mina, and how she had to overcome her dowdiness to become a seductive woman. Not many can pull off a scheme like that. 
The Widow by Carla Neggers

Read by Jan
Not even married a week and Abigail Browning found herself a widow, her husband, Christopher, shot to  death on their honeymoon at his boyhood home in Mount Desert Island, Maine. 
Abigail, a homicide detective for 7 years with the Boston police force, returns on their anniversary after receiving an anonymous call that may or may not help to solve the murder.  Many of Christopher’s friends and neighbors clearly do not want her there snooping around. One of Chris’ good friends, Owen Garrison, still has feelings of guilt that he wasn’t able to save him in time. He joins Abigail (in more ways than one!) in an attempt to discover the truth behind the mystery of Chris’ death.
I’ve not read Carla Neggers’ books before, but will definitely seek them out now –an exceptional story teller.

Sucker Bet by Erin McCarthy

Read by Joyce
Having been a proper reserved lady, Gwenna Carrick has decided to grow a backbone.  After being "protected" and sheltered by her now ex-husband and her brother for the last 900 years, she’s going to take a chance and get involved with people on her own, even mortals.  The first mortal she meets she finds to be an amazingly attractive, compassionate, and virile police detective she encounters at a murder scene.  Could they have something together, or did she just meet him on a particularly bad day?
The convoluted and incongruous society of the Vegas Vampires has been a lot of fun to watch evolve, with its whacky characters and peculiar problems.  Besides, I love the gorgeous book covers.

Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake by Laurie Brown

Read by Emily

Paranormal Investigator, Josie Drummond was hired to prove that there was a ghost living at Castle Waite. But she can’t find any trace of paranormal activity and as she’s breaking the news to her employer, a manifestation appears of t
he most incredible specimen of a man. It turns out that this ghost is the ninth Earl of Waite, Deverell Thornton, and he needs Josie’s help. It seems that the family estate needs an influx of cash, and he proposes they travel back in time to find the missing emeralds that were stolen from the family. They travel back to 1815, and Josie has to learn etiquette, manners, and deportment before making an appearance at the country house party. The only problem is that Deverell is still a ghost, and the human Dev is tempting beyond belief. They have to overcome a series of obstacles before Deverell and Josie have to return to the present, but does she chose to remain with the tempting Dev, or return to the present where she belongs. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially the time travel aspect. Throughout the book, I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if she’s going to stay in the past or go back to the present?” Now I won’t reveal what happens, but I was on pins and needles until the very end. 

Bottom Line:  I’ve got my summer books ready, now I just need it to actually be summer (I’m sick of wearing sweaters).  

19 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Summer Book Blurbs

  1. Stacy G.

    The Silver Spoon, and its sequel Eye of the Beholder, are both great books that won’t let you down! Suspense, romance, intrigue and hot aliens…these books have it all. Stacey Klemstein is a fantastic writer, skilled at character development, plot and killer dialogue! I highly recommend giving these books a read!

  2. Patty Vasquez

    Zara’s story will stay with you long after you have finished reading both The Silver Spoon and Eye of the Beholder. I’m anxiously awaiting the next stage in Zara’s adventure. In the meantime, Stacey Klemstein has a new mystery soon to be available, Bitter Pill. I’m looking forward to the release of this book, too!

  3. Linnea Sinclair

    I was fortunate to read Klemstein’s The Silver Spoon when it first came out and then be a beta-reader for the sequel, Eye of the Beholder. Both books rock, seriously rock and I’m expecting great things from Stacey Klemstein in the future. Her writing is tight, on-point, effective. Her characters are believable and dynamic. Her plotting is flawless. Klemstein produces edge-of-your-seat reads. So when is Bantam or Ace or Berkley going to sit up and take notice? ~Linnea

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