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Leaving for Dragon Con this Week

Barbara Vey -- August 29th, 2011

Thursday I leave for Dragon Con.  I have mixed emotions as I enjoy the event a lot since it is heavy on fans, but I hate the set up that has you trudging from hotel to hotel to hit all the events.  I was looking over the schedule and it looks like I’m in for a treat this year.


There are quite a few authors going that I already know and will be happy to reconnect with Charlaine Harris, Susan Sizemore, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Laurell K. Hamilton.  Here’s the list of attendees, so let me know if there’s anyone special I should be stalking…I mean talking to.


I have my dream list of celebrities I’d like to meet, but with all the rules in place at Dragon Con, I’m not sure how close I’ll get.  Carrie Fisher, Mary McDonnell, Wil Wheaton, Colin Ferguson, Eddie McClintock, Ernest Borgnine and Christopher Lloyd to name a few.  Of course, my number one pick is William Shatner, but we go way back to the very first episode of Star Trek in the 60s when my friends and I would all stay home and watch the show on Friday night before we’d go out.  Our official weekend started with Star Trek.  So, if anyone has any pull with any of my wish list, please let me know and I will be forever in your debt.  Check out the whole list and let me know if there’s anyone else that you’d like me to try to catch up with.  I’m wearing my tennies and could probably take them in a foot race.


Bottom Line:  I know I should be packing all my costumes, but I’ll leave that to the professionals and just plan on taking a lot of pictures instead.


Monday Giveaways

From Romance University: During the week of September 5th, Romance University will have a book giveaway. Author Adrienne Giordano is giving away copies of her September release, A JUST DECEPTION, to three lucky commenters, plus some hand-crafted bullet jewelry. Stop by on September 7th for your chance to win and to help Adrienne break her rankings addiction.

From Mia Marlowe: Visit Mia every Monday (and other days too!). Mia spotlights fellow authors with interviews and original posts. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win not only a free read from her guest, but also one of Mia Marlowe’s backlist!
August 29th Bonnie Vanak and her new Nocturne The Shadow Wolf
September 5th Shana Galen and one of PW’s top 10 picks for fall, Lord and Lady Spy
September 12th Ashley March and her new Romancing the Countess
September 13th MJ Putney and her new exciting new YA title, Dark Passage
Sept 19th Linda Wisdom and her totally smokin’ Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend

From Romance UniversityKieran Kramer is offering a Regency-inspired porcelain tea bag rest along with some “tea time” goodies and a signed copy of CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MARRIAGE to one commenter at Romance University!

Sunday Matinée

Barbara Vey -- August 28th, 2011

Whether your day is sunny or wet and wild, take a break and enjoy a few minutes of video book suggestions.


Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent


Star Bright by Catherine Anderson

King of Sword and Sky by C.L. Wilson

Kiss of Darkness by Jennifer St. Giles

Lord and Lady Spy by Shana Galen


If you have a book video you’d like considered, please send it to me at with Book Video in the subject line.


Bottom Line:  I’m spending hours watching Hurricane Irene on tv.  Praying for all those affected.

WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- August 26th, 2011

We’re in the dog days of summer and I don’t want it to come to an end.  One of my first clues was receiving ten Christmas books to read the other day.  Don’t worry, the WW Ladies won’t write about them until at least the end of October to give you something to look forward to.  Until then, here’s a few they’ve enjoyed this summer.




The Secret Mistress by Mary Balogh

Brilliance Audio


Listened to by joysann


On her way to London for her “come-out” season, colorful and vivacious Lady Angeline Dudley, sister of the Duke of Tresham, sees a gentleman she thinks is perfect for her, and decides to marry him, if she should ever meet him. Edward Ailsbury, the Earl of Heyward, is everything Lady Angeline’s wild and reckless brothers are not; staid, sensible, prudent, and considerate, and she wants that kind of stability in her life. Though he knows they are a suitable match, Heyward is reluctant to join the notorious Dudley family, but when alone with Lady Angeline, he is surprised and enticed by the passion they ignite in each other.


