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WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- January 27th, 2011

The winter doldrums have settled in here.   It seems that the older I get, the more I hate the cold.  I really need to find more friends in warm places to visit during this time of year and I’d even bring an extra suitcase loaded with books along to share.  Gray is the only color you see when you look out a window.  Luckily for us, the WW Ladies (and Gent) have found some books to color our world.




Tempest’s Legacy by Nicole Peeler

Listened to by joysann

Jane True is increasingly enjoying her newly discovered identity as a water-element supernatural, and she’s treasuring the friendships she’s making with both full-bloods and halflings. When she and her friends become threatened with captivity and death through bogus experimentation, Jane joins Ryu, Anyan, and their investigation team to find and expose the culprits behind it.

The Jane True series is an absolute delight. The first-person urban fantasy is filled with good humor, witty and surprising observations, sexy romance, and lots of suspenseful action. Between Nicole Peeler’s charming heroine and audio narrator Kate Reinder’s pitch-perfect performance of the series, I was enthralled for many hours, listening to book after book in rapid succession.




The Athena Project by Brad Thor

Read by Michael

There is a new team of elite Delta force operatives on the front lines, fighting against terrorism, only there is something different about this team. The four of them are women, and they are called the Athena Project. While diverse in appearance and background, these highly trained experts in their fields have some things in common; they are beautiful, brilliant, athletic, driven, and deadly. The Athena Project team is sent into enemy territory to recover a lost technology that can be used as a transporter device to send explosives into any location.

Somewhat reminiscent of Charlie’s Angels, we get a glimpse at what would happen if the Army were to take advantage of the power that a beautiful woman can have over an opponent in situations where women are unexpected. The story is fast-paced and action-packed, the kind of page-turner that I’ve come to expect in Brad Thor’s books.




Devil Moon: A Mystic Romance by Dana Taylor E-Book

Read by Edie

When the devil moon is out, strange things happen to Maddie, a seemingly straight-laced assistant high school principal, and Phil, the former football star, former alcoholic who’s now the high school coach. They’ve both returned to Beaver Cove, Arkansas, to put their lives back together. Maddie is still recovering from a betrayal by her former fiancé. Phil wants to connect with his 11-year-old daughter whose money-hungry mother is keeping them apart. And then there’s Maddie’s theatrical gay friend (who has his own problems) and Maddie’s Grammy Harris with her wise and blunt advice. The thing is, Grammy Harris is dead.

Devil Moon is Southern women’s fiction with a mystical element, along the lines of Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. It has everything I love in a book. Great characters, great writing, and a great heart. It’s witty, poignant, and fast-paced. Though it’s not an erotic book, Taylor’s writing is sensuous. It’s a book I’ll be reading again, just because I enjoyed it so much.




The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

Read by Heidi

Eight people from different walks of life, find themselves in a cooking class, located in Lillian’s restaurant. Lillian’s skills as a chef shows that it’s her soul that comes out in the dishes she creates. Over the course of a year, the students learn that a meal not only is made up of ingredients, but becomes a part of their lives.

I felt as though I was living my own TV show on the Food Network, through this book. The passion of each dish that Lillian spoke about to her students came through. I imagined vividly the smell of the food as it was being cooked. I wished many times throughout the book, that I was a student in Lillian’s class. A sign of a truly great book, get lost in the entire story. Sigh…. I’m hungry again.




Cattitude by Edie Ramer E-Book

Read by joysann

Belle was a contented kitty, sharing her home with Max, the man who, loved, fed, and scratched her head just right, until the self-widowed Caroline moved in, vying for Belle’s place in Max’s house, and willing to kill to get it. In the meantime, Sorcha witnessed the murder of her unscrupulous fiance’ and ran for her life. At the moment when Sorcha’s high-speed escape is interrupted by Caroline’s tossing her nemesis cat in front of the speeding car, the ensuing crash results in a magical switch of roles for Belle and Sorcha, and romantically cataclysmic events for Max.

As a cat-person myself, I enjoyed the cats-eye view of the world from both Belle’s and Sorcha’s perspectives. The intertwining plots and screwball coincidences all make for a light, quick, romantic and imaginative story that was perfect to read in e-book format.




Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart

Read by Stacey

A woman on the verge, Gilly is carjacked along with her two children.  Once they are freed, she is held hostage by a troubled man.  Even as she gets to know him, she remembers he is her only obstacle to freedom…and the most important people in her life.

