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Frigid Your Turn Friday

Barbara Vey -- January 16th, 2009

 Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood
I’m still in Nashville and next week Atlanta.  Tomorrow I lunch with the local Tennessee Romance Writers of America and I can’t wait.  Old friends to see and new ones to meet…plus yummy food.  Life is good (I know, except for the exceptionally frigid weather). 

I’ve been looking forward to reading Suzanne Brockmann’s latest, but her publisher sent me Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood instead.  I wasn’t happy because it’s like expecting steak but getting chicken McNuggets.  But I was very pleasantly surprised.  Yes, believe it or not, I’ve never read Julie Garwood (at least not that I can remember).  I like to think I’ve read almost everyone, but, obviously, I’ve had an overinflated vision of my own abilities and knowlege of the book world.

Well, Tina was shocked that I hadn’t read any of Julie’s historicals, so she ran to her room and came back with a stack (some of them rubberbanded to hold them together).  She swears I’ll love the historicals even more.  I don’t have time to read them all, but I did take The Secret (which Tina insists I’ll love) and will try to squeeze it in.

Fire and Ice is a contemporary romantic suspense with Sophie Rose, a newspaper reporter, working for a small press and doing human interest stories.  Her father is wanted in the questioning of several thefts.  Her friends gather round when she’s threatened and FBI agent Jack MacAlister is tapped to go along with Sophie to Alaska for a story, after he loses a bet.  She’s investigating the mysterious death of a man she was writing a newspaper story about. 

There’s a subplot cleverly wound into the book and I finished it in no time even though I was working, visiting, on the computer and doing lots of talking.   When all you want to do is get back to a book, you know you’re on to something good.  Riveting, intriguing and irresistable.  Hard to imagine the historicals will be better, but I’ll sacrifice myself for the greater good.

Now it’s your turn.  What have you been reading lately?  Any surprises?  Authors you’ve just discovered and found out have really been writing for years?  Share your reads with others and get these names out there.  I love discovering a "new" author.

Bottom Line:  "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."  ~ Joseph Addison  (My mind is obviously in much better shape than my body…wish I could put it in a little black dress and high heels for special occasions)

Here’s a fun video that’s been floating around by MacMillians digital team about how a book goes from being written to read.  Very cleverly done!

I Just Don’t Get It

Barbara Vey -- January 15th, 2009
Robert Downey Jr.
Even Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t get it

From my "I just don’t get it" files.

When I post the book blurbs, I always try to link to the author’s website.  I’m amazed when the writer doesn’t have one at all or if they do have one, it is so poorly maintained.  Now I’m not asking for special effects or all the bells and whistles, but an occasional update would be nice.

Recently I came across a website that hadn’t been updated since 2002!  That’s right, the cover page had a letter to her fans dated 2002.  I say, take it down if it’s that old.  It says to me that the author doesn’t care about his/her readers.  They don’t want to take the time to let people know what’s new.

Now don’t get your undies in a bundle.  I’m not saying the author’s time isn’t valuable or that it shouldn’t be spent writing, but then ask a friend or even a high school kid to help you by doing the putsy stuff.  You don’t even need a full website.  I’ve seen decent sites where some writers use LiveJournal, Blogger, and even MySpace.  A little bio, your book(s) cover pages, link to where they can be bought and at least your current release.  That’s all.  You don’t have to blog daily or even update monthly, but please put your current book up there.

Don’t want to be contacted by all the fans who read your books.  Fine.  Declare on your page that you’re busy writing and don’t have time to answer all the messages.  Have a FAQ page.  But still set up a separate email only for that page and ask someone you trust to shift through it for you.  You never know when someone important may be trying to contact you for a TV or movie deal, or maybe even Oprah!  (Hey, it could happen).  Still don’t want to do it.  Okay, how about mentioning your publisher and having a link to their page?

Truly, it sometimes feels like I’m trying to contact J. D. Salinger.

Then again, if you’re absolutely adverse to the idea of getting word of your book and yourself out there, it’s your choice. 

