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WW Ladies Book Club

Barbara Vey -- October 30th, 2013

Tomorrow night is Trick or Treat here and as I was buying the candy to give out, I was thinking how nice it would be if I could give out books instead.  I’m not sure all the kids would appreciate it, but if there is a chance to get one book in a child’s hand, I’m all in.  I need to figure out a way to collect enough books during the year.  Another lofty project.  But until then, here’s what the WW Ladies have been reading.




Enclave by Ann Aguirreenclave

Read by Amanda, 12

Deuce lives underground in an enclave. her dream has always been to be a huntress. Once she becomes one, she and her partner Fade are kicked out of the enclave to go Topside. Freaks have escaped from underground and are attacking Topside. Fade and Deuce travel to find what Fade’s father told them of a “better place”.

I was intrigued by the premise of this book and could not stop reading it. Deuce’s story was so interesting! I was entertained by this twisted adventure and enjoyed it with every turn of the page.




White Hot by Nina Bruhnswhite hot

Read by Heidi

Clint Walker is a US Navy Lieutenant Commander on the run from trained Chinese killers. Clint must get the stolen information back to the US before he’s captured. He stows away on the Ile de Coeur, which is run by Captain Samantha Richardson. Samantha is as tough as they come, and she won’t let anything or anyone standing in her way, including her father or a stowaway. Samantha is determined to get her latest cargo back to the US, no matter how distracting Clint is, or who is chasing him.

I think this is one action-packed thrill ride from beginning to end. From the chase for the stolen information, to the danger of the open seas, to the passion between Samantha and Clint; it really takes your breath away. I couldn’t stop reading this book, I literally had to force myself to go to sleep at night. I’m looking forward to the next thrill ride from Nina.

MichelleWhistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandallwhistling-past-the-graveyard-book-cover-262x395

Read by Michelle

It’s 1963 Mississippi and nine year old Starla runs away from home in search of her mother who left when she was a baby to become a “Nashville” singer  Starla encounters a black woman, Eula, who watches over her and loves her more than her biological mother ever did.  Starla learns of the meaning of love regardless of color and blood.

My favorite part of the story is when young Starla on her journey away from home, meets a young boy, Troy, at a carnival and he pushes her to ride scary rides. Back home she was always the tough little girl not afraid to do anything, but this young man saw through her tough outer shell and pushed her to the limit.   Susan Crandall’s vivid detail of Starla’s journey makes this book so colorful and memorable.



Black Jack by Lora LeighBlack Jack

Read by Laura

Lilly Belle (Night Hank) loses her memory and her struggles to put the pieces back together.  Travis (Black Jack) is with her all the way through the twist and turns wishing her to trust him without reveling his true identity.  Two secret agents who’s mission turns deadly.

This spectacular love story was mesmerizing.  The first time I couldn’t put a book down in a long time.




The Language Inside by Holly ThompsonLanguageInsideCover-330

Read by Amanda, 12


Emma Karas was born in America but she moved to Japan when she was a baby. Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her family needs to return to the States while her mom is in treatment. Just when Emma is starting to feel at home with new friends and volunteering at a long-term care center; she needs to decide if she wants to stay in America or return to Japan early.


I could not stop reading this book! It was so intriguing reading about Emma’s struggle to make a decision. At each turn of the page, I was pulled into the story more with all the events going on. I will be recommending this book to my friends to read.


Bottom Line:  Here’s what we used to say for Trick or Treat when I was a kid, “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.”  We were so poetic!

New Releases Tuesday!

Barbara Vey -- October 29th, 2013

new releases

It just wouldn’t be Tuesday without finding out the terrific books released today.  Be sure to check to see if you were a winner in the Mills & Boon giveaway on last Friday’s blog.  You have to email me with your address.

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Kensington Publishing.  In honor of Trick or Treating, just comment with your favorite candy (or other special treat) for a chance to win some terrific Kensington titles.