This book is surprising, amazing and heart-wrenching.  In Gilly, Megan has created an everywoman, a harried housewife who dreams of freedom.  It is her journey which drives this book; from disbelief to understanding; from terror to strength.  She learns what she is capable of, and most importantly, remembers what matters most.

Bottom Line: Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.”  ~Robert Byrne


Writer’s Digest Conference

Barbara Vey -- January 25th, 2011
Nancy Naigle

Nancy Naigle

Today’s cub reporter is Nancy Naigle who attended the Writers Digest Conference in NYC over the weekend. Nancy writes love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense.   She and her husband live in rural Virginia on their goat farm where they are living out their own small town love story.


Hey friends. The conference booklet for the 2011 Writer’s Digest Conference was appropriate, because when I arrived in New York City Friday afternoon it was to snow flurries and the coldest temperatures they’ve seen in years. Unlike other NY hotels I’ve stayed in the last couple of years for these conferences, it was a happy surprise to find my room at the Sheraton had a coffee pot. Hooray! Barbara, you’ll have to tell the coffee pot story in the comments. Yes, it’s truly the little things that mean the most!

Friday night, Richard Curtis got down and dirty into the details of being an agent in the shifting landscape of publishing, and

Writer's Digest Booklet

Writer's Digest Booklet

how the infatuation with screen readers is impacting and changing the way we buy books. Don’t give up on books, however. They aren’t going anywhere.

The highlight on Friday for me was the charming Chuck Sambuchino who shared insider tips on how to make the best of the pitch opportunities on Saturday at the pitch slam. In a nutshell, his advice was to use only half of your allotted time pitching so you have time to interact with the agent. Set the stage. Start with the genre, title, word count and status of your manuscript (ie is it complete?) Then, follow up with the logline, and quickly intro the main character and inciting incident. Easy as pie, right?

So, picture this. A grand ballroom in a New York City hotel. The room sprawls the entire second floor.  Seated around that room – 55 awesome literary agents. Some looked as nervous as the writers getting ready to pitch. Each agent would be pitched every three minute increment for the next two hours.  That’s a lot of pitches!

Anxious Writers

Anxious Writers

Outside the doors, over 500 nervous writers snaked from one end of the hall to the other between huge pillars in two directions. The picture here doesn’t do it justice. Most of the folks I chatted with after the Pitch Slam said they pitched 6-10 of the agents on their wish lists in the allotted time.

The staff at Writers Digest did a great job leveraging twitter to share information by posting hashtags for every session. You can check out activities and comments on twitter at #wdc11.

Aside from the standard sessions on craft, there were several focused on marketing (I’ve got pages and pages of notes from those), and others on how to do-it-yourself or through subsidy presses. It was a diverse schedule that met the needs of the attendees that was a mix of fiction, non-fiction, journalists and poets.

The closing keynote was Ben LeRoy of Tyrus Books who spoke about looking for a resurgence of books about every day people in extraordinary circumstances. He took us on a verbal journey through some of his travels to the small towns he’s discovered and fallen in love with. It was a wonderful and thoughtful way to end the weekend.

I’m excited to be staying in town for DIGITAL BOOK WORLD. It kicks off Monday and runs through Wednesday. This one focuses on the publishing end of the process. If you want to follow along on the action as it happens, the twitter hashtag is #dbw11.

If you’re interested in becoming a Cub Reporter for Beyond Her Book and planning on attending a conference I won’t be at, please let me know by sending me an email .

You can also follow me at Twitter and Facebook.

Bottom Line: Thanks to Nancy for being our eyes and ears at Writers Digest and we’re looking forward to her wrap up of Digital Book World.

The Green Bay Packers Trump Reading for a Day

Barbara Vey -- January 24th, 2011
Green Bay Packer Championship Jersey

Green Bay Packer Championship Jersey

There are times (not often) that I must deviate from my love of all things books.  Yesterday, my beloved Green Bay Packers clinched the National Football Conference title in a nail-biter game against their archenemy Chicago Bears.


After cheering myself hoarse the first half, da Bears managed to close the gap in the second half.  By the two minute warning I had my blanket over my head and just listened.  I couldn’t watch because I’m always convinced that if I watch it’s my fault that they do something stupid (like fumble or get a penalty).  Not rational, but watching sports rarely is.