Though it is a brand new release, The Secret Mistress is a prequel to the enchanting stories Mary Balogh wrote about the roguish Dudley brothers a decade ago (Mistress series). This one, too, is delightful and romantic, and was a fine entertainment. The ending is happily predictable, of course, as it should be for the genre, and listening to Anne Flosnik’s rich aristocratic voice made it so fun getting there.




Her Best Friend’s Wedding by Abby Gaines

Read by Sheila

Just when Sadie Beecham is falling for Daniel Wilson, he falls for her roommate Meg Kincaid. Sadie can’t betray her lifelong best friend. All she can do is wait for Meg to break up with him. Knowing Meg, it won’t take long. But when Meg believes Daniel is the one, Sadie’s heart breaks even more. The only person who guesses her secret is Meg’s brother Trey Kincaid, a landscape designer. Sadie’s childhood neighbor has grown up to be quite the hunk. Trey wants to prevent Sadie from ruining his sister’s chance for happiness, which means Sadie keeps running into him, and in the process … well, you can guess what happens!


That’s what I love about romance. You pretty much know the ending, but you can’t imagine how the couple will get there. And this book, a double romance with two couples, has lots of complications with four people involved. Abby Gaines’ upbeat writing style is so light and fun I wish I could quote the first two pages to you. Her website states that she “writes funny, tender romance that leaves you smiling.” She was true to her word. I set one book down to pick this one up, I liked it so much.




Bewitching Season by  Marissa Doyle

Read by Sophie

Persephone (Persy) and Penelope (Pen) Leland are almost 18, have just been formally introduced to society, and come from a family in which the women tend to have magical tendencies, which is how Miss Melusine Allardyce, Ally for short, who is a witch herself, came to be their governess.  When Ally is kidnapped, it’s up to Persy, Pen and their pals to save the day without losing their abilities and social status.

This book was nearly impossible to put down—I was more drawn to it than spending time with friends and family, going swimming in the middle of a hot summer, or even sleeping! It’s romantic, and is filled with magic and mayhem and the more lavish bits of history that appeal especially to me! I loved every character (and even the ones I wasn’t supposed to love, I loved to hate!), hung on every word, felt so immersed in it that I often found myself thinking in or whispering the words aloud with a British accent (not an easy task, let me assure you)—and would recommend it to a friend in a heartbeat.




Dangerous Women and Desperate Men by Rick Mofina

Read by Michelle

A collection of four short stories that bring to life the laws of Karma.  Frank Harper responds to a 911 call only to get the surprise of his life.  Jessie Scout is an armored car driver and Gask is working towards a goal he may never reach.  Paco Sanchez gets away with $1.2 million but will he ever shake the man in hot pursuit?  Elizabeth Dalton is a woman with nothing to lose even after her husband turns up dead.  Sometimes getting the last word becomes a calculated act!


Very well written, descriptive and entertaining.  Makes me want to mind my P’s and Q’s.  I really enjoyed the book and hope that some of the stories will have a sequel.





Shadow Walker by Allyson James


Read by joysann


Something is wrong with Mick, Stormwalker Janet Begay’s dragon lover, and she’s losing him. As he withdraws from her and their friends, becoming cold, indifferent, and threatening, Janet realizes that something or someone magical has taken control of the powerful being and is using and destroying him. Joining forces with other supernaturals, dragons, witches, weres, gods, and a sheriff, Janet leads a battle against an evil that can consume them all.


I’ve been enjoying the likable and appealing characters that Allyson James has created in the Stormwalker series. Using Southwest locales and Native American legends, as well as developing a few of her own, the stories are mystifying, action-packed, and thrilling.


Bottom Line:  Summer is not over for me until the World Series is over…priorities.

“[Christie Craig] Writes About States of Arousal” Cries the Texas DOT

Barbara Vey -- August 24th, 2011


Christie Craig

Christie Craig

Obviously, the Texas Department of Transportation doesn’t like to think of their state in any kind of arousal when it comes to Christie Craig.  The delightfully, kind and thoughtful Christie (who resides in Houston) apparently “messed” with the wrong state when she titled her new book Don’t Mess with Texas (which goes on sale today).

The TxDot has officially filed a lawsuit over their trademark motto (which is an anti-litter campaign) against the author, the publisher (Hachette Book Group) and Barnes and Noble.