Just Like Other Daughters (Colleen Faulkner) ARC








Just Like Other Daughters by Colleen Faulkner (Kensington Publishing)

Devilishly Wicked by Kathy Love (Brava / Kensington Publishing)

Pelican Point by Donna Kauffman (Kensington Publishing)

n427467THOREAU AT DEVILS PERCHNotable-Marni-Bates






Notable by Marni Bates (Kteen / Kensington Publishing)

Thoreau At Devil’s Perch by B.B. Oak (Kensington Publishing)

Blood Curse by Sharon Page (Aphrodisia / Kensington Publishing)


10-29-13Wyoming Bold10-29-13A Fool's Gold Christmas 10-29-13A Kiss Under the Mistletoe





A Kiss Under the Mistletoe by Jennifer Basye Sander (Harlequin)

Wyoming Bold by Diana Palmer (Harlequin)

A Fool’s Gold Christmas by Susan Mallery (Harlequin)


10-29-13RealmWalker finalThe-Last-Runaway






The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier (Plume / November)

Storm Demon By Gregory Lamberson (Medallion Press)

Realm Walker by Kathleen Collins (Carina Press)

10-29-13BattleScarsFinal10-29-13Trancehack 10-29-13UndeadChaos





Battle Scars by Sheryl Nantus (Carina Press)

Trancehack by Sonya Clark (Carina Press)

Undead Chaos by Joshua Roots (Carina Press)

10-29-13Holiday Kisses 10-29-13If You Were Mine10-29-13Take Me Home for Christmas





Holiday Kisses by Alison KentJaci BurtonHelenKay DimonShannon Stacey (Harlequin)

If You Were Mine by Bella Andre (Harlequin)

Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak (Harlequin)

10-29-13Sleigh Bells In the Snow10-29-13Upon a Winter's Night 10-29-13The Perfect Match






Upon A Winter’s Night by Karen Harper (Harlequin)

Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan (Harlequin)

The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins (Harlequin)

10-29-13One Night with the Laird10-29-13Candlelight Christmas10-29-13Christmas in Snowflake Canyon







Christmas in Snowflake Canyon by RaeAnne Thayne (Harlequin)

One Night with the Laird by Nicola Cornick (Harlequin)

Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs (Harlequin)

10-29-13tn_Rumours that Ruined a Lady







The Young and the Submissive (Doms of Her Life 2) by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl   (Dream Words, LLC)

Rumors That Ruined A Lady by Marguerite Kaye (Mills&Boon)

His Third Wife by Grace Octavia  (Dafina / Kensington Publishing)











Barefoot by the Sea by Roxanne St. Claire (Forever, Mass Market)

Once She Was Tempted by Anne Barton (Forever, Mass Market)

Once a Rake by Eileen Dreyer  (Forever, Mass Market)








Accidentally in Love With…A God? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (Forever, Mass Market)

Wild Man by Kristen Ashley (Forever, Mass Market)

Bottom Line:  I bought Trick or Treat candy yesterday and ate it already…need to go back to the store…rats!!

Erin McCarthy Celebrates 50

Barbara Vey -- October 28th, 2013
Erin & joysann

Erin & joysann

Hi, joysann here. It was my pleasure to be invited to attend Erin McCarthy‘s Paperback Writer Party celebrating her 50th book. Erin invited her friends to join her at an upscale trendy cocktail bar in Cleveland, Ohio, called The Velvet Tango Room (take a look at their interesting cocktail menu). Among the many guests were her close friends, fellow authors Kathy Love and Rhonda Helms, as well as fellow members of Northeast Ohio Romance Writers of America (NEORWA).


December 2013

December 2013

Erin started her writing career 11 years ago through a contest, and now her 50th book, Full Throttle, is coming out in December. From my experience, Erin’s books tend to be light, sexy, funny and tongue-in-cheek, but she’s also written novels with a darker flavor. Over the years she’s written contemporary romance, paranormal romance, chic lit, and is now including New Adult romances in her repertoire. She’s also contributed to many short story anthologies with other popular romance authors. Her 50th book is part of her Fast Track series, making NASCAR a romantic venue.


Erin McCarthy

Erin McCarthy


Erin was gorgeous in red at her party, though she’d mentioned in an invitation note that, while she wants her guests to dress comfortably, she was wearing a cocktail dress to counter her usual work-a-day outfit of yoga pants. With the delightful desserts, many give-away books, and her happy smiles, Erin’s party was a delightful celebration.




Bottom Line:  Congratulations, Erin! Let’s do it again for your 100th in not too many years.


Winners of the Mills & Boon Giveaway

Barbara Vey -- October 25th, 2013


Please check the following list to see if you are a winner in the Mills & Boon Giveaway.  If you see your name, please send me your street address and Mills & Boon will mail you your prize.  barbaravey  You have one week to claim your prize.