I did have my computer on my lap during the game, alternating between Twitter and Facebook, while receiving texts on my iPhone (there’s an amazing number of authors who love the sport).  It was like watching the game with a group of fanatic fans, but I didn’t have the messy clean up afterward.  I even found myself sweating, although the temperature here is about 9 degrees.  I’m exhausted, but in a good way.


Tomorrow morning I’ll hit the mall and buy my grandkids the Green Bay Packer Championship shirts and send them to St. Louis so they can wear them on Super Bowl Sunday.


Looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the opponents and I can go through this pleasant agony all over again on February 6th when the Packers face them for the Super Bowl title.  I’m already planning the food menu, which is a big part of being a true fan.


Bottom Line: Now packing away my Cheesehead for two weeks and will pound out a bunch of books so I can then take a day off of reading to cheer on my very favorite NFL team.  Go Pack!!

Authors Pull Together for One of Their Own

Barbara Vey -- January 21st, 2011
Tina Gerow

Tina Gerow

I’m always thrilled to hear of authors helping other authors.  To me, it’s just one big community that shares the same goals.  So, when tragedy strikes, it doesn’t take long for everyone to pull together to help out.  This is true again in the case of author Tina Gerow.

Tina recently underwent surgery for neurological symptoms related to a rare condition known as Arteriovenous Malformation.  In an effort to offset some of the medical expenses, Decadent Publishing has gathered nine authors in an anthology of faery tales.  The authors are donating their royalties to Tina.  The book’s release will coincide with the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention to be held in Los Angeles April 6-10.

Twice Upon a Time:  Faery Tales with a Dash of Modern Magic, will revamp faery tales by adding a little more romance.  Eden Robins, Amanda McIntyre, Sahara Kelly, Taige Crenshaw, Vijaya Shartz, Janet Miller, Joy Nash, Liddy Midnight and Kayce Lassiter are the authors featured.

According to Tina’s Facebook page, she’s got a very positive attitude and is making the most of everyday.  She gives her husband, Jon, kudos by saying, “Since the hospital, I’m always more at ease when he’s close by. He was my rock while I was in the hospital, and he still is as I recover Even though I have a huge support network, my wonderful husband is and has been my biggest comfort & support through this. I’m not sure I would’ve made it this far so quickly without him. I am blessed!”

Bottom Line: There is nothing more romantic than that.  Well said Tina.

WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- January 19th, 2011

I was just reading an article about Netflix.  In about 2 years, you won’t be able to get a movie from them on DVD, only streaming to whatever device you own.  I couldn’t help noticing the parallels with e-books and printed books.  Things are moving faster than I ever imagined.  It’s a scary thought to me, but the the world has always been about change and our ability to adapt to it.  No matter the form of books, the WW Ladies will keep reading them and offering their take on them.




You Know When the Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon

Read by Kym

A husband kept stateside as his wife fights cancer, leaves her also fighting guilt because he is home while other husbands are not. Another woman deals with evidence her husband’s overseas indiscretion in the best way she knows how. Yet another becomes irrationally fascinated with her neighbor’s activities. The stories have no neat endings, tying everything together, but they make you think about war’s effect on the daily lives of not just the men and women overseas, but those they leave behind.

Reading the stories in You Know When the Men Are Gone was like eavesdropping through the thin walls of the army housing at Fort Hood and peering through its windows at the lives of the families who live there.When I saw a description of it soon to be released, I requested a copy of Fallon’s book because I felt that we, as a country, take for granted the daily sacrifices many families make when a member serves in the Armed Forces. No matter what side we come down on with these wars, we all owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. This book reminded me just how large that debt is.



A Pirate’s Possession by Michelle Beattie

Read by Beth

Nate Carter and Claire Gentry have a past together from time shared at an orphanage, but time and circumstances changed the plans they had made. Now, eight years later they end up together again in search of a lost treasure Claire’s father had been after years ago.

What follows is a well written pirate story full of romance and action. A Pirate’s Possession is the third book in a series by Michelle Beattie, but is just fine as a stand alone. The dialog and scene descriptions pulled me in and I had a hard time putting this book down. Fix a cup of your favorite beverage, light the fireplace and settle in for a swashbuckling, fast-paced fun pirate story.





A Werewolf in Manhattan by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Read by joysann

Novelist Emma Gavin writes a delightful and popular paranormal series featuring werewolves. The problem is that her descriptions come so close to fact that the justifiably paranoid New York werewolf pack believes she found an informant from in their ranks, making her a threat to their existence. Security expert (and the next pack Alpha) Aiden Wallace bites off more than he can chew by investigating a completely unbelieving and unwitting but imaginative Emma, entangling them both into a forbidden situation.