So what do you think?  Asking too much of authors?  Frustrated when you see outdated stuff floating around out there or glad because they’re competition and if no one can find them it’s good for you? 

Bottom Line:  Whew…it always feels good to get stuff off my chest, but now I’ll have to find something else to complain about.

WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- January 14th, 2009

Midnight Sins by Cynthia Eden

Well, yesterday’s blog about eReaders was obviously a hot topic with lots of comments on both sides of the issue.  It seems to come down to personal preference.  I would really like to try one…someday.  But until then, here’s the WW Ladies Book Blurbs of the week.

JoysannMidnight Sins by Cynthia Eden

    Read by Joysann

      Detective Todd Brooks is incredulous when a suggestion is made that a sex demon might be the murderer of bound, naked men found dead from causes unknown, but he finds clues leading him to Cara Maloan, a succubus who longs for a real and lasting love. Instead of capturing her, he is captivated by the sexy beautiful woman, and he doesn’t believe it’s magic that stirs their mutual attraction. Though his imperative is to find the killer, he also wants to clear Cara of suspicion, protect her from the killer that seems to be framing her, and make her believe in him. 
        Atlanta is an Other sort of place in Cynthia Eden’s Midnight books, where paranormal beings secretly live and work alongside humans, making it a dangerous situation for both. Wrapped in an intriguing mystery, Midnight Sins is sensually romantic, and a very enjoyable read.

Ms. FayeStar Bright by Catherine AndersonStar Bright by Catherine Anderson

Read by Ms. Faye

Rainie Hall thinks she’s married the man of her dreams, but she’s married a murderer. She fakes her own death to escape him and starts a new life as someone else.  Parker Harrigan is a ruggedly handsome cowboy and Rainie’s new boss. He suspects Rainie has a secret, but instead of prying he shows her support and helps her learn to fight for herself.  The chemistry between the characters is so perfect you’re dying for their first kiss and you never want it to end!  Of course nothing is ever easy and when Rainie’s murderous ex finds out she’s still alive he comes looking for her.

Star Bright
is a true, grass-roots romance.  Though there’s a bit of suspense the novel is about love and a perfect way to bring in any New Year!  If you’re looking for a good contemorary romance I recommend Star Bright! It’s a feel good book with a lot of substance!

  StaceyAcheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Read by Stacey
Acheron, the leader of the Dark Hunters, has come to a point in his long life where his past has caught up with present.  His secrets, as well as those of an undiscovered civilization, are now on the verge of exposure.  But what are these secrets? And to what lengths will he go to protect them…and those he holds dear, from his past, his present, and his future?

Acheron was my book of the year for 2008.  It took me 2 and 1/2 days to read, and for a book that’s well over 700 pages, it says a great deal.  The story expertly melds past and present  in a way that includes details fans of the series will definitely enjoy.  New readers will absolutely be enchanted by Kenyon’s characters, but will have to beware of spoilers for the rest of the series.  As usual, Kenyon closes some doors but opens others.  I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Just After Sunset by Stephen King
MichelleJust After Sunset by Stephen King

Read by Michelle
This is a great collection of short stories by the master of horror himself.  Nothing like a quick read to give you the chills.  Stephen King gives us thirteen tales from the realization that you are dead and in limbo to finding the lost treasures of those who have passed on before you. 

Each story will keep you looking over your shoulder and wondering about the supernatural possibilities of the universe.  I found it thrilling and heart-stopping.  A must read for all the King lovers out there.  And I’m at the top of the list.

JoysannFoundation by Mercedes Lacky
Foundation by Mercedes Lackey
      Book 1 of The Collegium Chronicles
    Listened to by Joysann
    Fantasy readers have long been enchanted Mercedes Lackey’s land of Valdemar. In the medieval-like world, intelligent, telepathic, horse-like beings called Companions link with humans they call Chosen, enhancing each other and becoming heralds to serve the Crown. When young Mags is chosen, he finds himself pulled from a life of slavery and plunged into training at the Collegium, an academy for heralds, healers and bards. Through special abilities he’s developed and his relationship with his Companion, Mags proves his worthiness to his peers, his instructors, and, most importantly, to himself.
    As Foundation is a coming-of-age story, I am not of the target audience, yet I found the story appealing and the audio presentation quite enjoyable. If I were planning a road trip with adolescents, I would take this as good entertainment for the whole family. As it is, I’ll be watching for the next book in this segment of Mercedes Lackey’s extended fantasy. 