Rachel Willmer
jenny st. g
vicki batman
shari anton
joan gray
joanne b
alisha woods
barbara g
elena l
amanda ward
jan terry
marcy shuler
b bradley
kent weltkamp
susan in az
m bourke
sue larson
colleen C
Vicki J
Stephanie Kilgore
Elle Miller
kathy nye
ali williams
Robin Greene
erin K
connie fischer
pat jeanne davis
donna marie merritt
colleen c
kiera bruce
ali williams
sally shupe
maria popovics
lynne marshall
sue l
loretta rogers
blurbette heidi

Congratulations!  You’ll love your gift from Mills & Boon. And many thanks to Mills & Boon for the donations.

Bottom Line:  Thanks for coming on my UK journey with me!

NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book

Barbara Vey -- October 24th, 2013
Stacey and Morgan

Stacey Agdern and Morgan Doremus


Today’s Cub Reporter is Stacey Agdern.  Stacey is a New York book seller and aspiring author.  She runs the romance section and hand sells many of the books in her store.  Stacey recently attended the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book conference.


“The state of the industry is you,” said Virginia Kantra as part of a speech she gave during the Published Author Retreat at the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book conference this year.  “The industry is changing so quickly,” Kantra elaborated, that authors need to focus on themselves.


And you only need to look at the various workshops given at this year’s conference to know that she’s right.  There were workshops on how to use scrivener, workshops on how to format books for self publishing and tons of workshops, including one given by the fabulous Morgan Doremus on how best to market yourself and your books, amidst the tricky world of social media.
“There’s no magic bullet,” said Doremus to her audience. And she’s right too. Because when dealing with book promotion, not every strategy will work for everybody. That is very important.


Connie Brockway

Connie Brockway

In fact, said the amazing luncheon speaker, Connie Brockway “One thing you can control is the story.” And to that end, there were other sorts of workshops. Madeline Hunter did a wonderful workshop on building conflict in a story, and how this can help you create a synopsis. Shiloh Walker did an introduction to erotic romance Anybody who is interested in writing in the genre should take if they have the opportunity. Shiloh knows her stuff, and she is a very good teacher.

But as anybody who attends conferences knows, it isn’t just about the workshops. Keynote speaker Diana Cosby reminded her audience to ‘surround themselves with people who inspire you.’ Which brings us to the fact that attending conferences allows us to catch up with other writers and industry people. Amongst others, I was able to sit down with fellow RWANYC member and debut author Lydia Hill, and caught up with Harlequin Historical AND Nocturne author Jenna Kernan.  Dee Davis celebrated as she won her 3rd golden leaf award and I danced the night away with the multi talented Megan Frampton and even met Harlequin author(and fellow hockey fan) Brenda Harlen for the first time, courtesy of the ever gracious Virginia Kantra.  Jane Porter, who has an amazing perspective on the industry, offered insight.


Virginia Kantra and Brenda Harlen

Virginia Kantra and Brenda Harlen

My final day of the conference was spent at the bookseller’s lunch. This year’s edition of the annual tradition was organized by the wonderful CH Admirand. Attending the lunch gave me the chance to talk to fellow booksellers, including Lexie Cenni (she of the book blog Poisoned Rationality), and spend more time with the authors I hadn’t really had much time with during the conference, like Laura Kaye and Eloisa James.

Connie Brockway’s  speech to the booksellers attending the lunch was heartfelt and moving.  “Thank you for being part of my story,” she said in closing.

Bottom Line:  Thank you, Connie and the rest of the people who were involved in some way with this year’s NJRW Put Your Heart in a book conference, for letting me in.

Romance Authors Sarah Morgan and Kate Hardy

Barbara Vey -- October 23rd, 2013

While visiting Mills & Boon in London last week, I did video interviews with several authors.  Today we have Sarah Morgan and Kate Hardy.  I love listening to the accents.  Enjoy!!




You have until tomorrow to post a comment to be entered into the big Mills & Boon giveaway of over 50 items.  Winners posted on Friday.  This is an international contest.

Bottom Line:  On my travels I have discovered that Romance is truly a universal language.

New Releases Tuesday!

Barbara Vey -- October 22nd, 2013

Everyone loves new books and we’ve got quite the list for today.  Take a look for some fab reads to add to your TBR pile.