Speaking of delightful, Vicki Lewis Thompson has begun her “Wild About You” werewolf series with a romp that has me already anticipating the next one. The likable characters had me looking forward to their inevitable happily-ever-after, and thoroughly enjoying the charming, light and sexy romance.



Spun by Sorcery

by Barbara Bretton

Read by Tammy

The story of Luke and Chloe from the quaint little town of Sugar Maple continues.  Just when Chloe thinks things are going her way, her beloved town just disappears!  Chloe knows it has something to do with her history, so Luke suggests they travel back in time to where it all began – Salem.  While someone is intentionally trying to stop them, Chloe gets the opportunity to meet a long lost relative and see the origin of the feud between her family and the ones responsible for Sugar Maple’s disappearance … the Fae.

Spun by Sorcery was exciting to read because it is filled with adventure and suspense, not knowing how Chloe will ever get out of her next predicament. It also demonstrates the power of true love. I especially was enchanted with the light good humor and romance.




Missing Mark by Julie Kramer

Read by Heidi

Riley Spartz is a sassy hot-shot investigative reporter, who seems to have stories fall into her lap, thanks to her keen insight. Riley sees a want-ad stating: “Wedding Dress for Sale: Never worn”. Her radar is on high alert that there is a story behind the ad. As she learns about the missing groom, the mystery becomes more complicated than ever. Riley hopes to report the answers before she becomes the story herself.

I truly adore mysteries where there may be more than one plot happening, and all the little side stories interweave with the main one. The next thing you know, you are on the edge of your seat wondering where the story will turn next! With current themes running through the entire story, I really did feel like I was experiencing the story right along with Riley. Now, that is one fantastic ride!!


Bottom Line: While change is inevitable, I plan on holding on to my little treasures forever.

One Way to Stop a Library From Closing

Barbara Vey -- January 18th, 2011

Everyone knows what a library buff I am.  Ever since I was very young, going to the library was a special event.  While most of my friends loved shopping, I loved walking the aisles of mystery, fiction and romance.  I spent hours there and came home with my arms aching from the weight of all the books I checked out.  I always wanted to be a librarian when I grew up, but life had other plans.

So I was just tickled when I came across this story at the about a library that was scheduled to close.  Apparently, due to budget cuts, the Stony Stratford branch city council decided to take matters into their own hands before it was too late.

They instigated a Facebook campaign by urging all citizens to take advantage of the library’s policy of 15 books per person for a 1 week period.  After only a few days, nearly all of the library’s 16,000 books were checked out leaving the shelves bare.  What a sight that must have been.

One man was quoted as saying, “The library is the one place where you find five-year-olds and 90-year-olds together, and it’s where young people learn to be proper citizens.”  What a wonderful way of putting things into perspective.

What would you do to keep your library open?

Bottom Line: Without libraries what have we?  We have no past and no future.” ~ Ray Bradbury

RWA Flooded Communities Book Appeal

Barbara Vey -- January 17th, 2011

I came across this blog last night on Facebook from the Romance Writers of Australia:

We’ve all seen the devastation the recent Queensland floods have wrought and have wondered how we can help. We know that for many affected families, books will not be high on their priorities list for some time to come.

We also know how valuable books can be in providing time out when reality gets tough.

With the aid of some wonderful volunteers, we’ve put together a Romance Writers of Australia Flooded Communities Book Appeal.

What we need?
FICTION BOOKS! Romance books, children’s books, young adult books, genre books, whatever – either new or in sparkling condition.

Please send them to:
RWA Flooded Communities Book Appeal
PO Box 1717

Noosaville Post Office

Noosaville BC

Queensland 4566

When to send them?
Now! And any time over the next few months. The books will be boxed and delivered to the appropriate libraries/schools/neighbourhood centres/community centres in batches as soon as the communities are ready to receive them. We’ll be liaising with councils, libraries and schools to ensure this is done appropriately. Feel free to pop a note inside, or if you’re an author, sign it.

Please go and “LIKE” their Facebook page and knowing authors as I do, I’m sure many of you will get your writing groups together to help out.

Bottom Line: Make “Do unto others” more than just a quotable phrase.

