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Barbara Vey -- March 17th, 2014

virna-2Many thanks to today’s guest blogger, Virna DePaul.  Virna is a former criminal prosecutor and national bestselling author of paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. She writes for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, HQN, and Random House. In her off hours, she loves broadway musicals, spending time with her family and friends, and connecting with other romance readers. 


Swag (noun, verb)

Swag from a Lori Foster event

Swag from a Lori Foster event

1. Slang

a. plunder or booty, as in promotional merchandise

b. The way a person carries herself; confidence, appearance, or style

Romance readers love swag. Which is good, because every year, romance authors go to great lengths to fill hundreds of conference registration bags with little goodies. Why? Because we’re hoping to introduce ourselves to new readers and to remind readers who are already our fans how awesome our books are.

-6The problem is, however, it is very possible—no, probable—that our swag will get lost among the sea of other swag in those bags. That can be a disheartening thought—just like imagining our books lost among a sea of other books would be. But romance writers are a hearty (and creative) bunch, otherwise we wouldn’t be putting our hearts and souls on paper for public consumption to begin with.


Swag is just another extension of our professional brand, one to be taken seriously. It’s a greeting and a handshake to readers when we can’t be physically present. As such, the swag should truly be a representation of ourselves and our stories.

These tips on how to stand out in the overcrowded job market apply beautifully to author swag!

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2 thoughts on “Got Swag?

  1. ColleenC. :)

    I love the useful swag… I use the pens and pads, the mugs, the nail files, etc. Others I keep out for awhile because I love the cover on them… :D

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