StaceySeduction of the Crimson Rose by Laura Willig  The Seduction of the Crimson Rose

Read by Stacey

Mary Alsworthy.  Raven hair, beautiful and she knows it.  Left without prospects that interest her in the wake of her younger, less beautiful sister’s marriage, she needs an escape.  Lord Vaughn.  Jaded, roguish, enigmatic and up to his neck in espionage.  He needs someone to act as bait for the Black Tulip.  Enter Mary.  Will Eloise Kelly, intrepid grad student, be able to discover what happened (in history, their love life…and hers) even as Colin Selwick waits in the wings?   Willig’s series remains brilliantly fresh after four novels.  Both Mary and Vaughn’s story and it’s frame of Eloise’s budding relationship (with both Colin and her dissertation) kept me turning pages.  All four characters walk off the page and the suspense(in either contemporary or historical t
imes) is an automatic pageturner. I’m excited to see what direction she takes the series next.

Bottom Line:  Sending good thoughts and well wishes to our super blurber Joysann who is having surgery this week.  Hurry back, we’ll miss you here.

Are You Ready For an E-Book Reader Yet?

Barbara Vey -- January 13th, 2009
eReader for iPhone

I recently read that Dorchester Publishing is in the process of converting their entire list of current books and selected backlist books to digital form

“Our business is built on a tradition of giving readers the highest quality books at the best value,” said John C. Prebich, President and CEO of Dorchester Publishing. “Working with LibreDigital, we can provide millions of loyal readers with new digital delivery options so they can access their favorite titles on eReaders, mobile phones or computers while protecting the value accrued by our brand.”

I find this interesting because I still hear about so many who are not pleased with the current ebook readers, but publishers are gearing up for the day when they are in abundance.  It seems like there’s always something about each different device not to like or that makes it not user friendly.  While I don’t have an e-reader myself, I have tried some out and felt they weren’t worth the money to me.  I do have the eReader on my phone (it was a free application) and I like it well enough for what it is.  I mostly use it when I’m stuck somewhere, having to wait, with nothing to read.  But I don’t know that I’d specifically download something to read straight through on my phone.


For me, the big thing is the backlight.  Lots of times I’m stuck in dimly lit places like sharing a hotel room (I don’t want to keep the other person up because I read into all hours of the night).  Or in an airplane (their reading lights suck).  Or sometimes waiting in a car at night when picking people up at the airport. 

As for reading a book on the computer, I just can’t seem to do it.  I’m on the computer a lot, but usually flitting from site to site.  The idea of just sitting in front of it reading page after page isn’t very appealling for me.  I’ve already printed up whole books and then read them on paper (don’t do this anymore because it takes a very long time to print out and you can end up with a 4 1/2 inch pile of papers because you were sent a book double spaced and run out of ink).

Then there’s the cost of the e-book.  I recently received an e-mail from a reader saying, "I read somewhere that the

Sony Reader

price of ebooks is way too high, considering there is no distribution, sales people, warehousing, etc."  Now, if you are open to reading just about anything, lots of places online offer free downloads of books, but if you want specific authors or genres, you have to pay.  Is it too costly?

I’ve read on other’s blog that they keep trying different models hoping to find the perfect reading device.  I really hope there’s one out there.  I wouldn’t be adverse to owning one…someday.

What about you?  Do you own one?  Do you want one?  Are they worth the cost?  Do you think the masses will someday embrace an e-book device?  Or will we need to hold on books for the feel of the paper in our hands and the ability to lovingly hand the copy over to a friend saying, "You’ve got to read this!"?  If everyone reads e-books, will there still be author signings?