According to the Houston Press: 

“The book,” TxDOT’s suit says, “contains numerous graphic references to sexual acts, states of sexual arousal, etc.” Selling it at Barnes & Noble, which sells many TxDOT materials with the slogan, would cause irreparable harm, the agency says.

(I love this part of the Houston Press article.)  “States of sexual arousal” apparently include, according to the search-inside function at Amazon, such pornographic sentences as”She glanced down at his sex, still standing completely erect.”

And here’s the ensuing sex scene:

“As soon as the condom was in place, he rolled her completely on her back and was on top of her. Keeping his weight on his elbows, he adjusted his weight until things down south lined up. She felt the cool tips of the condom at her center. Closing her eyes, she pressed her head back in the pillow and waited for him to enter her.

“No. Open those baby blues. I want to see you when I first enter you.”

She did as requested and he pushed inside. Slow, easy. Even wet with want, his fit was tight, hitting nerve endings she didn’t know she had.

Pleasure exploded inside her and her entire body shook with sweet spasms of release.”

Wow!!  Thanks Houston Press for telling us why we all should be buying the book!  Christie Craig is a terrific writer who describes her writing as “sexy, suspenseful and seriously funny.”  I’d have to agree after getting hooked on Divorced, Desperate and Dating.

Apparently the TX DOT has won a similar case before.

Talk about frivolous lawsuits.  I’ve heard “Don’t Mess With Texas” used in a lot worse ways including a segment that Stephen Colbert did when I recently saw his show in New York.  No lawsuit there.  I would definitely think that the TX DOT should have a few more important things on their minds right now and you can read some of the suggestions from commenters at the Houston Press page.

TX DOT you made a big mistake in coming after a beloved author like Christie Craig who doesn’t have one mean bone in her body.  I contacted Christie, but as I suspected she’s not able to make a comment at this time with the pending lawsuit.

Bottom Line:  I only want to buy the book more now, so thanks TX DOT for all the publicity.  And I’m sure many others will also buy the book… just to mess with Texas.

Romance Author Sandra Hyatt Dies

Barbara Vey -- August 23rd, 2011
Sandra Hyatt

Sandra Hyatt

I am very sad to have to write that the romance community has lost another author.  Author Sandra Hyatt suddenly passed away on Sunday at the age of 46.  She is survived by her husband, Scott Hyde, and 2 children.

The following statement came from the Romance Writers of New Zealand:

Sandra Hyatt (Hyde), 1965-2011

It is with deep sadness that I announce that longtime RWNZ member, Sandra Hyde (published as Sandra Hyatt), died in hospital yesterday – Sunday August 21 – after being taken suddenly ill while attending RWNZ’s conference in Auckland.

Those of you who saw her at the conference cocktail party on Friday night, her usual bubbly self, will find this news hard to believe. However, as we understand it, Sandra had an undetected cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which would have been present since birth. This weekend, the AVM caused a bleed in her brain. Its location and severity made it inoperable.

As an organisation, we mourn the loss of an RWNZ member renowned for her warmth and generosity, and of a talented writer. As individuals, we mourn the loss of the best kind of friend. Even more, our hearts go out to Sandra’s husband Scott Hyde, and their teenagers Sarah and Matthew.

Sandra’s funeral will be held this Thursday August 25, at 1pm, at Clevedon Presbyterian Church, 3 Papakura-Clevedon Road (at the roundabout in the middle of Clevedon).

Cards and messages of condolence can be sent to Scott and the kids at:
191 McNicol Road
Papakura 2585

RWNZ would like to put together an album of photos of Sandra for her family – this may be an electronic album, given that many of us will have photos taken on digital cameras and cell phones at resolutions too low for decent printing. If you have any photos, or any questions, please email them to abby at abbygaines dot com (please substitute @ and .)

If you have any photos taken on the weekend, those might of use for Sandra’s funeral. We would love to receive them as soon as possible – again, please email to abby at abbygaines dot com (please substitute @ and .)