Monday Giveaways

From Monica Burns: The Pleasure Me With Romance blog event starts today with 35+ historical romance authors and bestsellers like Sabrina Jeffries, Madeline Hunter, Lorraine Heath, Lisa Valdez, Julianne MacLean, Sarah MacLean, Monica McCarty, Hannah Howell, Lucy Monroe and many more.

And you won’t want to miss the upcoming two-part interview with JAYNE ANN KRENTZ (Amanda Quick)!!

January 17th through March 1st
 with Daily Giveaways and at end of the event a Grand Prize and two Second Prizes  TWEET: #PleasureMeEvent

From Romance University: Multi-published author Kat Martin is giving away a personally autographed copy of one of her books to two Romance University commenters.

From Susan Hanniford Crowley: Nights of Passion blog is proud to celebrate the release of Aequitas II Punishment by that amazing uban fantasy author  a.c. Mason.  To celebrate her newest book, Mason is giving away an ecopy to one lucky winner at her contest.  Join her at Nights of Passion blog for all the details on Monday, Jan. 17, 2011. The contest is worldwide.

Update That Website

Barbara Vey -- January 10th, 2011

Every time I write about an author, I go to their website so I can link it up to their name.  Many times I’m also searching for their book cover.  I’m always astonished when I can’t even find a website.  To me, being an author is a business and as a business you need people to see the product.  What’s available and what’s coming up at the very least.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.  No need for video or anything flashy.  Just something that says I take my job seriously and here’s why you should read my work.  As a reader, I’m always disappointed when there’s no where for me to get more information on an author I’m interested in.  I’d like to know if there’s a backlist, what order I should read the books in, if they’re part of a series.

The next worse thing is an author having a website that’s not updated.  I’m embarrassed for them when I see their latest release showing 2003 when I know they’ve written more since then.  I’m not saying to blog something everyday or even update daily, but once a month would be nice.  Just a little something to say, “Hey, I’m still here and working hard on getting out my next exciting book.”  Heck, even saying what they’re reading not only updates the web page, it also helps out a fellow writer.

An even easier way is to attach a Twitter feed box.  That way, every time you Tweet something it shows up on your website.  Instant updating and you only had to type 140 characters (or less).

Most important, add a BUY button next to the titles of your books.  Link it to the sites that sell your books.  When the reader is really interested in something, make it easy for them to purchase immediately.  It just seems like common sense to me, but maybe there are reasons authors don’t want a website.  Enlighten me.  I’d really like to know.

Ok, now I feel better that I got that off my chest.  Anything bugging you today?

Bottom Line: Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day…I’m going to pretend I didn’t even see that.

Monday Giveaways

From Debby Guisti: Seekerville is having an Historical Costume Party, on Monday, January 10, to celebrate Love Inspired Historical as they expand from two books monthly to four.  Our special guest is Senior Editor Tina James who will be giving away the entire January Love Inspired Historical release set.  Additionally, if you arrive in Seekerville on Monday, January 10 dressed for the party you can win one of ten Seeker Surprise packages. But you must be dressed as yourself in costume or as a character from history and/or fiction and the movies.

From Samhain Publishing: Happy New Year, everyone! 2011 is just around the corner, and we’re starting it right with some great book giveaways on Kindle at and Nook at

The first date is the day the book price flips to $0.00 and the second date is the final day and the original price will go into effect again.

Begin Date

End Date Book Title Author

1/1/2011             1/31/2011           Oleander House              Ally Blue

1/1/2011             1/14/2011           Rough Cut                     Mari Carr

1/15/2011           1/28/2011           Big Girls Don’t Die         Crystal Jordan

And don’t forget, our special New Year’s book giveaways that started the middle of last month continue through the middle of January.

12/15/2010         1/15/2011         Going All In                      Jess Dee

12/15/2010         1/15/2011        Make Mine Midnight        Annmarie McKenna

12/15/2010         1/15/2011         The Bite of Silence           Mary Hughes

12/15/2010         1/15/2011         With this Ring                 T.A. Chase

My Reads and Your Turn Friday

Barbara Vey -- January 7th, 2011

Most of the time I like to mix up my reads.  I get confused too easily if I’m reading the same genre, so it’s usually a paranormal, then historical, maybe suspense, a funny contemporary, maybe a little mystery.  But this week I couldn’t resist two historicals and I find myself craving more.  Do you ever get into a phase where you only want one flavor?  That’s how I feel lately.