Bottom Line:  I love the smell of a library and bookstore (I know it’s weird), but can’t imagine what a completely digital library might smell like.

Monday, Monday

Barbara Vey -- January 12th, 2009
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Ok, I laughed when Brangelina dissed Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet.

Just finished watching the Golden Globes and I did pretty good on guessing the winners even though I haven’t seen most of the movies.  Slumdog Millionaire?  Has that even played in any theaters yet?  But then that’s the problem I have with most of the award shows.  Still, it’s fun to see what everyone is wearing, although I hate the ridiculous questions they ask on the red carpet.  So, watch it with the sound off.

In other news,  Ellora’s Cave  filed a lawsuit charging Borders and distributor Baker & Taylor with breach of contract and fraud and seeking at least $1 million in damages.  Jane at Dear Author explains it ". ..the suit by EC alleges that Borders ordered more books than it planned to sell which resulted in a credit balance on the account EC argues, that this "churning" is crippling small publishers.  Ironically, in 2006, EC gave Borders romance buyer, Sue Grimshaw, an Ellor’s Cave award."  (Jane, who is also an attorney, promises to try to pull up the petition and post it.)

Gemma Halliday Charity AuctionFrom author Christie Craig:   Gemma Halliday is sponsoring an auction for a homeless teenager and her mother.  Gemma had met the girl, who is an aspiring writer and artist and her mom at one of her library events and tehy were dedicated readers of Gemma’s books.  The teen even drew Gemma a picture of the heroine in Gemma’s novels.  Then just by coincidence, Gemma saw a news program about their situation. (You can read the whole story here.  the auction runs January 19-26th and features donations of agent critiques, editor pitches, website design, tarot readings, artwork, jewelry, handmade quilts, and tons and tons of autographed books.)

Romantic Reads offers a section with links to free books.  Just click here for the list.

And, just for fun, if you haven’t tried Twitter yet, give it a look see.  Twitter asks, "What are you doing?" and Twitteryou type in a sentence or two.  To me, it’s a quick and easy way to see into the lives of others whether they’re baking chocolate chip cookies or cleaning up the mess the cat made.  There’s also the people who find interesting things on the net and post links to them.  Last night the site was buzzing as everyone commented on the Golden Globes as it was happening.  Kind of like watching it with a group when you’re really alone, at home and in your jammies.  It’s easy to catch birthdays and other reasons for celebrations.  And, sometimes it’s just hearing about the little things in life that brings us closer together.  (Here’s the link to my Twitter)
Bottom Line:  I did win the "Pick the Golden Globes Winners" contest against Tina and Andrew, but I think I’m just a better guesser.


Sunday Matinee

Barbara Vey -- January 11th, 2009
Penelope with Christina Ricci

A great thing about visiting friends is rediscovering why you’re friends to begin with.  And one of the things Tina and I almost always agree on is movies.  Friday night it was Mama Mia, the delightful Abba tribute with the brilliant Meryl Streep (who can do everything and do it well) and Pierce Brosnan (who I now know can do anything but sing, but he’s still so pretty to look at).  Last night it was Penelope, an enchanting fairytale that teaches us to love ourselves first, with the talented Christina Ricci (one of the most underrated actresses) and and a (new to me) James McAvoy (who apparently everyone else has heard of). 

Here’s the previews we watched before the movies, and just like going to the theater, they aren’t labeled here so you can watch them without knowing what to expect.  Enjoy them, then go pick up the book to see how they end.

And, just because I can’t get the music out of my head, I’m passing it on to you.

As always, please feel free to send me your video for consideration in the Sunday Matinee. 

Bottom Line: No movie tonight because it’s 24 (yeah, Jack’s back) versus The Golden Globes.


Your Turn Friday from Tennessee

Barbara Vey -- January 9th, 2009
Ok, it’s never pretty when you get hit in the face by a wad of rice.