10-22-13BadIdea-DamonSuede150px10-21-13Love Letters Volume 610-21-13TasteOfPassion final







Bad Idea by Damon Suede (Dreamspinner Press)

Love Letters Volumes 6: Cowboys Command by Ginny Glass, Maggie Wells, Christina Thacher, Emily Cale (Carina Press)

Taste of Passion by Renae Jones (Carina Press)

10-21-13Death Bringer final10-22-13Running Back10-22-13A Mavericj Under the Mistletoe








Death Bringer by Kate Pearce (Carina Press)

Running Back by Allison Parr (Carina Press)

A Maverick under the Mistletoe by Brenda Harlen (Harlequin)

10-22-13What The Bride Didn't Know10-22-13Highlander's Dangerous Temptation 10-22-13His Until Midnight






His Until Midnight by Nikki Logan (Harlequin)

What the Bride Didn’t Know by Kelly Hunter (Harlequin)

The Highlander’s Dangerous Temptation by Terri Brisbin (Harlequin)

10-22-13Driving Her Wild10-22-13The Consequences of That Night10-22-13Runaway Attraction






Runaway Attraction by Farrah Rochon (Harlequin)

Driving Her Wild by Meg Maguire  (Harlequin)

The Consequences of That Night by Jennie Lucas (Harlequin)

10-22-13Rebecca's Christmas Gift10-22-13Christmas at Cardwell Ranch10-22-13Million Dollar Christmas Proposal






Million Dollar Christmas Proposal by Lucy Monroe (Harlequin)

Rebecca’s Christmas Gift by Emma Miller (Harlequin)

Christmas at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels (Harlequin)

10-22-13sorensen_TemptationOfLilaAndEthan_TPSome Kind of Wonderful 10-22-13Up To The Challenge Cover 150






Up To The Challenge by Terri Osburn  (Montlake)

The Temptation of Lila and Ethan by Jessica Sorensen (Forever, E-Book)

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by Beth Ciotta e-novella (St. Martin’s Press)

Winter's HeatMidnight's Promisekiss the enemy





WINTER’S HEAT by Zoe Archer e-novella (St. Martin’s Press)
MIDNIGHT’S PROMISE: Part 3 by Donna Grant Full book: 10/29 e-serial (St. Martin’s Press)

Kiss the Enemy by Dianna Love (Silver Hawk Press)

Bottom Line:  I love Tuesdays.


Barbara Vey -- October 22nd, 2013
A much better picture of the castle than I was able to take from a moving bus.

A much better picture of the castle than I was able to take from a moving bus.

As you regular readers know, it has always been a dream of mine to visit Scotland.  Being so close in London, I just had to at least take a day trip there.  My train left at midnight, but I had a sleeper car and slept nearly the full 7 1/2 hours it took to get there, so I was all refreshed for my next adventure.

Author Marguerite Kaye took a ferry over to Edinburgh to meet me and show me around.  We took a double-decker bus and yes, it was raining, but I barely noticed.  I was finally in Scotland.


Pretty much my UK look.

Pretty much my UK look.

Edinburgh was hillier than I expected.  Seeing Edinburgh Castle was reason enough to make the day trip.  It’s huge and I felt like I was in a fairy tale.  I tried to imagine it being attacked but it was so formidable.  Then I imagined peaceful times when the villagers looked to the castle for safety.  When we got to the side that was an unclimbable cliff, I was awe struck.  Way to keep intruders out.

I did get to see a kilt wearing bagpipe player on the street.  He was young and adorable.

We went to an amazing restaurant for lunch and I tried pigeon, venison and crab in scallops.  Marguerite told me the chef was Irish and putting his own spin on Scottish food.  Delish!


Marguerite meeting a new reader and learning the reader just visited her town.

Marguerite meeting a new reader and learning the reader just visited her town.

I also helped Marguerite with marketing herself.  There is always an opportunity for authors to meet readers.  We were having coffee and a young lady sat near us.  We talked about her 2 toned hair (brown on top, red on the bottom) and of course, I had to ask what she read.  Since she answered, “Romance,” I announced that I was with an award winning author and luckily Marguerite had a book with her that she signed to Marian.  Marian was so excited that she told us she worked at an upscale shoe store and if we stopped by, she’d give us a discount.  She went away very excited to get started reading the book.

We  shopped in an adorable hand made jewelry shop. The owner is also a romance fan and after talking to her a while we had a small crowd around us, all romance lovers.  Marguerite passed out her bookmarks, I passed out my cards and the readers were thrilled with meeting a real live author.