Thank you and kind regards
Abby Gaines
President, RWNZ Inc


Bottom Line:  “Let me tell you, being able to wear pajamas to work if I choose sure beats having to wear a suit.” ~ Sandra Hyatt


Romance Writers of Australia Conference

Barbara Vey -- August 22nd, 2011


Australian authors Michelle Douglas, Anna Campbell, Annie West and Sharon Archer

Australian authors Michelle Douglas, Anna Campbell, Annie West and Sharon Archer

Today I’m delighted to have Anna Campbell here, roving reporter for Beyond Her Book.  Aussie Anna Campbell’s latest historical romance is MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION (May 2011, Avon). You can find out more about Anna and her books at her website.

We’re roving all the way to Melbourne, Australia, today for a roundup of the Romance Writers of Australia conference which took place from Thursday, 11th August, to Sunday, 14th August. More than 350 local romance writers and international guests converged on the Hilton on the Park hotel for four days of learning, networking and partying.

To prove romance writing isn’t for sissies, Melbourne was FREEZING! Thank goodness the atmosphere at the conference was warm and welcoming (although I required copious doses of red wine – purely to keep the blood flowing, you understand).

Keynote speaker Susan Wiggs

Keynote Speaker Susan Wiggs

This conference marked RWAustralia’s 20th anniversary. It was wonderful to have so many international visitors and local luminaries present to wish us well as we approach our 21st birthday. Then we officially become adults so we’ll become sensible and mature. Hmm…

As you can imagine, the explosion in e-books and self-publishing was the hot topic. NYT bestselling author Bob Mayer, here to present his Warrior Writer Workshop, said, “All that anyone knows is that nobody knows anything.” A conclusion echoed through many of the sessions. The keynote speakers, including Susan Wiggs and Stephanie Laurens, agreed with this, although it was exhilarating to note how many times during the conference the focus was on opportunities as well as risks. Stephanie Laurens made the point that storytelling is encoded in the human soul and a good story well told would always find an audience, no matter what the mode of delivery to that particular audience.

Avon author Terri Garey with Avon editor Erika Tsang

Avon author Terri Garey with Avon editor Erika Tsang

As well as a host of international visitors, we had a wonderful turnout from the local publishing houses. It was wonderful to hear the local editors say on their panel that the Romance Writers of Australia conference was now their premiere local writers’ event.

One of my favorite panels was “We Love Romance Because…” where a star-studded selection of local authors got dressed up in their day job clothes (in other words, the audience got to check out their pajamas). They talked about the fun bits of being a romance writer, including a letter Anne Gracie received from a male reader telling her THE PERFECT RAKE was the most brilliant book ever written in the history of the world. We all like to receive those emails!

Romantic Book of the Year winner in the Short Sweet category, Melanie Milburne

Romantic Book of the Year winner in the Short Sweet category, Melanie Milburne


I’m always delighted to see Jane Porter – she’s spoken at our conference several times and she’s a constant inspiration. I remember when I was reaching the end of my own long journey to publication how galvanizing I found her stories of persistence through disappointment. Jane gave the closing address about holding onto the dream, and you could feel the inspiration flowing out to electrify the audience. Mind you, I suspect a bit of that electricity emanated from the firefighters selling tickets for the charity auction!

Next year’s RWAustralia conference takes place from in August 2012 on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast (MUCH warmer than chilly Melbourne). If you’re passing, do drop in! We promise a boisterous Aussie welcome.


Bottom Line:  I really need to get a passport!

Sunday Matinée

Barbara Vey -- August 21st, 2011

Today in history, August 21, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation for today to be declared “Senior City Day.”  President Reagan stated, ” I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”  Off with you now, to celebrate with the senior of your choice or pick one from the many that are alone today.  Par-tay!!

In other news, here’s the latest crop of book trailers for your viewing pleasure!


The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn

Finding Felicity by Monica Marlowe


Chase Dagger Series by Lee Driver

Mule by Tony DSouza

Black White Other by Joan Steinau Lester

If you have a book video you’d like considered, please send it to me at with Book Video in the subject line.

Bottom Line: I, personally, will be accepting gifts and Hallmark cards all day in honor of me (since I’m a senior citizen)…heck, even a Tweet will do.

WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- August 18th, 2011

Just had cable tv installed and this is a blessing and a curse.  Can now watch shows on 57″ tv rather than 13″ computer, but it really cuts into my reading time.  Decisions, decisions.  But, last night, no contest as my Milwaukee Brewers are crushing first place in their division and the season will be over too soon for me.  So, for now, Brewers trump reading…or I could just stay up a little longer.  Hmmm.





Vowed in Shadows by Jessa Slade

Blackstone Audio

Listened to by joysann


It’s been difficult for ex-missionary Jonah Walker since being possessed by a demon seeking redemption and fighting against other demons. Even more difficult has been finding his place in the League, convinced his combat days ended with the loss of his arm. Added to this, his demon has chosen an unlikely and disturbing mate…an exotic dance club stripper, Naughty Nymphette, whose surprising virtues include the determination and strength to fight at his side.


Always action-packed and exciting, this third in the creative Marked Souls series focuses on an intriguing character introduced in the earlier novels. The emotional vulnerability of this conflicted fighter made him a prime choice for a romantic story of his own. Vowed in Shadows does him justice, and I enjoyed the sexy sparring between the two characters, and poor Jonah’s reluctant surrender to the powers of love.




A Summer Reunion by Kasey Michaels, Sarah Mayberry and Teresa Southwick

Read by Heidi

This anthology takes place in Cape May, New Jersey.
All our Yesterdays by Kasey Michaels features Victoria “Tory” Fuller who has just been reunited with her sister Margaret Mary “Peggy” Longwood after being separated since their childhood when their parents were tragically killed. Thanks to Tory’s daughter, there is more than one reunion to be had. Allie has found her birth father, Tory’s long lost love Sam McCormack. Sam gets the surprise of his life, with an instant family. But the biggest surprise is that Sam and Tory’s love for one another has never gone away.

All our Todays by Sarah Mayberry focuses on Peggy’s daughter Lauren Sutcliffe, who is a busy divorced  mother of two and is planning her mother’s big family reunion.  Adam Hunter is from Australia and the business partner to Peggy and Tory’s deceased baby brother Stephen. Adam has been invited to the family reunion to give insights on the brother they never knew. Sparks fly between Adam and Lauren in a way that scares them both since they live so far apart.

All our Tomorrows by Teresa Southwick continues the party theme with Peggy’s son David, an attorney who is all work and no play. The demons of his past seem to keep him from moving forward. Kinsey McKeever is Peggy’s physical therapist who lives on their property to help Peggy recover from her broken foot, in time for the big party. Kinsey has her own past to contend with but she is also determined to help David find some kind of fun, despite their growing attraction to each other.

I adored that the main theme of this anthology wove through this book flawlessly. It reminded me almost of a historical, when there is a matriarch character, and then there is bits and pieces of the rest of the family throughout. This book did that and more. There were no choppy bits, this book flowed together just like a river. What a wonderful satisfying read for my end of summer.




Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan

Read by Sophie
Miranda Grey, a musician and powerful empath whose abilities are taking over her entire life, had no idea that the man in line next to her would one day change her life completely, but when a small gang of men decides she’s just the kind of woman they’d like to control, she stops caring about everything—until David Solomon, the Prime of the Southwest vampires, steps in and takes her under his wing. David and his second in command, Faith, take it upon themselves to nurse Miranda back to health, teach her to shield her mind so she doesn’t have to handle everyone else’s emotions as well as her own, and even set her up with an expert fighter
brought over at age 15 named Sophie so she can learn to protect herself. The only thing that could make David stronger is a queen, which he does not have, and the Queen’s Signet, a stone almost as powerful as David’s Signet, gets to choose her, but it has to be a vampire, which Miranda is not—though for David, she would come over in a heartbeat.

Queen of Shadows opens with one simple sentence that promises nothing, but that sinks its claws into the reader instantly. This novel is like a recipe for success—suspense, fantasy, chilling reality, romance and a dash of humor all included on the list of ingredients. But clear your schedule for the morning after you begin reading—it’s a story to stay up all night with!