I love traveling and trying new things.  Last night, Tina and I were invited to dinner by author Sherrilyn Kenyon and her family.  They took us to a Japanese restaurant (a first for me).  I know the best part is the preparation of the food and our chef really put on a show.  Lots of flames, volcanos, beating hearts and the highly entertaining food toss.  If you’ve never experienced it, the chef flips food into the mouths of the diners.  While Sherrilyn’s sons were pros at this, I managed to have the rice flop against my face and then fall unceremoniously on my clothes.  Just verifying what a klutz I am.  But great fun none the less.  (Tina, Sherrilyn and her husband wisely declined the toss.)

I’ll be seeing more of Nashville this weekend.  I’ve kindly been invited to the Music City’s Romance Writers meeting and luncheon which I’m looking forward to.  I love meeting new authors, hearing everyone’s story on how they got started and where they are in their careers.  It also gives me another part of Tennessee to discover.

Kill and Tell by Linda Howard

All these experiences just enhance the reading experience for me.  I just finished rereading Kill and Tell by Linda Howard.  It’s an older book that I really enjoyed.  It’s set in New Orleans and after spending time in the city, I seem to appreciate the book even more.  I can picture locations and architecture.  Even the attitude of the locals.  And don’t even get me started on the scene from the apartment balcony (I gazed at them longingly).

I’m currently reading Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton.  Dr. Lisa Maxwell is an archeologist who hunts Stolen Fury by Elizabeth Naughtonfor treasure.  When Rafe Sullivan walks into to her lecture, she’s ready for some R&R.   Once she realizes her prized artifact is missing, the race is on to find the rest of the missing pieces. 

While I’ve been to Jamacia, I’ve never been cave exploring (and don’t plan to), never been to Greece, but I found I really wanted to go after reading the descriptions of the people and places.  Been to Chicago, so that was easy to picture and I do know, first hand, the beauty (and warmth) of a Florida wharf.  All locales in this delightfully, exhilarant, romantic suspense succeeding in making me wish I were there.  And I kept waiting to bump into Indiana Jones.  One funfilled adventure that I’d gladly take again.

So while a book can be enjoyed if you’ve never been to the area, there’s something special about knowing that you’ve walked those streets, had a drink in that bar, ate in that restaurant and talked to those people.  To me, it becomes even more personal.  Which gives me even more reasons to get out there and experience everything possible.

And with that, I’ll let you know that today is Your Turn Friday.  Please comment on the books you’ve been reading lately and if it just so happens that you’ve been to the area you’ve read about, did it change your take on the story?

Bottom Line:
  With all the books I’ve read that take place in Scotland, I just know that I’ll feel right at home when I finally get a chance to go there. 

Getting Plum Spooky with Janet Evanovich

Barbara Vey -- January 8th, 2009
Chris Barton at Janet Evanovich signing
Chris Barton, firefighter, bookclub member

I arrived in Nashville to visit pal Tina, expecting sunshine and warmth.  Got cold and rain, but better than the cold and snow I left.  But the surprise I got was a chance to interview Janet Evanovich of Stephanie Plum fame.  Janet was at Borders signing her latest "between the numbers" book, Plum Spooky.

Being the intrepid reporter I am, I angled Janet into a back room and bombarded her with questions which you can see and hear on my Drive By Video™.

But before the best selling author’s arrival, I spoke with a few ardent fans.

Chris Barton drove 5 hours to get 6 books signed, all for members of his book club.  Chris is a firefighter and doesn’t mind being the only man in the club (although he admits that some of the guys will pop in to offer testosterone support).  This avid reader also works at a bookstore, but admits that he won’t read books with topless men on the cover, although clinches are ok).

Martina and Tim Stump at Janet Evanovich signing
Martina and Tim Stump

Martina Stump, a sixth grade special ed teacher, was surprised by her husband who found out about the signing from a co-worker.  He hired a sitter and drove the 1 1 /2 hours to  Nashville to make a dream come true for his wife…a chance to meet the author who writes her favorite books.  While Tim doesn’t read the books, Martina swears he knows all the characters.  "When I start laughing, he asks what’s happening.  I explain the situation and now he knows everyone in the books.  (I did suggest he start listening to the audio books on his long car ride if he didn’t want to read.  I know, I’m always pushing the audio books).