It’s kind of like when you crave a certain food and don’t have it in the house.  You want potato chips, but instead eat some pretzels, make some popcorn, eat a couple of cookies, an ice cream bar and some peanuts.  You end up full, but you’re still not satisfied because you can’t stop thinking about those potato chips.   That’s how my brain’s been lately.  So I gave in this week with two historicals.  I enjoyed them both, but I’m not full.  There’s a Jo Beverly book sitting there that’s calling out to me, so I may just have to give in to it.

First on my Kindle I read Julie Anne Long’s What I Did For a Duke.  The Duke of Falconbridge, Alexander Moncrieffe, is a feared man.  People know that if you cross him, you can expect revenge to rain down on you.  When Ian Eversea crosses the Duke, Alexander plots his revenge…Ian’s sister, Genevieve.  Meanwhile, Genevieve has her own problems with her long time friends.  When a house party brings them all together, Genevieve discovers an unlikely ally in the Duke.

This story delights from the beginning.  Ian’s run in with the Duke made me laugh and his anguish at trying to anticipate the moment of revenge is entertaining.  Nothing engages me more than when I feel part of the family and I’m glad the Everseas brought me along for the ride.


Next up was Monica Burn’s Pleasure Me.  Lady Ruth Attwood is starting to worry.  At age 41, being a courtesan is not easy.  After being thrown over by her latest lover for someone half her age, Ruth needs to rethink her strategies for making money.  Enter Baron Garrick Stratfield, a younger man with a physical problem that has kept him a virgin.  He needs a mistress to protect his secret without sharing his bed.  When Garrick makes Ruth an offer that will take care of both their problems, she has to choose whether it’s worth losing her heart to a man who most likely won’t stay.

The double standard that’s been around forever…it’s ok for a 40 year old man to be with a 20 year old woman, but scandalous for the roles to be reversed.  I could sympathize with Ruth’s dilemma, but Garrick offered everything she needed.  I was hooked and spent the whole day reading this sizzling, sensual, engrossing tale.  My first Monica Burns book, but definitely not my last.

Now it’s your turn.  Let everyone know what book you’ve been reading lately.  It may even be in my TBR pile and inspire me to pick it up next.

Bottom Line: I just started a paranormal and no, it’s not a historical.

Books for Decoration, Not for Reading

Barbara Vey -- January 6th, 2011

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press on Twitter, I was led to an article in the New York Times about people who hire someone to fill their home libraries.  At first I thought it sounded like such a cool job to roam book stores and pick out books that the owner would enjoy reading, while filling their empty shelves.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  While some clients are interested in maybe some day reading what’s in their personal libraries, a lot more seem to look it more as a design space.  Books are chosen for size and then covered with paper to match the decor of the room.  Other clients like the fancy bound look of the old classics and don’t even care what language they’re written in as long as it makes the room look good.

This makes me sad on so many levels.  I get upset just thinking about all the great books out there I’ll never get to read because I’ll just run out of time.  I imagine the authors toiling away, putting their heart and souls into their books only to have them wrapped in paper and used as props in someone’s home or business.  Unlike the empty Christmas presents under the trees in stores wrapped up so pretty with shiny paper and bows, books have real content under the jacket.  And I have to wonder if any of these people with so much money to hire someone to “decorate” their library ever read any books for pleasure and where they keep them.

One of my bookshelves. It isn't pretty, but it contains some of my favorites.

One of my bookshelves. It isn't pretty, but it contains some of my favorites.

I love going into people’s homes and perusing their bookshelves.  It’s always easy to spot their favorite books by the tattered, well-worn cover.  I know I’m a romantic at heart and I’ve always owned books that I loved enough to read more than once (some every year).   Most covers are a work of art themselves.  I’ve pick up more than one book because I loved the cover.  And I’ve seen how excited the authors get when they receive their covers and show them off online in blogs, websites and Facebook.

Maybe I’m overreacting, ok, most likely I am, but books just mean something so much more to me.  Kind of like how other people feel about their pets.   People can buy books and do whatever they want with them.  Obviously, everyone wants their books to sell.  But does it matter to an author if their book is covered and left to languish on a shelf as decoration?  I sure don’t have the answer.  How do you feel about this?  Is it ok with you?  Or is selling a book the bottom line and what happens next doesn’t matter?   Or doesn’t any of it really matter if we’re all headed for the digital book age anyway?

Bottom Line: “A book is a gift you can open again and again.”~ Garrison Keillor