Just like Heaven by Julia Quinn

Read by Ashley

Honoria Smythe-Smith is the youngest daughter of the Smythe-Smith family, growing up she idolized her older brother Daniel and his best friend Marcus. They however nicknamed her “Bug” and didn’t want anything to do with her. Fifteen years later, Daniel must flee the country in a desperate attempt to save his life and Marcus promises to look after Honoria, especially to ensure that she doesn’t marry an idiot. Together with no big brother around, they begin to cross the lines between lovers and friends…

Just like Heaven is breathtaking novel of life-long friends becoming lovers. It’s a charming read that blends love, friendship, and duty together to make it unforgettable. One of my new favorite books!




One Summer by David Baldacci
Read by Stacey

After his miraculous recovery, Jack Armstrong must deal with his wife’s sudden death and pull his young family together.  He hopes that one summer on the small island where his wife grew up will help him do just that.

A story about a widower, three children and a summer spent on an island is usually a recipe for a tearjerker.  But in the hands of master storyteller David Baldacci, it becomes a story of triumph, of family and of happily ever afters.  Kudos to thriller writer Baldacci for letting me see the light at the end of the tunnel.





River Marked by Patricia Briggs

Read by Sophie

Everything is working out for newlyweds Mercedes Thompson (a coyote shapeshifter
and walker) and Adam (the alpha werewolf of the Columbia Basin Pack)—they’ve just had the
most wonderful surprise wedding and are now safely in a borrowed travel trailer (borrowed from
fae, which unsettles Mercy, for she knows the fae don’t do favors without expecting something
in return) in the middle of an RV campground for their honeymoon. But when they find a man alone in a boat who is named Benny, has nearly gone crazy, is missing the better part of his foot, and had begun the trip with his sister, Faith, Mercy and Adam have to put their relaxation on hold to save him.

Patricia Briggs has created a society within our own that contains all of the creatures we have wondered about and makes it entirely believable. Mercy Thompson, as well as many of the other characters, is dynamic, fun, and easy to relate to—
as well as fall in love with! The plot flows steadily, and is filled with action, history, and true love in many forms—even for those of us who haven’t read the first books of the series (which, because of how great this book was, I plan to do ASAP!).


Bottom Line:  Upset that I missed Cupcake Day on Monday, but I’ve just declared it cupcake week, so enjoy!!


Plagiarism Under the Guise of FanFiction

Barbara Vey -- August 16th, 2011
Cynthia Eden

Cynthia Eden

Recently author Cynthia Eden was notified by several fans that her story, Deadly Heat, was being told on a fanfiction site with the “writer” claiming it was her story, but she decided to name her characters Edward and Bella to honor her Twilight heroes.  Cynthia immediately went into action trying (unsuccessfully) to get her story taken down.  She wrote a scathing blog and now  Cynthia was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.


BV:  How did you first find out?


CE:  Friday night, I logged onto my email and saw a message with this subject line: “Deadly Heat posted to as The Devil’s Dance”—so, yes, that subject immediately caught my attention.  I went to the indicated site, and at first, I just thought the poster there had stolen my prologue. A few clicks later, and I realized my entire book had been plagiarized.

BV:  How many people contacted you and were they fans or friends?


CE:  Honestly, I’ve lost track of the number of folks who’ve contacted me at this point.  Friday night, I received about 10 notes—Since then, I’ve received dozens of emails, Tweets, even messages on GoodReads from people about the situation.  Fans contacted me to make sure I knew what was happening. Friends contacted to make sure I knew what was happening. So many people were looking out for me (and still are), and I am incredibly grateful.

BV:  Do you have a new appreciation for people who have gone through this now that it has happened to you?


CE:  Absolutely.  I’ve read about plagiarism happening to other authors (Shiloh Walker and Moira Rogers both come immediately to mind), and I felt horrible for them. I was angry on their behalf, and I hated that someone had stolen their work. When it happened to me, I was actually more hurt than angry (at first).  It seemed like such a personal attack.  This individual stole my work, and, not only did she steal it, she invented tales about how hard the writing life was for her and how she had to research the story. She acted like I completely didn’t exist, like the months I’d spent working on this story never happened. Oh, yes, I definitely have a new appreciation for others who’ve gone through this.