Bottom Line:  A terrific day in Edinburgh and I got to connect with an author and readers.  Yes, a very good day indeed.

Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win prizes from Mills & Boon to be given away after my travel blogs.

I’m also guest blogging at Seekerville today.  They’re giving away prizes all month to celebrate their 6th Birthday!  Even an iPad mini.  Stop by to say hi.

Ellora’s Cave RomantiCon 2013

Barbara Vey -- October 21st, 2013


We interrupt my UK adventures with a special report from joysann.  I’ll return tomorrow with more author video interviews and visiting Scotland.  The Mills & Boon giveaway is still going on, so leave a comment for a chance to win.

Hi! joysann here. There have been 5 RomantiCons put on by Ellora’s Cave, and I’ve been to all of them. And after each I’ve said “this is the best romance conference ever”. I still think so. It just keeps getting better and better.

Ellora’s Cave Publishing in Akron, OH, celebrates both its Authors and Readers in this exciting weekend event. This year attendance approached the 300 mark, and well over half were the enthusiastic and dedicated Readers of erotic romance. With the rapidly growing awareness of erotic romance literature available, more and more women are exploring what is out there, and Ellora’s Cave is just the place to go for their reading pleasures.

Author Tara Nina working registration

Author Tara Nina working registration

EC goes all out with providing a memorable experience for everyone. Starting with the accommodations, the entire McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton, OH, is reserved for the event, Friday through Sunday. Everyone there is in some way related to the event, making an open and casual atmosphere for adult socializing and conversations, with no need for concern for little pitchers with big ears.

Authors Cris Anson and Kaenar Langford sharing secrets at the Meet 'n' Greet

Authors Cris Anson and Kaenar Langford sharing secrets at the Meet ‘n’ Greet

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Attendees began arriving early in the week, so by Thursday there was a substantial group ready and waiting for the festivities to start. To satisfy this, EC hosted a Meet ’n’ Greet to facilitate the joys and excitement of long-time friends reuniting, making new friends of authors and readers, and introducing the ever-popular Cavemen.



Zumba with Caveman Nick

Zumba with Caveman Nick

Friday and Saturday mornings started off getting physical with healthy and exuberant exercise for those ambitious enough to join Caveman Nick Soto in a 50 minute Zumba class. This was followed by demonstrations by women of Cleveland Exotic Dance, one of belly dancing and one of yoga. Both exercise and dance classes were well attended, and both were seriously presented, but still a lot of fun.



dalton diaz and samantha kane

Author Samantha Kane is acting carny while cheering author Dalton Diaz at bean bag toss.

Afternoons brought on the workshops and instructional panels. Okay, not so much! How about Games & SEXtras™? What we had available were games and parties and discussions, all hosted by EC authors. A little racy, a lot sexy, and lots and lots of prizes and giveaways. There were bingo, and charades, and even a little carnival, and all was fun and laughter inducing. A great job was done by all the presenters.



Authors Regina Cole & Sydney Bristol with blogger Vanessa thejeepdiva blogger ready for Bollywood

Authors Regina Cole & Sydney Bristol with blogger Vanessa thejeepdiva blogger ready for Bollywood

No one does extravagant parties like Ellora’s Cave! Everyone knows that the evening is going to be special and exciting. Friday night’s theme was Bollywood, and most everyone was decked out in saris and bangles and colorful, glittery fashions. The room decoration was superb, and everyone left with her own exotic coin-jingling scarf-style belt.

Old Hollywood was Saturday night’s theme, and women and men both enjoyed dressing with the glamor of the silver screen. The evening gowns, the glittering jewelry, the stylish suits and hats all lent to the excitement of the Awards Banquet. It was truly a spectacular evening.




Ellora's Cavemen with author Aline Hunter

Ellora’s Cavemen with author Aline Hunter

Neither of the evening celebrations can go by without an energetic performance by the Ellora’s Cavemen. Choreographed to match the party themes and the special interests of the audience, the performances by these talented and handsome young men charmed and thrilled. These cover models and dancers are the highlight of the weekend for many of the conference attendees. The women of Cleveland Exotic Dance performed as well, with theme appropriate displays of costume and dance.