Barbara Vey and Alex Evanovich with the Morelli air freshener
Me and Alex with the Morelli air freshener

Three hundred people were waiting at 6 p.m. when the signing started.  One woman told me she thought she could finish the book before her number was called.  Working the crowd was Janet’s daughter, Alex, who was easy to spot because mother and daughter could be twins.  She was busy handing out Morelli air fresheners and stickers that had you choose "I heart Morelli" or "I heart Ranger."  I took one of each (I never could choose).

Biggest disappointment:  I couldn’t buy a large print book for my mom and get it signed.  I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who need these books and I wish they would make them available for these events.  And special thanks to Matt and Randy of Borders for their kindness and patience with my endless questions.

Bottom Line:  I heart Morelli, but wouldn’t kick Ranger out of my bed.

Best selling author Janet Evanovich

WW Ladies Book Club Blurbs

Barbara Vey -- January 7th, 2009

Local Knowledge by Liza Gylenhaal
Well, I’m off on holiday to Nashville to visit a friend for a couple of weeks, so I’ll be blogging from there.  Let’s see how they feel about stalkers in bookstores and libraries.

Now here’s this weeks WW Ladies Book Blurbs:

Local Knowledge by Liza Gyllenhaal

Read by Bev   Maddie, a real estate broker, has sold a house to Anne and Richard Zeller.  They will be using it as a weekend home to get away from the city however Anne tells Maddie she has taken a sabbatical from her job and will be there all summer.  A friendship of sorts develops between Anne, Maddie and their children. Anne wants to discover the local area and with Maddie’s help she does.   Maddie and her husband Paul along with their friend Luke, have a past together that slowly gets revealed throughout the book.  Their past and the present situation with the Zeller’s become intertwined and leads to an explosive ending.   Selling real estate is the surface story, but as you peel back the layers throughout the chapters you realize it is about family relationships, old friends, and new friends.  This is a book to savor as each chapter gives you a bit more "local knowledge" to prepare you for what is to come.   

Heart Fate by Robin D Owens Heart Fate by Robin D Owens
Read by Joysann
Lahsin Yew runs from the imprisonment of an arranged marriage to a cruel aristocrat, and escapes into a hidden part of the city, hoping to find strength and courage enough to legally declare her independence. Although Tinne Holly is broken by shattering events in his own life, he has a telepathic connection to Lahsin and knows of her fear, pain and anger. Tinne seeks Lahsin out in that secret place, where each gives the other a chance for hope and healing, until Lahsin makes the discovery that they are HeartMates.
                                                                    Robin D Owens has created an interesting society on the planet Celta, where individual humans have developed strong psychic powers, one being the HeartMate bond which establishes a permanent link between a couple.  Each book in the series tells of another bonding, creating a complicated family-oriented aristocracy, and I’ve enjoyed each. I think I liked this one the most, though; I was captivated long into the night, reluctant to put it down till the story was done.

Changing Hearts by Marilu Mann (E-Book)

Read by Marge
Joie Sue Landry a Cajun faith healer that lives out in the Bayou where wild things call to her. Especially the injured ones. Can she overcome her past and give her heart again?

Malcolm Slade once an Alpha to his own pack is now hunted by them. Known for his hatred of humans, can he set aside his hatred to allow this human healer to save him?

Joie might be a petite woman, but she has a big heart of gold. A woman hard to resist for a predator like Malcolm. The intense attraction and heat between these two would burn the pages. I couldn’t put this book down until I read it all, and still left me wanting more.

Undead and Unworthy (Audio) by MaryJanice Davidson Undead and Unworthy by MaryJanice Davidson
Listened to by Joysann
Though she’s been at it for awhile now, Queen Betsy is still recovering from the *WTF* shock of being the monarch of all the world’s vampires. Though she’s now happily married to the spectacular King Sinclair, she’s understanding that she hasn’t yet gotten the hang of ruling, and the depths of her responsibility. In this instance, as the Fiends become more self-aware, Betsy realizes the impact her neglect has made on them, and, so too, her loved ones.
   Who’d have thought that the delightful, hilariously funny MaryJanice Davidson books could bring me to tears? Whether it was from the sentiments of compassion, sympathy, or empathy, as Betsy matures in her role, I appreciate the stories more and more. I’ve listened to all the series, and that makes for many enjoyable hours of entertainment. For a new reader, I would also recommend the short stories that take place in Betsy’s world, found in numerous anthologies. Besides filling in some gaps, they are, in themselves, some of my favorite reads.