And the fact that Misconception76 (the “writer”) left comments like this at the end of each posted chapter:

In the month that I’ve been posting this story, I’ve had almost 20,000 hits, and almost 200 reviews. Some say I deserve more, but truthfully, it was never about the reviews. It was about writing a good story, and hoping like hell the readers would enjoy it. Even if I did blow canon out of the f**king water. But, if we all wrote the same thing…well, you get my point.”


Let’s just say those comments helped me to start feeling more angry than hurt.

BV:  Any words of wisdom you’d like to offer or just a final statement?


CE:  Yes, ma’am. Please, don’t plagiarize.  Whenever you pick up a book to read, someone wrote those words. Someone spent hours hunched over a computer, typing. Someone actually did all the research. All the editing.  Don’t take credit for that person’s work.


If you want to write, then let your imagination go. Explore your own story ideas. Be creative.


And for the writing and reading community out there—for the community that has been so awesome and supportive to me, thank you.  You’ve made me feel good in an awful situation.



After I had the blog ready to post, I received a follow up email from Cynthia: 

The real deal

The real deal

I just wanted to send you a quick update on my plagiarism situation.  In response to all the comments calling her a thief, it appears that Misconception76 removed the plagiarized story.  On her page, she left this note:


“Okay…confession time. What people said I did, I really did do. It was an experiment with a friend of mine. Her mom is totally addicted to the site, and it made me wonder. How many people actually copy other stories and claim them as their own. Well, now I know. Probably not many at all. I’m sorry for all the crap that I caused, and I promise to never show my face again. When my mom’s friend found out what we did, she was livid to say the least. I don’t blame her, or you for any words or actions you brought my way. I totally deserved it.

Once again, I’m sorry.



I absolutely do not believe this was an experiment.  She still has not contacted me, has not responded to my PM…but at least the story is down. I can only hope that she resists the urge to “experiment” with another author’s work in the future.


Thanks Cynthia for sharing this with us.  This is a horrible story to hear and one that no one wants to happen to them.  Stealing is stealing and to pass off something as your own is wrong.  If you love to write, write something original that others can enjoy.  If you can’t write, read the wonderful books that are out there and thank all the authors who have taken the time to weave amazing stories with their imagination that we can be transported anywhere.


Bottom Line:  “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” ~ Herman Melville




From Stephanie Barko Jane Kirkpatrick blogs about why she still travels to meet her readers.  Comment to be entered to win through August 21, her latest release, The Daughter’s Walk, which won a PW starred review.


From Leyane Jerejian:  The Wind Knot by John Galligan will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a free e-book download  (8/15-8/22)



The post includes remarks from the author about why she still travels to meet her readers.

Debbie Macomber Suffers Tragedy

Barbara Vey -- August 14th, 2011
Dale Macomber

Dale Macomber

I was saddened to hear of the death of popular author Debbie Macomber’s son, Dale.  My thoughts and prayers are with Debbie and her family.  Debbie’s publicist, Nancy Berland  sent this statement.

Renowned author Debbie Macomber and her family will celebrate the life of her beloved younger son, Dale, Tuesday morning at a memorial service in Port Orchard, Washington.

A dedicated father of two young boys, a gifted teacher and award-winning distance runner, Dale Macomber, 36, lost his battle with illness August 9. His body was discovered by his brother, Ted, and local police, after the authorities were alerted by family members concerned about Dale’s apparently serious despondency. A poignant obituary written by Ted can be found here.

Early on Dale developed a caring nature for those with special needs. Fittingly, his family suggests, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Special Olympics Washington for those wishing to express condolence for their tragic loss. Donations can by contacting the organization via their website,  or via postal mail  to 1809 7th Ave Ste 1509, Seattle, WA 98101. Those wishing to send Debbie and her husband, Wayne, condolence messages may do so via the guestbook on her website, or via mail to P.O. Box 1458, Port Orchard, WA, 98366.

Hundreds of people have shared loving memories of Dale on a Facebook page established by the Macomber family for this purpose: “Remembering Dale Macomber.” He was a bright, joyful young man who will be missed greatly by all who knew him.

Bottom Line: Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”  ~From a headstone in Ireland