Thrillerfest: And No Coffeemaker

Barbara Vey -- July 8th, 2009
Jeff, Andrew and Shane

A free day here in NY before Thrillerfest begins, but I had to change hotels and that’s always a hassle. Only 5 blocks away, but too far to walk with luggage.  I wandered around Grand Central Station and came back to the room to read.  While strolling through the lobby, I ran into old pals from last year, Andrew Peterson and Shane Gericke along with Jeff Ayers.  So,  we decided to do an annual picture since I took one last year. 

People are trickling in and I saw Heather Graham and her entourage (she does have 5 kids after all!) and was glad to see the Gears (W. Michael and Katherine O’Neal) had arrived.  I also met D.P. Lyle, M.D. who wrote Forensics for Dummies.  He’s the man with all the answers to those yucky questions.  It’s a lot like a family reunion.

Once again no coffeemaker in the room, but I’m a little smarter this time around.  Ran to the store and bought a small coffeemaker and coffee.  Here at the Hyatt a small pot of room service coffee is $12 with a $5 delivery charge (per person!) and 15% additional charge.  I’m thinking of selling to go cups for $2 to the other conventioneers to make a few extra bucks.  Wednesday is registration and I am so ready to get this party started.

Bottom Line:  Coffee in the hotel room at 4 a.m….priceless.

28 thoughts on “Thrillerfest: And No Coffeemaker

  1. Blurbette Heidi E

    As a makeup girl myself, I have to agree with Shari that no woman should attempt any makeup with a shot in the morning, especially mascara!! You are just asking for black around the eyes and not on the lashes!! You are a brilliant woman Barbara Vey! :)

  2. Beth from Long Island Romance Writers

    that is a very cool idea! I wanted to suggest another way to go — Starbucks sells “French Press” containers, a class do-hickey that presses in hot water and sieves the ground coffee — giving you some of the best tasting coffee around. Just something to consider if you find a hotel that won’t let you use “outside” appliances.


    No coffee!! What’s with that? I would so be a zombie. Oh, wait, that’s another conference, right? Love the videos and the stories. It’s grand fun to sit here at home and live vicariously through you!

  4. Alana Abbott

    This year on a trip abroad, the professor I worked for took his own French press so that he could have freshly brewed coffee every morning (rather than Nescafe or espresso). It’s priceless to have the right kind of coffee, on demand!

  5. Amy J. Fetzer

    How did I go through Thrillerfest and not see you Barbara???? Darn it. Good conference, great people. The no coffee maker in the rooms irked me, especially when the hotel charged me and my roomie individually for 8 cups of coffee. $$$

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