Murder Game by Christine FeehanMurder Game by Christine Feehan

Read by Anne

Kaden Montegue is a Ghostwalker who has been psychically enhanced.   He thought he was doing something for his country, but he and his teammates find out how they were taken advantage of.  Tansy Meadows has always had to keep to herself, unable to touch anyone because she would take on their thoughts and feelings.  After tracking serial killers since the age of 13, she’s hospitalized with a breakdown and now goes into the wild to photograph animals.  A new set of murders drags her out of retirement with the help of Kaden.

Not for the faint of heart, the murders are described in graphic detail, but it’s fascinating to see how the Ghostwalkers use their abilities to search out the killers.  Equal parts sensual, thrilling and horrifying, Murder Game will grab you by the throat and never let go.

Destiny Kills by Keri ArthurDestiny Kills by Keri Arthur

Read by Joysann

          The scientist interviewed on the TV newscast adamantly denying the existence of the Loch Ness Monster annoyed Destiny McCree, for she knows the real story. She recently escaped imprisonment at that location where she was a test subject, and she left behind others of her kind. But she’s going back to free them, to stop the research, and to destroy any record of the secrets of her people. And she’ll do whatever it takes.
Destiny Kills is the beginning of a new series by one of my favorite authors, and she hasn’t let
me down. There are so few new stories in the world that we rely on a creative author to make old ones fresh and imaginative, and I was surprised by Keri Arthur’s new idea. I found the concept intriguing, the action gripping, the romance titillating, and all of it quite a pleasure. 
Bottom Line: 
Looking forward to warmer weather, but it doesn’t look promising.  Guess I’d better take my winter coat and leave my flip-flops at home.

Conferences Galore

Barbara Vey -- January 6th, 2009

Well, the 2009 conference schedule is on the calendar…kind of.  I have the for sures, the maybes and the I wishes.

The for sures are:

New York Comic Con, February 5-7
Washington RWA,  Leesburg, VA, April 17-19
WisRWA, Green Bay, WI   June 5-7
Romance Writers of America (RWA)  Washington DC, July 15-18
San Diego Comic Con, July 23-36
Dragon Con, Atlanta, September 4-7
Moonlight and Magnolias, Atlanta, October 2-4
K-Con, New Orleans, October 9-11

Maybes are:

Heart of Dixie Readers Luncheon,  Huntville, AL, May 2
Thrillerfest, New York, July 3-11

Wish I could:

Austrailian Romance Readers, February 17-25
Sleuthfest, Deerfield Beach, FL, February 26-March 1
Celebrate Romance, Portland, OR, Febrary 27-March 1
BEA (BookExpo America), New York, May 28-31
Edinburgh Book Festival, June
NINC, St. Louis, September 30-October 4
Emerald City Writers Conference,  Bellevue, WA, October 9-11
Authors After Dark, New York, October 24-26
NJ RWA, Put Your Heart in a Book, October
Land of Enchantment Romance Authors, New Mexico, November
PCon, Ireland

I unfortunately can’t, but will send Joysann in my place:

Lori Foster’s Reader/Writer Get-Together, Cincinnati, OH, June 5-7
RomantiCon, Richfield, OH, October 9-11

So many places and not enough time.  Please let me know if I missed your event, I check out a lot of websites but no current info was given.  If there’s anyway possible, I’ll sure try to make it.  And be sure to comment and let everyone know the conferences you plan to attend this year.

Bottom Line: 
I’m just sick that I’m missing the Florida Romance Writers conference, January 22-24.  They are cruising on the Navigator of the Seas to the Bahamas!