Sunday, of course, was the big booksigning event, open to the public (18 yoa & over), with many of EC’s authors available to sign books and e-book cover flats for their fans. With Romantica® and Exotika® imprints for their erotic fiction, Ellora’s Cave calls the event the SEXporium™. Along with books, fans were purchasing merchandise like t-shirts, toys, jewelry and Cavemen Calendars, and it was a brisk business. The Cavemen repeated their performances from the party nights, and Cleveland Exotic Dance performed belly dancing, pole dancing, and a little burlesque.

I wasn’t able to stick around, but a lot of attendees don’t leave till Monday mornings, so the exciting Bingo & Pizza Party has become a staple to the weekend’s entertainment. I know those able to stay shared lot of laughter and fun.

Again, EC’s RomantiCon is one of the best romance writer events I get to attend. This isn’t an accident. The remarkable, dedicated and talented staff of EC knock themselves out to make the event a memorable experience for their beloved authors and readers. I love it.

Take A Reader to Lunch Day

Barbara Vey -- October 18th, 2013
Readers Marcia, Wendy and me

Readers Marcia, Wendy and me

I spent Wednesday in London with a reader.  Well, actually two readers, but it was Wendy, a Facebook friend (who I never met in person) that contacted me when I put the word out that I would be in the UK this week.  Wendy follows my blog and asked about attending the Oxford talk I did, but that was really geared for writers, so we decided to meet up in London.

Wendy first heard about me from Jacquie D’Alessandro’s Facebook page.  Apparently, Jacquie posted a picture of us and explained who I was and Wendy decided to check me out.  I’m glad she did.  Thanks Jacquie!!  We met up in London where she and her sister, Marcia, took a 2 1/2 bus ride to get together.  My London videographer, Mark, came along to help me on the tube (subway).

The building in the background flew an American flag, but it wasn't the embassy. Wasn't able to find out what it was. Great London Street scene though.

The building in the background flew an American flag, but it wasn’t the embassy. Wasn’t able to find out what it was. Great London Street scene though.

Wendy, Marcia and I spent the first hour and a half talking books, authors and family over coffee.  We headed out to see the sights and it was raining (of course).  That’s really just a way of life here.  Everyone is attached to their umbrellas.  One of our first stops was in a bookstore.  As in many of the independent bookstores in the US, there was no romance section.  There was crime/thriller, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, but no romance.  Being me, I asked where the romance section was and the (male) clerk told me they didn’t have one, but he showed me a Phillippa Gregory book and immediately pointed out that more people buy the books by the male author next to her.  I told him it was too bad because I wanted to buy a romance, but since they didn’t have any I wouldn’t be buying anything.  It didn’t seem to phase him, since he just walked away from me probably to find a more refined reader.



You’ve got to love firemen all over the world!


As we were walking, we came across a parade of fireman.  Bag pipers led them off, but the parade went on forever.  Turns out is was a protest march about the firemen’s pensions.  Later that day, we passed a pub where many fireman were relaxing after the long walk and they let me snap a picture.  Several could have been used for a calendar or the cover of some of the firemen books I’ve read.  Yowza!

I met some adorable Bobbies who've been to NY and loved it.

I met some adorable Bobbies who’ve been to NY and loved it.

We ended up in Chinatown for lunch where they served very authentic Chinese food.  We shared so we could sample a variety of items.  Here’s something I learned.  When you order Diet Coke (or any other beverage), you have to request ice or you don’t get any.  Even when you ask for it, you get about 3 cubes.




Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

We strolled around Covent Gardens and Trafalgar Square and while we in the US talk about stuff from the 1700s on as our history pales in comparison.  Building were pointed out from the 1200s to the present.  The history made my head spin.





Just to show you that we did see blue skies for a little while.

Just to show you that we did see blue skies for a little while.

But wherever we went and whatever we did, the conversation always came back to books.  The ones we love, the ones we hate, the new ones to discover.  Marcia loves her e-reader for the ease of getting books and always having one handy to read.  She’s a midwife, so in her waiting time, she reads…a lot.  Wendy loves paper books and historicals that she devours.  They both have offered to become readers for the WW Ladies Book Club, so watch for their reads.

Readers are very special people and we all manage to share this extremely tight bond.  I know I’ve now got two great new friends to share all things books with.



Remember that this is also Mills and Boon week since they are giving away over 50 items internationally, so wherever you live, just leave a comment all week to enter for a chance to win.  Every comment is an entry.

Bottom Line:  Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day…go forth and celebrate, I shall.